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  1. Some of our new PPE/precautions including masks have decreased the common flu markedly, and I expect increased vigilance would have the same effect on other viruses. More protection rather than less. I'm all in.
  2. I feel you - I have been working for 30 years and nearing retirement. Clearly, like me, you enjoy living frugally and have put material growth right up there because you have created a preference to do so. It may seem hard to let go - so perhaps the best way is to make plans to travel in a frugal manner. Everybody finds their own balance between what concessions they are willing to make (if any) to save cash, while still doing the things they enjoy. Dinner at the Capts table might be worth it to you, and not for another person. If you and hubs are on the same page that makes life much easier. In NZ they do something called "Freedom camping" (car camping) and so i have travelled many parts of America again and again, living in a decent sized SUV, showering and swimming at YMCA's all over Nevada, S Florida; spending my days in Key West but saving the $450 US that it would cost for a room there. Point is every one has to find their happy place, but as time goes by, it becomes easier to do the math, and feel good about spending. As many here have said, you cannot predict the future and quality of life can change in a moment. I would rather err on the side of enjoying life, rather then sitting in a Nursing Home with a bundle of cash.
  3. Eat all meals in MDR - breakfast esp. is enjoyed continental style on the pool deck after a brisk swim and before all the punters are up and out. to buy the drinks package - I would rather disembark and imbibe on local spirits at a beach or cafe, then make my way back to the ship with my cooler bottle. Instead of soda I enjoy a mix of sweet tea and tart lemonade from the buffet area with lots of ice. Makes great bar mix!
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