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  1. Thanks for the info. Celebrity is more expensive so I never tried it because I have always found a cruise for a better value. I would like to try it out since it is the last company I haven’t been on but I guess I will try when I stop enjoying Princess or if they offer a super exciting route
  2. Thank you for your feedback about the British Isles cruise. It actually made me excited to try it out. And my kid loves Princess
  3. Yes, Celebrity is quite expensive and so far we have good experiences on Princess. Food is important. I am not a super adventurous eater by I like good quality meat and fresh products. What grade would you give Celebrity food and which grade would you give Princess?
  4. To be honest I think it will be in the end another Princess club since my daughter adores the kids club and I thought the entertainment onboard is really nice for all of us. How is is getting to the port in London. It is looks like a bit of a trek.
  5. Thanks for this info! I thought the Baltic cruise was exciting so I was nervous that the British Isles would be hard to live up to. Are te most of the ports, ports you can just get off and enjoy the area or do you need to do extensive additional traveling. Like in Sweden is was an additional 50 minutes to get to Stockholm
  6. Anyone can share their experience with the kids club onboard Celebrity ? My DD absolutely loves Princess clubs but was pretty bored with HAL.
  7. This post may be a little all over the place but I would like some feedback. I have sailed on every major cruise line except for Celebrity. How does it rate against Princess? Is quality pretty much the same between the two companies? Can I have some feedback for my next summer plan? The idea was to go to the British Isles with Regal but I am not super excited about the ports. We did a Baltic cruise this summer and it was great. So great that we are even considering repeating the cruise again. How would you rate your experience on your British Isles? Were the ports some of your favorites that you have ever been to? And on the hand, we have Celebrity Reflection. They have a cruise from Ireland that visits some parts of the UK but two ports in Iceland. It sounds interesting but it is more expensive. I have taken two Princess cruises and they have been some of my favorites so I am a bit nervous to try out Celebrity. and we will be traveling with my 7YO. So I want it to be somewhat kid friendly.
  8. I had a fantastic time on my Baltic Cruise on Regal Princess but I am a bit annoyed because the cruise I want to do next year, British Isles, is also on Regal. Can I assume correctly that all the shows will be the same? Would you book the same ship again or would you try to find a different ship even if the itinerary isn't as interesting for you?
  9. Yuck! I am sorry that happened on your trip. It must have been unsettling
  10. That is so weird about the whole watch thing. Like who does that? and I can’t believe the mother at the kid club. Was her kid listening to this?
  11. I am the OP. I am a Carnival cruiser. Most of my cruises have been with Carnival. I have always enjoyed my experience with them before. Maybe be my expectations were too high. I know the Breeze is one of the most popular ships in the fleet and it is relatively new. I sailed the Elation last year. Granted, it has left the dry dock six months earlier but my expectations were lower since I knew it was one of the smaller/older ships.
  12. I don’t know if it true but the CD said that they have 30 cabins to clean. That seems like a lot but maybe now since they ask if you went them to come once or twice a day maybe it all evens out if some people only want them to come once a day. We never had issues with the cabin. Just the public areas
  13. I hope you have a great cruise. Come back and let us know your experience. The Italian restaurant was delicious (veal Marsala 👌) The Sea Brunch was yummy. The CD did a great job and the white party was a lot of fun.
  14. Will you come back and let us know your experience on the Breeze? I hope the smells were just a fluke and that I was just unfortunately stuck onboard with people who couldn’t do the minimum to tidy up after themselves. I didn’t come here to bash the Carnival product. I have enjoyed it for so many years now and I don’t need a fancy experience to have a good time. I just want the product to stay how it was.
  15. I totally agree with this. It was surprising and disappointing. I loved sailing with Carnival and I try to give things a chance. I mean Elation wasnt in great shape but it just felt cleaner.
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