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  1. Thanks for the information. Sounds all good! How is the food in the Lido..? Does it seem that they are cleaning more often than before
  2. The pork chop but everything was delicious. Unfortunately I ate there on my last night. I should have gone at least 3 times
  3. What will happens for unvaccinated kids? Will they have to wear masks all the time and not be allowed in some events and venues?
  4. I sailed Carnival a lot when I was a kid and then again as an adult we did 3 cruises on ships that were only a few months old. We had positive experiences on those sailings so we didn’t have any hesitation with booking with Elation and Breeze. Elation we knew was an older ship but we still had quite a nice time onboard but we did pay a bit more for better accommodations. Then we went on the Breeze and that was actually worrisome our expectations with cleanliness. I guess now they will be obsessed with cleaning but I never saw bathrooms and public areas so dirty before... and unfort
  5. Could a cruise ship legally take aboard like 500 people said around the ocean for like 8 hours and then drop everyone off at the end of day back in the port where they embarked? If transatlantic planes can fly for that amount of time, then why cant they do day cruises?
  6. I have seen people board the ship and use its facilities for a day so I don’t think it is such a crazy idea. If there is an outbreak at a hotel what would be the protocol? Would people be forced to stay at the hotel? I think it also depends on the ship. Mega ships like from RC could offer a lot of activities that you couldn't find at your house or in a hotel.
  7. Now that the theme parks have opened in Florida, would it be profitable to open the ships and offer a reduced number of day passes so people could enjoy the ships. You could offer the pools, put on limited capacity shows, and do some onboard activities. There are so many restaurants that you can definitely split people up. What do you think?
  8. Thanks for the info. Celebrity is more expensive so I never tried it because I have always found a cruise for a better value. I would like to try it out since it is the last company I haven’t been on but I guess I will try when I stop enjoying Princess or if they offer a super exciting route
  9. Thank you for your feedback about the British Isles cruise. It actually made me excited to try it out. And my kid loves Princess
  10. Yes, Celebrity is quite expensive and so far we have good experiences on Princess. Food is important. I am not a super adventurous eater by I like good quality meat and fresh products. What grade would you give Celebrity food and which grade would you give Princess?
  11. To be honest I think it will be in the end another Princess club since my daughter adores the kids club and I thought the entertainment onboard is really nice for all of us. How is is getting to the port in London. It is looks like a bit of a trek.
  12. Thanks for this info! I thought the Baltic cruise was exciting so I was nervous that the British Isles would be hard to live up to. Are te most of the ports, ports you can just get off and enjoy the area or do you need to do extensive additional traveling. Like in Sweden is was an additional 50 minutes to get to Stockholm
  13. Anyone can share their experience with the kids club onboard Celebrity ? My DD absolutely loves Princess clubs but was pretty bored with HAL.
  14. This post may be a little all over the place but I would like some feedback. I have sailed on every major cruise line except for Celebrity. How does it rate against Princess? Is quality pretty much the same between the two companies? Can I have some feedback for my next summer plan? The idea was to go to the British Isles with Regal but I am not super excited about the ports. We did a Baltic cruise this summer and it was great. So great that we are even considering repeating the cruise again. How would you rate your experience on your British Isles? Were the ports some of your favo
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