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  1. Yuck! I am sorry that happened on your trip. It must have been unsettling
  2. That is so weird about the whole watch thing. Like who does that? and I can’t believe the mother at the kid club. Was her kid listening to this?
  3. I am the OP. I am a Carnival cruiser. Most of my cruises have been with Carnival. I have always enjoyed my experience with them before. Maybe be my expectations were too high. I know the Breeze is one of the most popular ships in the fleet and it is relatively new. I sailed the Elation last year. Granted, it has left the dry dock six months earlier but my expectations were lower since I knew it was one of the smaller/older ships.
  4. I don’t know if it true but the CD said that they have 30 cabins to clean. That seems like a lot but maybe now since they ask if you went them to come once or twice a day maybe it all evens out if some people only want them to come once a day. We never had issues with the cabin. Just the public areas
  5. I hope you have a great cruise. Come back and let us know your experience. The Italian restaurant was delicious (veal Marsala 👌) The Sea Brunch was yummy. The CD did a great job and the white party was a lot of fun.
  6. Will you come back and let us know your experience on the Breeze? I hope the smells were just a fluke and that I was just unfortunately stuck onboard with people who couldn’t do the minimum to tidy up after themselves. I didn’t come here to bash the Carnival product. I have enjoyed it for so many years now and I don’t need a fancy experience to have a good time. I just want the product to stay how it was.
  7. I totally agree with this. It was surprising and disappointing. I loved sailing with Carnival and I try to give things a chance. I mean Elation wasnt in great shape but it just felt cleaner.
  8. I did go down to Guest Service to complain the smells outside my cabin. They did send someone and they did something that fixed the issue until the last day. When they called to follow up, I said that the problem was better but that the bad smells were throughout the ship. They said they would look into it but I heard nothing back from it.
  9. What am I going to do about it? Well I made a post on here about it to see if I was the only who noticed that there seems to be a dip in quality and I also filled out the survey. I don't understand why every post here has to be unicorns and rainbows. You can also talk about your not so great experiences. There was over 4,000 people on my cruise. I am sure that a lot of people had a lot of fun and did not have the same complaints. But as you can see in my thread, I am not the only person here who had been disappointed with their cruise. I have enjoyed Carnival in the past and I wish it would improve.(And I could care less about things like table cloths in the MDR) And I try to reply to people since they take their time out to write on the post.
  10. I think it comes down to how you spend your money. 160 dollars could be spent on a different cruise line or could be used to pay for extras such a drink package, excursions, spa etc. I am just saying that a difference of 160 is not really comparing apples to oranges. Like a Disney cruise is 1,900. Obviously a huge difference. You can even get a Celebrity cruise for 550.
  11. Fortunately, we had better luck with our cabin and the dinner service. But I think you are right about the staffing issue because I ordered room service less than 2 hours after I finished dinner and my waiter from the MDR brought the order to my cabin. It was surprising to see him there. I think for the Breeze maybe I was just caught by surprise. We didnt have so many issues on Carnival Elation and that is obviously a much older ship.
  12. I dont think it is so competitive anymore the prices. Just looking at a 7 night cruise in February, Carnival Breeze is $599 and the brand new Princess Sky is 760. That is not a huge difference in pricing.
  13. And it almost feels silly to complain about the stains but there were so many and it just was so surprising to see how bad shape it was in. On other cruises, I constantly saw people cleaning or doing maintenance work. Here almost nothing
  14. This is how I feel exactly. I sailed on Princess this year too and it was so much nicer. And it wasn’t that much more expensive. i used to love Carnival but I will stick with Princess next summer
  15. Nope to the chicken tenders on the Breeze. Only available in the MDR. It was a poor selection for the lunch buffet in the actual buffet area
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