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  1. Jazzfman

    EOS Pool question...

    Last time we sailed her I did not notice...going to Bermuda Oct. 23rd. but now my knees r shot and will be happy to have the stairs!!!!!;)
  2. Hi All Can anyone tell us if explorer of the seas has steps or a ramp in the solarium pool? thanks in advance :D
  3. Anybody else!!!! thanks
  4. Thanks Cusyl....however there appears to be no data for any rcl ship at that site....any onther ideas or anyone else maybe have a site.....thanks
  5. Hi all, have not been on the boards for a while (since i have been laid off...) Looking for the link to to site that shows Explorer of the Seas bow cam, position and ocean data.... Does anyone have that link handy? thanks in advance....my Aunt is on the EOS this week and had her ports rearranged cause of herc. Bill. Thanks Again Jazz :cool:
  6. The Tart and crusred cod!! hahah Crusted Cod :eek:
  7. Jazzfman

    Some Voyager Questions

    First show weas samas last year....songs from different cities...NY, Chiago,Miami andd Vegas. Secon show is Fast Foward - new and very good....70's type review. Ice show is EXCELLENT called Seasons I think...costumes and songs change thru Fall winter spring and summer CD is Allen Brooks
  8. Jazzfman

    Sports Deck-Alcohol free zone?

    [SIZE=3]DOnt Expolrer and Voyager have the 19th Hole bar right on the sports deck....I remember gettin a Heini there to play mini golf!!![/SIZE]
  9. I think the OP was the kid that on Friday afternoon reminded the teacher he didn't assign homework! :eek:
  10. Jazzfman

    explorer out of NJ Mobility ?

    If going to Labadee (tender only...its not bad) they transfer you to a beach wheelchair (big rubber wheels ) to use on the island....a hatian pushes you where you want to go....bring some singles! You might want to check out Disabled Cruising under Special interst curising.....
  11. Jazzfman

    Favorite Dishes at Portofinos

    Mrs Jazz just finished going thru the receipts and found an extra $6 charge for Portofinos that nite....guess the waiter didnt give me the shot because he liked us so much!!! She's happy that at least it was a valid charge.....
  12. think it had to be the women from my Christian singles group. We cruised on CCL's Fascination during Valentine's Day week, and we had a "pajama party" (separated by gender) on Valentine's night. The women, needing a spacious place to meet, were loaned a suite by one of the men in our group. Poor guy... he came back to find candy arranged in the shape of a heart on his pillow and "Thank You Ed" written in lipstick on the mirror. To add insult to injury, the next morning he found himself explaining to the neighbors why there were a dozen pajama-clad women in his room. Meanwhile, my roommate collected all of the glitter confetti our leader had used as decoration and used it to "baptize" one of the men in our group, who was in the cabin next to ours! [B][SIZE=3][COLOR=blue][/COLOR][/SIZE][/B] [B][SIZE=3][COLOR=#0000ff]Sorry....I dont get it....why would you have a singles group PJ party Seperated by Gender!!!? Kinda looks these folks will be stayin single huh? [/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]
  13. Jazzfman

    Favorite Dishes at Portofinos

    The shot was a B52! Didnt get that dessert butour waiter brought the shot anyway!
  14. Jazzfman

    Propose on Explorer of the Seas

    [SIZE=3]Sure....you will be newly engaged and be hearing "ARE YOU ON THAT DAMM COMPUTER AGAIN"!!!! (just kidding)...[/SIZE] [SIZE=3][/SIZE] [SIZE=3]If you do decide for St. Thomas there is a cool gondola ride near the ship that takes you to the top of the mountain with a great view of the harbor.......[/SIZE]
  15. Jazzfman

    Favorite Dishes at Portofinos

    Absolute BEST fried calamari appetizer I have ever had....and Excellent Veal Saltimboca entree !!!!