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  1. I repeat what I said in a different thread earlier. No government knows what will happen in 18 months. It could be a lot better or a lot worse. Let's hope it is the former. But I cannot see Australians being as compliant as we are now if, say in the middle of next year, citizens of most countries are travelling with relative freedom because it is deemed reasonably safe at that point. Nor can I see Australian business readily accepting they are being left out of a tourism boom. I too am trying not to be political.
  2. The Prime Minister doesn't see a demand for travel. Perhaps we should let him know there is.
  3. We have had our first too. No ill effects to speakof and roll on July for the second dose. I also take statements in the media and by our politicians predicting what is going to happen 18 months in advance as not worth the paper they are written on (if they are written on paper!) So much can happen to the world and to us as individuals. I now, after 15 months of this pandemic, do my planning and make sure I have an exit plan, if need be, to escape with economic pain I can bear.
  4. It appears that Silversea has cancelled Yangon stops out to just before Christmas 2022 leaving intact cruises on Spirit in late December and WC2023 on Shadow the following January.
  5. Stumblefoot, on the cruise mysty is talking about the pre-cruise map shows we were to go down the Bay of Bengal side between the two Sri Lankan ports. However, I have a recollection that it was the Indian side we sailed and I recall being disappointed that we couldn't actually see too much. I am not 100% sure (I could have been in the bar with mysty) and stand to be corrected. I'll be interested to see how far forward Silversea go in cancelling Yangon as there are many cruises scheduled in the forward itineraries.
  6. As an elderly Australian man I enjoyed Phuket for one thing too - I found a tailor who knocked up some great shirts that lasted me years. 🙂
  7. In the absence of anyone else responding yet, I have not stayed in that suite but a Dr Google search shows the question has been asked before. The answer was that the balcony is the same as any other veranda. Earlier deck plans show the area as a bar area and crew passage as do external pictures of that deck. Hope that helps.
  8. My "My Silversea" page for the WC2023 now contains the following entries: Transfer 09 Jan 2023 Apt To Pier - Private (Wc 23) Silversea Transfer Excursion 09 Jan 2023 Fshxwc23 - Full Wc Apropos of nothing and probably as evidence of boredom this morning, I'm guessing that the Excursion may be to the welcome function/dinner and the FSH might be the Four Seasons Hotel.
  9. I am yet to go on a cruise that has not had changed ports for one reason or another. As the start of WC2023 is still more than 21 months away there is plenty of time for ports to change for all sorts of reasons, some of which we may not even know about yet. I appreciate though that until ships are sailing again without incident, booking a future cruise is a leap in the dark. I am however more confident than I was a few months ago, for what that is worth!
  10. News to me too but I am out of the loop as I have taken refunds on my cancelled cruises.
  11. Who knows for how long but WC2023 is back on sale for Deluxe and Superior Veranda suites, if anyone is interested. I imagine this is because some people didn't complete their deposit arrangements.
  12. The full world cruise has become waitlist in all categories this morning. And availability of vistas and classic verandas seem to have disappeared for individual segments. If that all means anything!
  13. Picking up your theme, mysty, we met a SS cruiser on a cruise a few years back who happened to be a retired Australian politician. He was good company, even for a politician. 🙂 If I say that his son was Premier of NSW the Australians here will know who I'm talking about. He is a daily all year round swimmer, even in the depths of winter, at Manly Beach, in a group of up to 100 intrepids, where sharks, not bears, are the problem. I asked him did he worry about sharks and he said he did but he made sure that he swam in the middle of the group and that the out of shape swimmers were at the r
  14. I have absolutely no reason to doubt Fernando but there can be many reasons to hold back "inventory" apart from being full.
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