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  1. I need help with understanding the flexible fare as I'm getting 2 different answers from HAL. If I book a flexible fare and it goes up prior to final payment, do I pay that higher rate? For example, I booked our cruise flight today, flexible fare for $500. Final payment is March 27th. On March 27th when I go to pay, if the fare is now $700.....do I pay the $500 or $700? One person at HAL said $700 and the other $500. Kathy
  2. I agree with all of the posts. The website is one of the worst I have seen for a cruise line. I was told that the China Virus issue is having a HUGE impact on their call volume so that is probably why you are having issues. I am equally frustrated with trying to book airfare thru their site. Very unfriendly....we are unable to book people together from several rooms in our group. You have to book one room at a time and then hope the flight is available (it hasn't been) or the price hasn't gone up (it has) within minutes. Anyone else? Kathy
  3. We have booked on Avalon. Danube Dreams – Eastbound. Starts in Prague and ends in Budapest.
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