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  1. Windstar just corrected this on FB. It will be the Legend.
  2. Sorry if you took my answer the wrong way. It was only meant to assure you that things will work out. Just give it some time. Be well.
  3. There will be cancellations when final payment is due. You are still pretty far out from your sailing date so don't get all worried. Have never been in a "bad" cabin on a Windstar ship. My first sailing was on the Spirit before it went to Tahiti permanently. We had last cabin next to the door crew uses to enter and exit. It was still quiet. The beds are not anywhere near the door on this ship and you will be out on deck or on excursions most of the time. There are other things to stress over right now. This is not one of them. P.S. You can fire your TA and deal directly with WS.
  4. Thanks. Come sail with us. SJU good airport and nice itinerary.
  5. Many of us saw ships and crew moving around over the last few months. Here's the story! An organization with class! https://www.windstarcruises.com/blog/crew-repatriation/
  6. What was cancelled on the Breeze for January? We are SJU to SJU 1/9/21.
  7. Assume your cruise is not in US waters so this would not apply. But are the ports in Europe going to be open? And will the airlines be flying internationally? Lots of questions.
  8. I've never had any issues with booking in advance until now and nobody could have predicted this. Windstar was always fair with us in adjusting for price drops and the few times that we missed a last minute one by a couple of hundred dollars, we more than made up for it with better hotel and airline pricing plus OBC's so I have no gripes. They're processing refunds as fast as they can and I just received a FCC for an October cancellation but am waiting for the one from our June cancellation. I did send an email to remind them in case that one fell through the cracks. I think you're correct on keeping the ships in Panama until the Caribbean season but only time will tell there. I would hate to be the CEO, acting or otherwise, right now and can only imagine what angst they are going through as they can only react to what governmental authorities are doing. They have my admiration as it can't be easy. On the other hand, I'd like them to be as transparent with all of us as possible so we don't have the need to imagine what "might" be happening instead of what "is" happening. We're all grownups and it would be nice as Windstar "family" as we're referred to, to be in the loop instead of fantasizing about what might be happening. It also helps keep down the rumor mill!
  9. But can't get a refund unless they cancel so have to wait until then. If the flight to Edinburgh goes best I can do is cancel the day before and get a credit. We were splurging on business class and flying home from Sweden so it was not minimal! Points Guy advising people to wait for the airline to make the move! We are running out of travel years because of age but hoping something works out! The plan was to be out of Florida in the worst of the summer. At least we are well and healthy and that's what is really important!
  10. Would have loved to see you again new_cruiser. I had everything all planned out, guides, hotels, etc. Now I can only hope Delta cancels our flights so we can get actual $$ back instead of credits. We're still considering Greece and Turkey in October but won't make a decision until 30 days out. My hunch on the Surf and Star is that they have a good place to hide out from hurricane season in case they don't make it to Europe this summer. Many ports still closed so they might as well just stay in a safe port on this side of the Atlantic. If nothing else shakes out we'll be onboard in the Caribbean!
  11. Our 6/30 cruise that included the Baltic 7/10 was cancelled but that could be because it was Edinburgh as a embarkation point. Not sure what the airlines are going to be doing by then and what ports will be open.
  12. Our 6/30 cruise that included the Baltic 7/10 was cancelled but that could be because it was Edinburgh as a embarkation point. Not sure what the airlines are going to be doing by then and what ports will be open.
  13. Panama? Interesting. We so want to be on one soon!
  14. That's the Pride next to her and the Star is there too! Wonder if they'll go to Europe this summer or just wait there for the winter season. Of course we have hurricane season coming up June 1st! Link to the port below. https://www.portstmaartenwebcam.com/
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