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  1. We've been told by onboard cruise consultants that corporate is working on a perks program for loyal cruisers such as ourselves and our friends but nothing has moved forward with this. The "Yacht Club" discount of 5% applies to everyone who has sailed with you, whether once or 50 times. We would like to see a program that counts cruise nights and provides things like complimentary WiFi, spa credits, excursions, beverage credits, etc. Other lines do this and the promises with no delivery is a bit perplexing.
  2. Capt Alan has been gone for several years. The last I heard he was with British line TUI along with several other old Windstar captains.
  3. Yes, we had lots of opportunities for photos. Best ones were outside our hotel room in Denali. We had a mother moose and 2 babies outside our windows for a couple of hours. Marvelous videos and photos. And on the cruise we had eagles flying all around the ship. Really, we were part of the outdoors continuously. Just an awesome trip.
  4. The tour didn't really have any free time which was the one thing that we all would have liked. I looked at the current description for next year and it really doesn't give any more details than those we had. To go hiking in Denali I think, not sure, that you need a permit. It's pretty rugged and weather is unpredictable. It was snowed in the day after we were there in June. The park busses go pretty far in from the entrance and we did see hikers but you already have to be deep in the park to do this. It's quite different than the other national parks in the lower 48. As for flightseeing, there was no opportunity but we did visit the flight company that services base camp for climbers talked to one of their pilots and the woman who runs the place who was also a climber so we really learned so much. We did lots of flight seeing of glaciers etc. when we got on the ship and loved it all. Expensive but so worth it. Our plan is to go back and do our own land tour from Fairbanks north but that takes planning as it's sparsely populated and we are working with someone who specializes in making sure we don't get lost! LOL. Denali didn't show herself when we were in the park but did the night and morning that we stayed at the Talkeenta Inn. Anyhow, it was the trip of a lifetime. Enjoy!
  5. Meaning Amphora, Candles Stella. Verandah during breakfast and lunch certainly jeans and shorts. I think bbq night shorts are fine. My husband doesn't own jeans so no issue here but they have become more acceptable as people have become more casual but some people complain that they are not what WS bills as country club casual. But anymore, we see it all! Jeans at the theater in London made us realize it's a different world! Then there are those who think pajama bottoms are proper attire for flying!
  6. I've never seen anyone wear blue jeans to any restaurant onboard any of the ships. I've seen a few try to get into Amphora and be turned down.
  7. The onboard cruise consultant 2 weeks ago said Windstar will build another sailing ship when the expansion of the sisters is completed. Not that I believe much of what is said at "the talks" but interesting. They are showing figures that their sales are increasing something like 10% to 15% year over year which sounds about right as we've noticed full ships for the last 4 or 5 cruises. With one ship at a time out of commission for the next 18 months I think prices and occupancy both will go up. We are booking well in advance.
  8. BTW my other newest favorite for the last 2 years is the Shackle luggage tag also from Amazon. We travel a lot and my tags were constantly breaking. These have a steel loop that screws on and the tags are day glow yellow and have a privacy cover. I've super glued the threads on the loops and so far the luggage gorillas have not broken them off.
  9. Just tried a 3 prong plug on my Kitchenaid mixer and fits perfectly. I've had 3 different brands for travel and this one is awesome.
  10. Both are in the suite. I take JMFONE International Travel Adapter from Amazon to use on the European outlet. It has 4 USB ports so I use this for all the electronics charging and save the US plugs for my hairdryer as I don't use theirs. No converter needed, just the 2 prong plug for USB or I can also change volatge on the dryer. I like the JMFONE. Have had others and this is the best. Also it's bright green so less likely to leave behind.
  11. I have had the feeling of motion sickness on large ships such as Holland America going through the Gulfstream. Have never had a problem on the Wind Surf and have been in 50 knot winds off of Spain. I do feel the motion on the Star ships and while I haven't gotten sick on them I would advise the sailing ships, especially the Wind Surf. She is absolutely stable and beautiful. Bad weather can be a game changer on any ship.
  12. We always leave books and have read many good books onboard that were left by other passengers. Reception welcomes the donations as there used to be many more "exchanges" before Kindles. When we first started sailing Windstar the libraries were full. Lately much more sparse so I, for one, appreciate your donation. You should have no problem with your FedEx. I've done this both ways. The hotel is a much better option than the port agent. Only downside is the expense!
  13. After the stretch on the Star ships there will be more suite configurations so you should find something to fit your requirements. The Wind Surf 3rd deck suites are very spacious and two bathrooms is definitely the huge plus. The Bridge Suites on the Surf are as large as some apartments and nicely appointed. Most important for us is itinerary as we spend most of our time out of our suite anyhow.
  14. A ditto to most of what has already been said. What really keeps us returning is the welcome from the crew and the ability to be out on deck to see the beautiful water and relax without any pretentiousness. Luxury is subjective as is food. We have never been disappointed as we are not looking for a floating Ritz Carlton. As for whether or not to use a travel agent, that too is personal. Our first three Windstar cruises we did and then decided we preferred dealing directly with the Seattle office. They have always been responsive and helpful so I have no complaints. Excursions we do mostly on our own but have been on a few ships ones that have been extraordinary. The Mediterranean is a great place to start and there is so much available online about the ports that you can't go wrong. Happy Sailing!
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