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  1. I love to see my husband in a tux so it might come along for the ride.
  2. So how about an opinion for Christmas night, Symphony, black tie optional. Tux or no tux?
  3. My take on it is that Bermuda was the only stop and Crystal, Viking, etc. were able to resume cruises by having the PCP routine that we all went through including having their health department people on board. The Caribbean cruises are a whole other deal and my take on it is keeping people in bubbles will allow port stops. We have friends going on another line St. Marteen/St. Marteen same dates and they are also required to only go on ship's excursions to the other islands on their itinerary. They are required to do the St. Marteen entry tests because they are flying in there to embark. It's all going to be interesting! We have been to all of the islands many times and have favorite places but I am signing up for excursions to be able to get off the ship and hoping things will change by December and we can disembark on our own. My gut says not going to happen though.
  4. We're on the 12/18 sailing and was told by our TA that Crystal will have information available three weeks before sailing. Assuming everyone wants the same proof of vaccination PCR etc. we'll just wait until the details get worked out. We went Boston to Bermuda in October and after much agonizing because of lack of information, they finally got it together in time for all to fulfill Bermuda's requirements. When completing our registration today the first screen that popped up was the one that specifically says we can only go ashore with a Crystal sponsored excursion. Kind of funny because several excursions include shopping on your own. They may have an agreement with these islands that as long as everyone is kept in a bubble individuals will not be required to do the same paperwork as if they were coming in on their own. I guess I'm rambling but bottom line is, they'll let us know when they figure it out so I will not stress over it this time.
  5. We were in a Verandah Suite on Symphony for our first Crystal cruise, Boston to Bermuda, 9/30. There was a day when suites were open for touring and decided that if we booked again we would do a Seabreeze Penthouse only because the suite we were in felt cramped, especially the bathroom. We've now booked 12/18, but really didn't think about a butler and not sure how much we will use one as we normally don't drink or eat in our room. But assuming we will use butler services at some time, please give me an idea of how much you tip your butler. Honestly, we didn't really meet too many staff members on that one week and I'd appreciate some input.
  6. We had very few miles left on AA and no plans to get more with them anytime soon so it was a good way to use them up. And not getting up at 4 a.m. to catch a bus for 6+ hours each way certainly worth it!
  7. We generally book our own excursions and always tip. Just part of our anticipated expenses when we travel. When we take Windstar excursions the same applies. We tip about 10% of the excursion price. If there is bus transportation involved we tip the driver as well, usually $5 pp. It's just a gesture of appreciation that they got us to our destination and back comfortably. If we are fortunate enough to be able to spend thousands of dollars traveling I think it's important to show gratitude. We have traveled to many countries and never felt that anyone was insulted by showing a monetary appreciation for services.
  8. Thanks. I talked to bus company and they have good service however, have opted for plane so I could use up some AA mileage. And yes, 5:30 a.m. pickup at motel was a wee bit early!
  9. Have you used Cruise Connection bus before? I hadn't really considered this option from Clearwater but food for thought. We were going to fly in morning and fly home afternoon of return. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hopefully the rest will be following shortly and we will be back on board. To me the requirement of going in a van or bus, which means close contact with others, is not something I'll be doing. We went to Bermuda on another line last month and were able to get off on our own to explore. It was wonderful! The next cruise people who were in close contact with those who wound up Covid positive were removed from the ship for having been in their presence for more than 15 minutes. That was quite a wakeup. We have always toured on our own and intend to continue that when that option resumes in other countries. I can't imagine being taken off a ship because I was in the same van with someone who later tested positive. I have enough aggravation in my life without that!
  11. Have you rebooted? It sounds as if there is something in cache memory that thinks this is already done. That's always the first thing. If that doesn't work, do you have another computer or phone to try from?
  12. I carried mine in my purse and was never asked once if I had it in my possession. Changed purses and left it in the room by accident and never asked a question at dinner or in the lounge. Was given a paper saying my battery was losing its charge and a charging cable left on the bed two nights. Both of ours would blink blue all night and I had to turn them over because it was like a blue strobe light. Not a very accurate tracing policy.
  13. I am stunned by this turn of events. We were on Symphony from Boston earlier this month and feel lucky that we didn't face what you are facing now. Had this been clear to begin with we would have never booked. Good luck to you and I'm sorry for your situation. It's not right!
  14. Should be covered by insurance. Most are treating covid as any other disease in which case a doctor would advise against travel. I asked our insurance company before a cruise recently and they said it would be covered as cancellation due to illness. But that was mine and every insurer is different.
  15. Hi Pat. Glad you're still going to Greece. The itinerary is the exact one Steve and I did right before the shut down so we've opted out. In Athens we used a wonderful tour/taxi company both before and after our Surf cruise. George's Taxi. They picked us up at port as we were coming from Barcelona, we toured all day and got back to port for our 10 day islands sailing. Then when we returned they picked us up. Hotel in Athens wouldn't be ready until late in day so we did another coastal tour. When we stayed in Athens they took us all over, the we also spent a day touring Corinth and then a day to Delphi. We had mostly one driver/guide who we loved but everyone we dealt with was great. One of the best companies we've used anywhere. If you want any other info let me know. Best, Susan
  16. Then you sound like good fit for Windstar.
  17. We have used the insurance provided by our Chase Sapphire card for many years. They paid a claim for us a few years ago with no problems. We do purchase a separate medical and evacuation policy and make sure that the medical is primary and that we get to select our hospital should that be necessary. Learned that from friends who wound up in a nightmare hospital after he broke hip in Greece and had to get our U.S. Senator involved! The medical policy we purchased last month was reasonable and had specific Covid coverage. I want it spelled out because I don't want to argue with an insurance adjuster. I retired from that business two years ago so I could spend more time traveling. See how that worked out!
  18. Lois, we have been on every Windstar ship multiple times and have just booked 10 days in Greece on the Star Legend. I will tell you after just taking a Crystal cruise to Bermuda and having sailed on QM2, HAL and others over the years, we are thrilled to be getting back to Windstar. Food is good to excellent, accommodations are larger than the more expensive suite that we had on Crystal with a bathroom that we could barely share. The Windstar crew will do anything in their power to make you happy and your fellow passengers are generally friendly, unpretentious and well traveled. What you will not have is a casino, multiple entertainment venues, cigar rooms, and such. So my advice is think about your favorite things on the larger ships and whether or not you will feel that you will miss them. As for us, there is zero that we will miss from the "upscale" market. We were yearning for Windstar the entire week.
  19. We've been in the suites multiple times. The only time we heard anything from the lounge was crew show night because we didn't go that particular night. And it's over around 10. If you are in the hallway near the stairs you might hear the music but once in your suite, no sound. No sound whatsoever from the Yacht Club. We would gladly book any one of them again.
  20. Thought this was worth the share on this topic. We just returned from Symphony and did the research but this would have been great start! https://www.forbes.com/advisor/travel-insurance/best-pandemic-travel-insurance/
  21. We just returned from a cruise and needed to deal with the possibility of Covid and quarantine as part of our planning. While we have depended on our credit card company's relatively rich benefits in the past, the big concern was medical and repatriation. I did my research and bought a modest policy. We are now looking at a longer trip, overseas, and a longer period of time. I found this article with a summary of Covid coverage by Forbes and thought I'd share with those who are also making these decisions as the new part of travel. https://www.forbes.com/advisor/travel-insurance/best-pandemic-travel-insurance/
  22. Since I don't have a mask on 24 hours a day I still prefer to have makeup on. Thankfully we have not been ill, have had 3 Moderna shots, have already cruised and flown. We are fortunate to live in a warm climate so have eaten in outdoor restaurants for the last year and a half, but are absolutely masked up indoors in grocery stores, doctors offices, or any place else with four walls or lots of people. We have continued our volunteer work in the community because need doesn't care about Covid. Our grandchildren are all older and all vaccinated. And I have to look at myself in the mirror and prefer an improved version. Let's not be so judgemental. We are all living the best life for our individual circumstances.
  23. Glad they're well. They were a boy-girl duo and she had a lovely voice.
  24. Interesting. My problem is makeup on masks so I don't want to reuse disposables. What I tried to drum into my kids and grandkids heads is you change your underwear and your mask every day. So far, so good.
  25. Oh that's good. We are water people so never really get bothered by the rolling. Just makes me sleep better.
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