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  1. Although I knew it was going to happen, seeing my May transatlantic get cancelled was still sad (and with C19 I would not have gone should have gone ahead anyway) In time I am sure everything will return to relative normal and I can’t wait for the rush of excitement that comes with that first step off of the gangplank and onto the QM2!
  2. It appears that this indeed is the case. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.businessinsider.com/leaked-audio-cunard-cruises-queen-victoria-has-cases-of-covid-19-2020-4%3famp
  3. Ah rust! A couple of years ago I did a transatlantic and I had a balcony cabin on deck 11 towards the aft. Now “the wall” (for lack of a better word) that divides the back open decks from the superstructure was a brilliant white (and of course punctuated by the black “stripes”). Over the course of the 7 days you could see the rust forming and tarnishing the white. By the time of arrival in Southampton you would have thought it had not been painted in years yet only 7 days before it was perfect. Travelling back a week later it had all been touched up. So all in all “rust” happens!
  4. Hi! Those little guys eating the chicken are mine (the gluttons)! You do not need to walk your dog on a lead(you can if you want to). They have the whole side and back deck to run around. The back part is great for running up and down with your dog. The nice thing is that all the excitement tends to make the dogs tired and by 8:30 pm they are ready for bed! I have always noticed that for the first two days all the dogs are pretty excited as they get used to the new routine but after a while become super "chill" and relaxed.
  5. Hi Zoe, I have taken my dogs on the QM2 a total of ten times. The kennels ...in my humble opinion ...are excellent. First of all the Kennel Masters are excellent. I have had Kennel Master Oliver each time and I can not speak more highly of him. There is also a second Kennel Master now. They take such good care of the dogs. There is plenty of space to exercise and play with your dogs. There are lots of visiting hours throughout the day. Here is a great video (in French). At the 16 minute mark there is a tour of the kennels(small disclaimer: my little dogs are in it!) https://youtu.be/kTnihBslQZQ
  6. Hi. The automatic tip does not include your dog. I always tip the kennel masters at the end of the voyage. They are remarkable!
  7. I have done this several times. The last was in June. In NYC they usually funnel the passengers with dogs to a special booth. There you go through the normal customs/immigration. I am Canadian and this part is very quick. A USDA will be hanging around to look at the rabies certificate and that is it. Total time to look at the rabies certificate is perhaps 30 seconds. I had two dogs the last time I went through and the agent only looked at one certificate for one dog. I went to show him the second certificate but he said something along the lines of “I am sure that if you have one certificate then you have both” which of course I did. On previous times they did check both rabies certificates. There has never been any ask to see a fit to travel certificate but I always have everything. One thing: I know you can’t bring dog food in with you. The one time I did have food I let the agent know I only had enough for one meal and they said “ok”. Always found the USDA agents very pleasant.
  8. This reminds me of one time I was having lunch in the Britannia Restaurant. Two children were emptying the salt and peppers shakers on to the table cloth while their parents simply watched. The waiter came by and took the salt and pepper shakers and said “that is not done on Cunard”. The parents just shrugged while the children were speechless. I had a silent chuckle!
  9. Thanks for the updates of your trip. My favourite so far is the mention of the sausage rolls. They are so good!!!
  10. Question about this: is the requirement that each person buying a package mandatory? I always bought the soft drink package but the person I travel with would not benefit from any of the packages as they really only drink tea.
  11. My two dogs absolutely agree with the lovely staff and would like to add another one to the list: fantastic deck facilities!!
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