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  1. We were in the Haven and my husband and I had the adult beverage package and our three three kids had the soda package. The Haven bartender and restaurant staff gave my kids any non-alcoholic drinks they wanted. Shirley temples, virgin mojitos, etc. The kids got these in the Haven only, and we never saw any charges for it. We didn’t order for them either (they were 13, 14, and 17). No idea what happens outside the Haven, we didn’t let them go to any other bar areas.
  2. I second the Anker products. They are high quality and good for the ship. I have used them on multiple lines with no issue.
  3. I wonder if something was wrong with your bed that it folded down to the floor rather than having some clearance? We stayed in a 2 bedroom Haven on the Escape, and two of my teens shared the bedroom, and the other teen used the bed in the living room. The second bedroom had a somewhat larger bed on the bottom - definitely NOT on the floor. The other bed pulled down from the ceiling and the steward set up the ladder. All three kids were happy with their beds - all thought they were comfy. We did ask for an egg crate mattress topper for the living room couch ahead of time as we knew it would be very firm. This is not my picture, but it looks like this.
  4. No, there are not, other than getting off the ship fast. We booked a pool cabana when we went, and that was nice for our family. I was not enamored with Harvest Caye.
  5. We decided to give Norwegian another try because of the better design on the newer ships. We loved our Haven room on the Escape, but we could not abide the bad smell coming from the Casino. The whole 6-7-8 area had a strong smell, so we stayed away from that part of the ship. We are booked on the Encore. I am looking forward to trying it out.
  6. Babies in diapers cannot use any pool or hot tub on the ship, due to the potential for fecal matter to leak. They can use the splash area in a swim diaper, but that is outside the haven. The baby is welcome everywhere in the haven aside from the pools and sun deck.
  7. We had this product at work. It is a cardboard container, sort of like boxed milk, except it is water. There are two sizes, one is 16.9 oz, the other just under 12. For $45 I am guessing it is the larger. https://www.shopjustwater.com/collections/spring-water
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