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  1. Is there a hanging swing chair on the aft cabin balcony like I see on the side balcony Havana cabins.
  2. Are cigars allowed to be smoked on the Havana deck pool area on vista class ships.
  3. are there self service laundry facilities , i'll be on the panorama next year
  4. I've been on a few cruises but never a back to back. If I book the same stateroom do I have to get off the ship on disembark day of the first week, I'm looking at two seven day cruises on Carnival or Princess. Thank you
  5. This is a great area but it does close up early at night
  6. We were just at Stone Island 2 weeks ago, rode the water taxi with the beach vendors, had many cervesa ( about a buck 50 for beer), chips and guacamole, nice people there, bought from the beach vendors, cheap jewelry, chicklets, handmade straw beer bottle holder, etc. watched people swim had a great time very relaxing. We used US dollars for everything
  7. We went left out the front gate and walked 1/8 th of a mile and caught the water taxi to Stone Island, 2 bucks a piece round trip. walked down beach where there were many café/bars with chairs all down the beach, great day with cervesa, and good mex food and great local people. A good place to go unless you want big resorts. We bought a few little things from local vendors. it was a good day see it on google earth
  8. How are the burgers and fries on the Splendor, it does not have the Guy Fieri upgrade.
  9. Thanks for the menu's , we'll be aboard in a couple weeks
  10. Then I scoot my self forward, swing the legs up and down and I'm up. This works for me, maybe not for everybody, I had heart surgery and had to adapt to not using my arms to get out of bed or out of a chair, piece of cake after a few tries. adapt, overcome.
  11. We've been on Celebrity, Carnival, Cunard, Hal and Princess, we are in our '60's , not picky and had a good time on all cruises. Food the same on all ships to us, We usually pick a ship on west coast to avoid flying.
  12. I raise my legs up and swing them down ,this helps me propel myself up and out. I learned this after a heart surgeon sawed me open for an overhaul and I couldn't use my arms for a few weeks
  13. We were in PV a couple of months ago and too tired to venture far, so we went out right next to the ship , there were over a hundred small shops and a nice little café called Kiosco Maritimo .
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