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  1. I will cruise again once a vaccine is available.
  2. Thank you so much for answering my question and not running off on a tangent, I appreciate it
  3. I was on some cruises years ago where they were aggressive, Might have been Princess, I just did not get sick on other cruise lines and I road trip so no flight , maybe I.m just getting old and have less resistance .
  4. Do any cruise lines encourage hand cleanliness of the hand wash and Purell stations. in the buffet My last two cruises on the Spendor (Purell) and Panorama the stations were there but no one was encouraging people to wash or squirt. I came home from both cruises with bad cough, chest congestion and weakness for two weeks. Years ago other lines encouraged hand cleaning and I am wondering if they still do.
  5. I will be wearing my suit from the Sidney Greenstreet line on my upcoming Panorama cruise complete with a Panama hat.
  6. The CMV Astoria is starting cruises out of Puerto Penasco now through the end of the month, I hope they come back in the future.
  7. I see the Astoria is cruising the Sea of Cortes from Puerto Penasco Mexico for the next month. Hopefully they will be back at a later time.
  8. ecarbine, on your back to back how is your luggage handled between the cruises, we will be in a different room for our second week
  9. We have been on over ten Carnival cruises and enjoyed them all, we went on one Cunard cruise the Queen Elizabeth and enjoyed it as well. It was only 100 bucks a day PP for a 36 day cruise out of SoCal to Hawaii , the South Pacific, Samoa's, Tahiti, NZ and back to SoCal. I don't consider this too expensive, it was an ocean view cabin. They had great guest speakers, one guy was an expert on the south Pacific islands, another was Roger McGuinn musician (Byrds). The food was similar to all our cruises, very good. We watched some of the ballroom dancing, my wife was amazed at how many diffe
  10. Yes I thought about that and it would be fine with me.
  11. We plan to bring one 750 ml bottle of wine apiece aboard the Panorama next month for consumption in our stateroom during the first week, can we bring a bottle each aboard to be consumed during the second week at the same time as the first . Total of 4 bottles. Thank you
  12. Right there outside in the middle of the port terminal is a place I have had a few cervesa's, I cannot remember about food. It is a small area.
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