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  1. You might try the free app, Yelp to find the best tasting pizza nearest to your location, as well as all other types of cuisine. For the best budget Italian food, excluding pizza, try Becco. For 25 bucks for dinner, you get a great tasting salad, great bread, and unlimited amounts of three different pastas. Great service, close to Broadway plays and musicals, and a great list of budget bottles of red, white and sparkling wines. You must make dinner reservations a day before and through Open Table, as Becco's website based reservation system is terrible.
  2. 11:25 am flight from LaGuardia is cutting it too close. Got off from the Norwegian Dawn, a 2400 passenger ship, on a self assist on Saturday, November 9th, and left the Manhattan Terminal by 10:30 am. Believe me, Norwegian was starting priority disembarkation at 9 am but the first passengers were not allowed off the ship until 9:30 am. Very, very disorganized disembarkation and with only 4 TSA counter persons, the lines were very large and moved very slowly. Apparently, TSA did not want to put more of their staff on to expedite the disembarkation. The Bliss has 4200 passeng
  3. As said before, download the Carmel app. Am a native NYCer and have been using them for years and have never been disappointed. You set the time and date and location, and they are there at your location five minutes before. They will call you when they are there. You can select type of car or SUV and type of payment. Their drivers surpass the quality found in Uber.
  4. If you get off at Penn Station, and go to the 8th Avenue taxi curbside stand, please be aware that sometimes an individual will rush up to you, and say that he can get a cab for you, but you must pre-pay him with 50 dollars. Once gotten, he will do the 100 yard dash in five seconds and you will never catch him. Unfortunately, there is no cop nor city official to guard against this. I have seen this happen. Always, extend your hand out to gain your own cab. This is better than walking 14 street blocks north and 4 city blocks west to get to the ship terminal and costs le
  5. Been on the Dawn several years ago. Ditto for bringing your own 110 volt extension cord with several outlets. You can request your own coffee maker. I would suggest you bring a bag of your favorite ground coffee as the coffee that is served free is a bit weak although you can buy stronger coffee and espresso drinks at their coffee bar. I would suggest bringing a couple of thermal insulated containers for bringing your own coffee around the ship or ship filtered water on excursion trips. Dawn is a nice ship, small enough for me with 1,800 plus passengers as opposed to the new mega shi
  6. Just found your post today and so, my reply is a bit delayed. Download the Carmel app and use it to book your car service from LGA. You get a very experienced driver, you select the type of car or SUV and the time of your pickup. You can pay in cash or credit card. If not, you can pick up a cab at the designated curb side of LGA, the cabs come quite often and it takes about 45 minutes depending on traffic. Taking mass transportation from LGA to the port terminal is a bit iffy as you will have to walk at least four city blocks from the subway stop to the terminal, not recom
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