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  1. I AGREE with xostacylee,keep looking for a room with 3-4 occupancy,that way you could add her to your room,There are always cancellations leading up to cruise time,so this ould work great for you if..you can get a room:D
  2. THE FAIR IN OUR CAB 3 MONTHS AGE WAS 65.29$, The cab driver we had(YELLOW CAB) said the billboard that u seee as you exit terminal for taxi's,with rates for different areas,hotels etc etc,billboard said 75:00$ for cab to miami,asked the taxi co-ordinator,if that was right,he said no set rate for miami?,anyway he took us to wrong hotel,and tried to say i stiffed him 5.00$,i said no ,he said ya,i gave him 10.00$dollars more then said,never ever again,with a smile,so beware
  3. YEAH..))))),Glad to hear you guys finally getting your cruise,well earned,THE Good thing is triumph will have all new interior colors,those old ones were a little dark,have a great cruise:D
  4. WELL your room can hold you,so as others have said,check with TA on availability,and as others said,best way is too add him,to your reservation,most likely everything will go pretty good,and you still have plenty of time before sailing,, have fun:))))):D
  5. YA,Ithink it is midweek,at like 7:30pm til 12:00am,people seem to have fun with it;)
  6. I Have sailed all over tons of cruises,so i would pick the breeze 1st,and the dream 2nd,and the freedom for 3rd,or check out royal carrribean,we are pinnacle on royal,diamond on princess,;)
  7. Granny is right,grab what you want now,as prices usually dont go down,just before a cruise,so go for it,strike while the iron is hot,and keep striking lol:)))):eek::p
  8. IF ALL ELSE FAILS,When you get onboard,go over and ask the first group of teens,that you see,and ask them if they can make your I PAD,do the stuff you want,Dont be afraid,their fingers fly at amazing seed,and their pupils sometimes get dialated,with a strobe effect,and in 3 minutes you will be up and running:)))):eek::p
  9. ONCE she gets going,she will be very happy,royal does a pretty good job with the kids,and they seem to always smile,and are having fun:p
  10. I Would go in 2 days early,and stay in hotel,THEN board the ship for 7 days of funtime,and great sunsets too:))))):p
  11. I THINK you will be very very very,happy once you get aboard,IT will be like going on a propeller airplane,and then going on an f-22 raptor,yes hold on to your shorts,and be prepared,i wish you well young jedi:)))
  12. THat was very refreshing to hear,if we can just get the rest of the world to do the same lol:))))
  13. THE VIBRATION,is from the captain,using way too much power on the thrusters,or not knowing how to operate them correctly,most of the captains are ok,except for those few:mad:;)
  14. the crew and passengers get rummm rum rum,a special kind of rum,seek and ye shall find,have fun
  15. I THINK,the kids should stay in inside room,and you guys take the junior suite,you've earned it,they are still working on it lol:)));):p
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