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  1. Our last slot pull on the Bliss this past January, unfortunately I lost her name.
  2. More pictures can be found on this thread ...
  3. I have started this daily routine on checking on the locations of NCL ships, noticed tonight that the Gem is heading to Miami. The Pearl is circling Aruba again.
  4. The cruise lines need this test to ensure everyone is OK before boarding. Would stink if you travel to get to the ship then denied boarding. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/airline-news/2020/09/24/united-airlines-introduces-covid-19-rapid-testing-program-hawaii/3515043001/
  5. New testing approved for NY .. https://www.timesunion.com/news/article/New-York-given-greenlight-for-widespread-mouth-15592149.php
  6. Should have added Norwegian Air to the title but just wanted NCL to know you are on the clock. We had a TA booked on the Getaway in December 2020, Norwegian Air cancel our flight to Spain on 6/30, we opted for a refund and we received our refund today. Norwegian Air is almost bankrupt, reduced to very limited flights and recently had massive layoffs but they still care about their customers. That same day, 6/30 we canceled our cruise. How long will NCL hang on to our deposit before refunding?
  7. I'm glad you listen to your governor, most of the folks who live above I 287 thinks he is an idiot, who has put this state "down a rabbit hole " and doesn't have a clue how to get out of it.
  8. We all are aware across the cruising industry that they have been very slow in refunding your hard earned money so I have to ask will you book that cruise one year ahead or at the last moment? I have been guilty of booking cruises sometimes two years in advance, to get that special cabin or location. I also seen prices go up and down as the months pass by only to kick myself for not waiting. We all have seen the threads discussing why or why not to wait but now I'm a convert to waiting until the last moment, I'll take my lumps if the cabin isn't prefect but keeping my money in the bank seems a
  9. The Gem is our first choice, she is one of four of the Jewel Class cruise ships. We love the size, about 2,500 PAX to about 1500 crew. What she lacks as far as the racetrack, laser tag and H2O is made up by having a more intimate feel to her. Cagney's and Le Bistro for example is much smaller than the bigger ships which give that specialty restaurant feel to it. Great Outdoors is a ideal spot to have a meal - snack outside, also a great spot for the sail away or going thru the Panama Canal. She has a promenade deck which you can get your steps in. No reservations needed for the main shows. Spi
  10. Both shows are great, that's from someone who doesn't like sitting for a long period of time. Choir of men ... I even enjoyed After Midnight...
  11. With NCL it's always in the fine print ...
  12. in the fine print " Benefit is available on sailings 5 days or longer, and entitles each guest to one appetizer, one entrée and one dessert of choice. Entrée items up to $35 are covered. For items over this amount, an upcharge will be added to your onboard account. No restaurant substitutions. Names vary by ship. Restaurants not available on all ships. On Norwegian Bliss, Moderno is replaced by Los Lobos or Q. On Norwegian Joy, Moderno is replaced by Food Republic or Q. In Food Republic, the benefit entitles each guest to a total food value of $35 per guest. On Norwegian Encore, Moderno or La
  13. Had no issues with the redemption of " worldpoints " to OBC, have done it numerous times. This OBC is non refundable which can't be used to pay the DSC.
  14. From NCL, everytime I setup a M&G they send me this cover letter, you could try sending them a note, specialeventsxxxxx@ncl.com ( just replace xxxx with the ships name ) or calling that 800 number. Hope this helps, have a good day Dining Regrettably, we can only assist with groups of 12 or more guests. For requests with less than 12 guests, reservations can be made online or by calling the Reservations Department at 1-800-327-7030. All available days and times are actual available inventory. If your request is not available, the Restaurant team onboard can try to a
  15. Thank you for taking time out of your vacation and posting this. My son and his wife are aboard with you. Welcome to Juneau, there is one ship ahead of you.
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