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  1. We love the 5:15pm traditional dining time since we eat at 5pm at home. We're not 'spring chickens' either. I do not like going to bed on a full stomach. Oh, we're usually in the sack by 9pm. Yes, we have been on many Holland America cruises with others our age. Okay, I'm being sarcastic (but everything I wrote is true). I don't think the OP is going to be perfectly satisfied with any cruise line.
  2. The 2019 Stages cruise will be on the Explorer of the Seas October 14-18, 2019. I think 90% of the Michael Ball fan club was on the 2018 sailing to Amsterdam. Okay, yes, I'm a Michael Ball fan. Unfortunately he won't be on the 2019 cruise but his buddy Alfie Boe will be on board.
  3. I lived in Miami for 23 years up until 3 years ago. We always left our car at the port, regardless of which ship or cruise line you are on. The parking around the city of Miami is not safe. I worked downtown for 13 years on Biscayne Blvd and there is no parking lot within miles that I would leave my car in, included the covered parking where I worked (took Metrorail and Metromover since I didn't trust downtown parking). Coworkers cars were broken into constantly. Park at the port. Best peace of mind you'll have for the whole cruise and very convenient when you return to Miami.
  4. Also in Coral Gables is our favorite....Flemings! We miss it dearly since moving away from Miami. It was our go-to restaurant for Sunday dinner or for any special occasion. It's on the corner of Ponce and Andalusia. Huge wine list as well.
  5. It's way too far to walk. And not worth it to begin with. 'Little Havana' is SW 8th Street (Calle Ocho). You can see the entire area in less than an hour unless you want to eat at a Cuban restaurant then make it two hours. When you say 'main shopping areas' - there are store fronts all along 8th Street but not really centralized. There's a cigar factory that's been there forever if you want to see that. In my opinion, Little Havana is just like any other neighborhood in Miami. Uber will get you there fastest or you can catch the 8th Street bus on Brickell Ave. There are a lot more interesting things to see and do in Miami than Little Havana. Go to Coconut Grove if you want to shop and eat.
  6. We lived in south Miami for years and spent quite a lot of time in Key Largo scuba diving and camping. I'd recommend Sundowners for a sunset view or Bayside Grille. We're not familiar with Snook's. Our favorite Key Largo restaurant is Buzzards Roost but it's on the ocean side near Garden Cove Drive so you won't see the sunset.
  7. I chuckle when I look at our Sept 2020 booking that shows a fully refundable $2 deposit. But then again, I don't think I would have made the booking if it weren't for the $1 per person deposit promo back on Feb 14 which Princess was counting on. Make sure you read that fine print before putting down a 10% deposit though -- read and reread before hitting that on line payment tab. I actually go so far as to taking a screen shot of each page before booking a cruise just so I can be sure. Overkill maybe but I don't want any surprises.
  8. I wondered why someone would dig up posts from 2011. Why everyone is looking at cruise ship pollution when countries around the world are dumping tons of garbage and pollution into the oceans. Go after the easy targets, I guess.
  9. Not me......won't make any difference at all. Boycotts don't work.
  10. I'd pay extra just for the bathtub in a mini suite but DH says he'd rather spend the money on shore excursions so after 3 Princess cruises and 2 more coming up, I have as yet to enjoy a mini suite bathtub. I'm banished to the hot tubs for my nightly soaks (which are only lukewarm) but that's better than nothing.
  11. We were on Crown Princess last November on a similar Caribbean cruise (a few different ports) and I generally agree with your review. However, I thought the steak in the Crown Grille was very good and the food in the Horizon Court was excellent, not just good. We all have our own opinions on food but those are my experiences, for anyone who has any misgivings about it. We'll be on Crown Princess again next month and then again a year from September so it'll be interesting to compare. Crown is definitely our favorite Princess ship so far, although we've only sailed on Emerald and Royal previously.
  12. We were on the 2nd annual Flower Power cruise and we are still talking about it! What an absolutely WONDERFUL time we had (although it was an exhausting week going from venue to venue to see everyone). We laugh now about rubbing shoulders (and elevators) with all the famous people we idolized in the 60's. The celebs seemed to really enjoy being on the ship as well. We'll definitely do another Flower Power cruise. People complain about the price.....I remind them that the singers and bands are not there for free......
  13. Any time you (voluntarily) change categories, you lose your perks. You may not get the cabin you want if you wait until 6 weeks out to book.
  14. I pack and repack my luggage until I feel like I have it absolutely perfect! This starts at least a week before every cruise. Then when I unpack on the ship, I wonder why I brought all those useless clothes......and tell myself, NEXT TIME, I'm going to bring only what I absolutely need! Yea, right.
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