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  1. We did a British Isles cruise in 2019 and loved every minute of it (we were on Princess). In Liverpool, we just walked around the waterfront where everything is then took a Liverpool City Sights bus (the double decker red bus that you can catch right near the cruise terminal) because we wanted to do a Beatles tour. It was worth it. We also visited the Beatles Museum near the waterfront. Again, worth it but then I'm a 60's music fan. In Dublin, we took a ship tour thru the city and to a distillery. Didn't go to the other two places you have listed. The whole cruise was absolutely awesome
  2. If you can afford to lose all the money you've paid towards your cruise and pay for medical care and evacuation, then you can skip the insurance.
  3. I'm just hoping our September cruise from Southampton to the Norwegian Fjords happens.....assuming that the UK will allow US visitors by then and the USA will allow residents to return without having to quarantine or jump thru fire hoops. My vaccine is scheduled for next month......
  4. There is an elevator next to the stairs for the Metromover but it is very, very slow. And smells awful.
  5. John&LaLa have left us to entertain ourselves. I'm going to miss that Florida humor.
  6. That is the most correct answer. But instead of Uber, take the Metromover from Government Center (downstairs from the Metrorail) and get off at College North, then take a taxi to the terminal (too far to walk to any terminal on Dodge Island from Bayside).
  7. I watched Fain on CNBC (the ONLY time I would ever give that network 2 seconds of my time....) and I'm a bit more optimistic now about our September cruise. In my opinion, the CDC is the biggest threat to the cruise industry. They don't want ships sailing, period. They've become just another political entity with too much power.
  8. (sigh!) We were supposed to be on her last November. We've postponed until November of 2022. Three times we've had to move the date so hopefully third time will be the charm. Thanks for the photos, Beav (and BirdTravels).
  9. I'm not groaning! I'm laughing out loud! Good one! Keep 'em coming!
  10. I'm in SC and I've been trying to register as a 65+ all day. I fill out the online form, then hit the send key and nothing happens. Guess there are too many applying today since it's the first day for the 65+ people. I would like to be vaccinated in case cruises start up again within the next who knows how many months.
  11. a 50 pack? Wow, that's such a deal! I don't think Parrot Jungle in Miami had that many!
  12. Actually, that photo was taken by my aunt in Kenai, Alaska of her neighbor's front yard. Don't know where or how they got all those flamingos.
  13. Those of us from Florida can identify with this.....
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