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  1. Hi Idros, The Pride sauna/steam are both a good size. I posted pictures in this thread somewhere. As you enter locker room you walk through two very noisy, swinging saloon-style doors: lockers and a bench are to your left. Lockers have key combinations so no need to leave your card with spa staff. very private shower rooms line the right side wall of the hallway straight ahead. Shower rooms have lockable wooden doors, a small bench/changing area just inside the door, then the shower area itself with body jets and rainshower overhead. Nicest showers I have seen and so much bigger than cabin showers, 3 or 4 people could probably fit. bathroom entrance door is first along left side wall. steam room is just after the bathroom (and directly across from showers). Steam room has a full, wall-sized opaque window to outside. Tile benches on either side facing each other, each holds 3 guys comfortably. Only natural light so nice and relaxing. Glass door, usually fogged up but you can see in/out. sauna is just past the steamroom on the left. Sauna has a single, 2-tiered bench and a window like the steam room. Glass door. At the end of the hallway is a heavy door that elads to the gym and free co-ed hot tub. The door is quite loud but closes slowly so it desnt actually latch shut until you are past the sauna. All in all these are great facilities. Never overly busy during my cruises but might get 3 or 4 guys at a time. Late at night (last hour before closing time) is so relaxing and steam room is especially dark (I almost fell asleep once). Late night is usually pretty empty but I have encountered Staff members enjoying the steam/sauna in their off hours and the ones I have met definitely share our love of these areas. Enjoy!
  2. found a picture of the Vista to show sauna's layout/size.
  3. Just from memory but approx 20 feet past the spa reception desk you will find the gym entrance on the right side. Directly across from the gym entrance is a small hallway. From the desk turn left to enter the hallway (right to enter gym). Standing just inside the mens locker door: -the wall you are facing (10-15 feet away?) has sinks/towels directly ahead of you, lockers to the right (you can't see lockers from the door), a bench in front of lockers. -the door to the sauna is on the wall to your left, maybe 10 feet ahead. It is a glass door but you cannot see into the sauna from the locker room entrance. You'd need to walk forward several steps and look left. From the center of the locker room you can see through the sauna door but I think all you can actually see from outside is the sauna heater/rocks, possibly a foot of the bench. Rest of the sauna is not visible from lockers. -turn to the right and there was a bathroom with full sized, lockable door. then 3 (I think) showers. The showers were frosted glass doors. -I BELIEVE there was another bathroom or two on the right side wall between lockers/shower wall. Locker room was always nice and clean, plenty of towels. The main locker room door was pretty loud, when relaxing in sauna I could easily hear when someone entered, not loud enough to be annoying but noticeable. Speaking of the door, I recall a few times female staff opening the door calling out...not sure if they were looking for guys waiting on massages etc but one almost got a full frontal view of me exiting the sauna. The sauna was a short L shape. When you open the door you are facing a 2 tiered bench, holds 3 maybe 4 guys (per level but would be tight). To the left is the short side, holds 1 guy (again, per level but that would be tight). There is maybe 2 feet of space between the front of the bench and the wall so overall it is a very small/intimate space. Sauna was always clean and in good temp when I visited (twice daily). Was never overly busy but I almost always ran into one or two guys, almost always friendly chats. Overall, despite the lack of steam room etc I enjoyed the Vista sauna more than most others I have used. Enjoy.
  4. As of November 2019 the NCL Gem still had huge sauna, small steamroom, single person whirlpool n the mens only portion of the spa. There are also 2 or 3 glass doored showers, a larger curtained accessible shower as well as a wide open, single cool down shower in the center of the room. This is already a "for fee" area so I can't imagine them getting rid of it unless they decided to renovate and go full co-ed. The free steam room in the gym locker room was still there as well as the glass doored shower right outside of the steamroom.
  5. I'd love to hear more about the experience of such a long cruise even if it was cut short. It is on my bucket list for sure. I am in a small, invitation only group who like to chat about past cruises, spa visits etc. If interested send me an email. tugger99 at live dot com (or look at my signature)
  6. My email is in my signature if you want to drop me a line and I'll share upcoming cruises. I also have a group elsewhere, just a few of us who chat, invite only etc.
  7. Sad and silly to hear about the bathing suit required signs posted on the Jade. I will stick to wrapping a towel around when I walk and sit on it in sauna, maybe one covering my lap just to satisfy the prudes. My last cruise on the Gem there were no signs but will see if they are on her as well my next Gem cruise in November. Last Gem cruise there were no signs but 90% of all guys wore trunks anyway. Me and one other guy sat on towels, another couple guys would wrap towels tightly, everyone dressed for the pool! I got several odd looks walking from shower area to the sauna nude while carrying a towel to sit on and one around my neck for perspiration. I am used to gym locker where everyone is nude (or maybe has a towel) from the moment they head from locker to shower to sauna/steam and back again The Gem sauna was nice but boring, great place to just think in silence as rarely anyone there and when there was another guest(s) using the facility there was no chatting/small talk etc over the entire 11 or 12 day cruise. Guys would keep to themselves in awkward silence. Wasn't until the final night, in the free steam room in the gym locker did I bump into a nice gent and finally got to relax and enjoy a friendly chat. Hoping for the best for next Gem cruise!
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