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  1. That is a terrible design flaw. We are in FV on Summit this Thanksgiving.
  2. Wait...there isn’t an outlet by a mirror? Are you sure? That is insane.
  3. We received the laundry perk on our 7 day Mediterranean cruise last year. We had spent three days in Barcelona pre-cruise. Since there are five of us, including three kids, we loved the laundry perk! We stuffed that paper bag full of tees and undergarments. The turn around was two days or under.
  4. This 100%. To be at the front of the line, you have to get in line at 5AM. Two weeks ago when we got in line for the self-assist from Harmony, it was closer to the time that RC listed in the Compass. The line wrapped from outside the MDR through the MDR, out the door and around the OUTSIDE DECK of the ship. Once the line started moving, it was a constant flow. However, about an hour or so later the line was stopped due to a customs issue according to my niece who was in one of the non-self assist groups. Just an FYI.
  5. There were several taxi drivers standing around. In my opinion, it would not have been hard to get another taxi back to port. The bar/restaurant was pretty active and I am sure they could of also helped us arrange a taxi back to port as well. Hope that helps!
  6. I second Bernards’ Tours. We used them in 2016, pre-hurricane and they were wonderful. It was just enough for our first time to St. Maarten. We used Capt. Bob’s boat tour this time (two weeks ago) because our daughters were older and could snorkel. Soualiga Destinations is the official name of Capt. Bob’s company...incredible day! I should note that my extended family on this last cruise did a 2.5 hour beach break in St. Maarten through RCL and said it was “ just ok and too short.” Although if you just want something simple and off the boat, it might work for you. I think they paid $40ish which included a lounger. Enjoy St. Maarten!
  7. When we started sailing with our daughters, they were 3, 5 and 7. My husband stayed with the older two in an interior cabin and I stayed with the youngest in a balcony cabin right across the hall from them. The benefits are two bathrooms, access to a balcony and the interior cabin offers a nice dark cabin for naps. We have also done interior connecting cabins and balcony connecting cabins. Hope that helps!
  8. I agree with Swank Pad G. We did KSC on our own after disembarking Harmony two weeks ago. It was hot and we were tired and crabby. After cooling off and getting a second wind, we were able to enjoy the Center. It is incredible and the Atlantis exhibit is a must-see! We stayed at KSC from 9:00-3:00 and didn’t see everything. If I would of done it over, I would have gone to KSC pre-cruise. Safe travels!
  9. Thanks for your kind words! The umbrella rentals are $20 per umbrella. You pay a $20 deposit on top of that regardless of the amount of umbrellas you rent. We rented (2) umbrellas for $40 with a $20 fully refundable deposit. Paid $60. Received $20 back when we returned the umbrellas.Totally worth it as there is very little shade on the beach.
  10. We took our 3 daughters (10, 7, 5) to Europe last summer on the Constellation. They loved the kids' club more than Adventure Ocean on RCCL and they were huge AO fans. Since the ship is smaller, they do more supervised activities outside of the club. We even did family activities together. Typically, I would avoid family activities on ships, but they were super fun! From the silent disco to the Amazing Race to the outdoor pool deck "campout". My kids had an absolute blast and made friends quickly. We have two more family cruises booked in the next year, both on Celebrity with the kids.
  11. Hello all, I just wanted to tell you about our recent trip to Sapphire Beach on June 26. We had 16 in our party. It was easy to grab a big, open-air taxi for our whole party from the pier where Harmony of the Seas docked. The price per person was $11 each way. It was a 25 minute ride to Sapphire Beach. Our driver offered to return in a few hours and we took him up on it. Once there, we rented chairs ($9 per chair) and an umbrella ($20 per umbrella with a $20 fully refundable deposit). We moved to the left of restaurant (if you are looking at the beach) and planted ourselves there for the next few hours. The beach in this spot is not crowded, but I think overall the beach was not that crowded. We rented kayaks for $20/hour, $15/30 minutes. They held a credit card for a deposit. The water is beautiful with so many colors of blue. There is very little seaweed in the water, but a few larger rocks. The majority of our party had water shoes. My husband found a large crab in a shell while snorkeling and we saw a large stingray much, much farther out while kayaking.There is a restaurant with bathrooms nearby. We bought beer, water, soda and small bags of potato chips there. I would highly recommend doing this beach on your own. The excursion from the ship came after us and left before us and were clustered together. I also recommend inflatable noodles. I own this brand from Swimways. We take them on every cruise. We have had the same set through multiple cruises. They are pretty sturdy. They are also easy to inflate and deflate. Sometimes all you need is a little noodle! They were a hit with my extended family. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0037TSTUO/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Hope this helps someone! Sapphire Beach is a hidden gem.
  12. Was the chocolate cake milk chocolate or dark chocolate? The cake is wrapped in a milk chocolate coating that is delicious. The cake itself is a regular chocolate cake. Both my husband and I do not think it was dark chocolate. We are not fans of dark chocolate and ate this cake right up! The children also devoured it. There wasn't any bitterness to it.
  13. We are back from our Harmony cruise and I just wanted to update everyone on the answers to the questions I previously asked: 1. We were able to text for free using our iPhones. We were also able to text for free using the RC app. However, you have to check the app to read the messages. It won't notify you. 2. I did not see ANYONE with hole punched cards. We used the plastic sleeve variety on our lanyards. I did not verify with Guest Services if the cards could be hole punched. I bought extra plastic sleeves from Amazon that I gave to members of our party who did not have them. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07MV4H8FV/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 3. I ordered the chocolate cake through the onboard gift program and had it delivered to the MDR the first night. We chose to celebrate my little niece and nephew's birthdays. I verified with my head waiter that the order was there at the beginning of the meal. They delivered it with candles and personalization at the end of the meal and even sang to them. Cake was very good and very big. We took the leftovers to the room. I requested the personalization ahead of time. Happy Sailing! I hope this thread helps someone.
  14. Thank you! I am going to order some of the plastic sleeves from Amazon just in case.
  15. Hello everyone, I have a few quick questions regarding Harmony: 1. Is there "free" texting onboard? I have heard a rumor that you might be able to via the RC app. Is this true? If not, what are our other options. 2. Can you hole punch your SeaPass card at Guest Services? Does Harmony have the kind of cards that you cannot hole punch due to the technology used in the card? If I can hole punch, will a normal hole punch from home work? I typically do not hole punch my Sea Pass, but half of our party bought lanyards and I just wanted to double check. 3. We are going to be celebrating my sister's 60th birthday. How do I get a cake sent to the MDR on the first night? Do I just request it from our waiter at the beginning of the meal? Or, do I email dining services ahead of time. Thank you! Nicole
  16. Yeah! We sail as Diamond members in June. Thanks!
  17. I think I am going to email Capt. Bob tomorrow! Thank you for the informative review. 😊
  18. I love Orient Beach. We may be headed back there in June. Thanks for the trip report and photos!
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