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  1. I wish there was a thread that posted when new promos are up especially the lattitude ones as they are never advertised in an overt way. Last time I only found it by chance. The 15% off extra really does help.
  2. i ve one planned for 2021 live in long island ny love the pic of your wheaten who is your breeder?
  3. well worst case if the USA doesn't reopen Europe/Med will be so there are options
  4. Lets hope this is true, trying to get my parents to join us for a 2021 Med cruise
  5. Yes!!! That is the most important. Be sure to mention it to your agent to ensure it is applied to your booking. Not all agents know this and it is not automatically applied.
  6. Hello all, I curious if I can carry my passport card instead of my passport book when getting on and off at various ports for excursions. I would prefer to carry the card as ID and leave my book in the stateroom for safekeeping. Is this allowed?
  7. I have heard that they are re-naming their mini-suites to "club-suites" what exactly will that mean in terms of pricing/amenities and perks?
  8. All in all the airline nor the cruise line is your personal travel agent. This is sometimes why it is best to book travel through a travel agent as they will give you all pertinent information.
  9. The airline didn’t allow you to board because the airline is not allowed to transport a person to a country if they don’t meet that countries guidelines for entry. They will be fined. Example if you need a visa to enter another country you must present your visa at check in or you will not be permitted to board.
  10. So there is no therapy pool? That allows for the big jets?
  11. I will be on the Dawn soon. I’m hoping to be able to upgrade the 250 to the unlimited on day 2. I also have 30 min for being platinum. Hoping to use the 39 mins the first day and upgrade the 250 mins on day 2 you save $30.
  12. Thank you for sharing. Great review. Pay rime I was on the Sawn was 2006. So it’s a brand new ship to me now. 5 more weeks and counting.
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