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  1. It is the same coming from central europe to the US: why is tipping mandantory? for us it is standard that every person gets their full salary from their employer 😉 But if you booked though US, I think you should have water in the dining room included on MSC (but yes, I like the availability of tap water in the US and on american cruise lines… would be nice if we can get this also in europe…)
  2. For cruises that are booked from some countries where free tap water is standard, MSC offers vouchers for free water in the dining room. But normally you have to pay for water in the dining room, if you do not have a drink package.
  3. all shows on meraviglia focus on music, not language - it should be no problem for your mother-in-law
  4. Dinner seats are not as close to the stage as the drink-only seats, if I remember correct guest keep their seat at the tables during the show. I would recommend booking without dinner if you prefer better seating
  5. sebi


    wristbands can be purchased at guest relations
  6. You can not add more people to a stateroom than you have in your official booking. This includes bringing a 4th passenger to a stateroom that fits 4, if you have only booked it for 3. But as far as I know you can call MSC or let your TA call them to ask for a manual booking with an additional infant in the cabin (if maximum people for the corresponding muster station allow it) MSC has much more beds in staterooms then max allowed passengers on bord, so it is possible that a stateroom for 4 can only be booked for 2 people if the maximum for the corresponding muster station is already reached
  7. The DolphinResearchCenter https://dolphins.org/ do have swim-with-the-dolphin activities that are possible with kids age 5 and up (and also other for smaller children) They are located on the Florida keys, a 2 hour drive from Miami. Maybe you can add it before or after a cruise
  8. The cold coffee mixed drinks in the Edge bar are included in the coffee cuddle (very good value for money on this, very large and more a shake with cream than a coffee), but not in the standard all inclusive drink package as they had one asterisk... they are included in the premium all-inclusive drink package, I don’t know which one comes with YC Some other standard coffee drinks are also available in other bars around the ship, and most of them are included in the standard all-inclusive drink package:
  9. I don‘t think there is 15% gratuity for internet service - but instead you will get more internet volume for the same price if you book in advance They also offer an upsell from Standard to premium: (The saving amount is wrong, as it is only an upsell from standard to premium)
  10. In Marseille we stoped at Môle Léon Gourret about 7 km outside of Marseille. There seems to be only one pier with a terminal building, we docked at a pier without a terminal building - they had some containers there as office for checkin and luggage. Muster drill for the few people who joined us in Marseille were held in the theatre.
  11. You can pre-book the standard package (we got 3500 MB with the pre-booked standard package). You should be able to upgrade to a higher package during your cruise (upgrade was offered for €32.01 during our Northern Europe cruise) There are no benefits for black card members
  12. Hey Tina, I wish you a really nice cruise! For your boarding Meraviglia in Hamburg tomorrow: We learned the hard way, that the suggested boarding time is not the best boarding time... I would suggest boarding at noon and have lunch already on Bord, if you do not have excursions planned for Hamburg. For our cruise they scheduled all information sessions on Bord about 4 hours before our listed boarding time. Cruise cards and prepaid vouchers are distributed in Hamburg directly during checkin, and not as for some other MSC cruises in the cabins, so you will have them right after checkin.
  13. It opens only if weather permits... In Northern Europe it was closed most of the time. But I think it is not temperature but mostly wind. Water slides were open one colder day as the Himalayan bridge was still closed, so I think in the Mediterranean you may have some chances
  14. KAITO Sushi (part 3) (No child menu for KAITO Sushi available, kids have to order from the normal sushi menu)
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