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  1. Thank you for pointing this out, cat! I checked my TA's email and it is rather confusing. :D :eek:
  2. Good question! I took a look and don't see anything about the WOW sale. :confused: Guess it has to be booked through a TA.
  3. Can the WOW sale be booked online, and then transferred to a TA later?
  4. Thank you for the suggestion. I believe we have dined there before , or at seen/least heard of it. I have a terrible memory about dining places, but my DH remembers every place and what we have eaten...even details about our honeymoon meals on St. Thomas 29 years ago. ;) One rule we try to stick to when cruising, is to take advantage of the ships dining whenever possible. Saves money! It's easy to do in the Caribbean, Bermuda and Mexican Riviera (although we did have a fabulous entertaining lunch in Puerto Vallarta). Much harder in Hawaii and the Mediterranean, because you wanted to try different foods. Of course, if the ship food continues to tumble in quality, we may have to start venturing out, or at least try more specialty restaurants. The Tuscan Grill may just lure us in on the Solstice.
  5. If we stay with this cruise, we plan to get off in St. Kitt's (never been there), and probably St. Maarten (been there many times, but love the beaches), but stay on the ship in San Juan. We have been to San Juan on numerous occasion , both on a ship and shore trips.
  6. I thought it was announced long ago that the cabanas were going to be an extra charge. ;) Well, there has been a change for us...my parents may want to cruise with us, so now we have 4 people that need to make up our minds. :D I showed DH the stateroom and he said he liked the looks. Would the 2A's be clear of the lifeboats? They are actually less than the 2B in cost.
  7. It's spelled correctly, and I also have it. However, I am having a heck of a time reading your post, when you don't include capital letters! :D
  8. Being only 23, you probably don't worry about good support for your back, like I have to. I injured it a few years ago, and if I don't sit in a straight back chair (especially when I will be sitting for 2 hours), my back hurts, and legs go numb, etc.. Good posture is important for me, so those slouch back chairs will not work. ;) As for the deck. I just don't like all the interference that those awnings are going to cause. They will obstruct views, make noise in the wind, and cut off the breeze. Hopefully, there is another large area of lounges where we would be able to sun. We are also early risers, so getting a lounge should not be a problem. getting one in the open, may be. :rolleyes: And then there is the third reason...the stateroom location. Any recommendations?
  9. I have to admit, after seeing the CruiseCritic photos (thanks for pointing those out) that the staterooms do look larger than they did on the video. ;) :) I actually like the way the closets are in the room instead of behind the bathroom door, and the stateroom door opening out. There will be no obstructions at all in those entrance foyer. Could be a problem for the hallway, though only half the door would make it to the hall. The other half is recessed back toward the stateroom. The taller drawer storage should be nice and the desk looks longer than those in the CC class on other ships. The bathroom looks really big and that shower looks to be larger than the RCCL shower that I posted earlier. ;) Now, if it just weren't for those dining room chairs and the seemingly lack of sun space up on deck, we might keep our reservation. A price reduction would also help in that decision. :D I would think that those cabanas would be very, very hot (especially the ones on the pool deck). Someone pointed out the "adult" splash zone. What makes you think it is for adults only? It's at the main pool, and I feel sure that the area will have children running through it all times. I will have to show these new photos to DH tonight and re-think this cruise. :rolleyes: We are currently in stateroom 7177 - 2B about one deck up from the lifeboats. I wish I could have a clearer picture of what we will be looking down on. Can someone suggest a better Veranda 1 or 2 class cabin?
  10. That's another problem for us. The balcony furniture looked to me like it would be hard to get in and out of...not to mention uncomfortable looking. DH and I made the official decision tonight that we will cancel this cruise and perhaps try it next year. Now, to decide which ship/cruise to take, and to let our TA know.:rolleyes:
  11. I would have to agree, however, when you see the reporter walking through the length of the room (and sitting in the dining room chair) you can get a realistic idea of the sizes. Something else I noticed when watching the video...the stateroom door opened out into the hall, instead of into the room. :eek: excitedofharpenden - I liked the oblong showers on Celebrity, too. The RCCl showers were not so large.
  12. Where are you seeing this? The Promowave isn't yet out for today. :confused:
  13. They are very comfortable, too! So much better than having the curtain stick to you. :) shamda - While I never said the ship was ugly, she does seem to be too contemporary for our taste, and I am not happy with the dining room chairs. We wish we had time to wait for passengers to report back from the ship with photos and reviews, before our final payment. However, our final payment is due 11/10. Also, we have seen some pretty competitive pricing for February (our cruise date,) on other lines and have pretty much decided to cancel and try something else. That's not to say that we will not try the Solstice or a sister ship another time. But right now, we can take a 10 day cruise to either the Caribbean or Europe, for the same cost as our 7 day cruise on the Solstice. Or, we can save almost half and take a 7 day to the Caribbean or the Mexican Rivera...all on RCCL or HAL. :) My husband was really excited about the lawn club (he is a golfer) but after seeing the photos and video, we were kinda of let down. I am sure that once the ship is finished and the lawn furniture set out, it will look nicer than it does now, but the area just isn't as grand as we thought it would be. Mysticks1 - Thank you for posting that photo of the side and lifeboats. We are currently booked into one of those "inset" balconies on deck 7 - 2B. Would we be able to see the promenade deck from our balcony? PS - When the video showed the reporter going through the staterooms, they looked smaller than the CC we had on the Century. Thought they were going to be larger! Also, did anyone else see the man lounging on the bed in the next stateroom (and then the camera quickly cut away?) :D In the photos of the bathrooms, the one bathroom looks to be about the same size that we had on the Century. The only change is the smaller shower with door, versus the larger shower w/curtain. However, the bathroom that was shown as an Aqua Class bathroom, looked larger. I saw a bar to the left of the photo that looked like this bathroom might be a handicapped space. Anyone else notice these things?
  14. I believe that the shower doors are like those on the newer RCCL ships. here is the shower we had on the Liberty last month.
  15. No kidding! Did you see the reporter? He is a skinny guy and could barely get in the dining room chair. I know that I will not be comfortable in those chairs because they lean back too far. They are like bar chairs. I have to have support at my back to sit up and eat for a long time...not slouch back in a chair and relax. I personally think the ship is too utilitarian. I prefer the classic look of the ships of the past. I am sure that this ship will appeal to many, but I think DH and I will be cancelling our reservation. We are already looking into other options.
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