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  1. I think Red Eagles were flying against us at the time. Think the exercise proved the point that you must train like you will fight. Plus we stayed in Vegas 😉
  2. Yes sir, 1982-1983 334th TFS/AMU Seymour Johnson AFB
  3. We just took the Princess price match and booked out 1 year later.
  4. Retired USAF - Folks call me Gonzo and WCS is for Weapons Control Systems (My USAF Specialty) - F-4 Phantom Radar and AC-130 Gunship Fire Control Systems Phantom Phixed Phorever and remember Gunships ARE Funships! Salute
  5. Would guess were were not in this position until say 30 days ago?
  6. Yes watched it live. Good interview IMO
  7. Yes received and e-mail from both RCI & Celebrity
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