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  1. Totally not whining about that at all....haven't even mentioned it. Technically my cruise is still on, though I doubt it will ever actually sail. My complaint has been, and would continue to be, about (1) trying to limit how you use a FCC that you already paid for...if they are holding the money for it, you should be able to apply it as well; (2) the fact they literally went in and jacked up rates on Friday night, in order to devalue the amount of the FCC they are offering and (3) seeming to word all this like a cable contract rather than something a whole lot simpler. Example....Viking wen
  2. Actually I don't think that the poor souls manning the phones have any conspiracy against angry customers, but I most definitely believe that FDR and the corporate types are trying to craft a policy that gives the bare minimum to customers, and provide the biggest possible return for their shareholders. I am guessing you must hold more shares than the rest of us, but I kinda empathize with customers at this point.
  3. Yes...my TA said that NCL informed him that it would only be able to be applied to the base fare, and not any of the other fees/gratuities associated with the cruise; hopefully you are right and he is wrong
  4. To my simple mind, it is very simple; if they convert the money that you paid for any purpose to a FCC, you should be allowed to then apply your FCC to pay that expense on your future cruise. I am having an extremely hard time understanding how they can take your prepaid gratuities (daily, and for the perk(s) you selected), then decide that your FCC is only allowed to be applied to the base fare. Those gratuities were never intended to benefit NCL; they were meant to go to the staff that was going to be there to serve you. Re-designating that money into their pocket is unethical on the best
  5. I work in the title insurance industry, and I have been licensed for over 16 years. During the financial crisis I knew several of my colleagues that "repurposed" money for things other than where it was intended, and they did not have favorable legal results in the end. Prepaid gratuities is money that is intended to go to people who provide services for you, and is not intended for NCL....and if they end up pocketing that money just because you didn't use it the way they wanted you to....just saying I am questioning whether there is a line being crossed. Again, just saying.....
  6. Of course that is true...except for the fact that NCL just gave him some snazzy award saying how good he is. Now we all know the value of awards, but that said, I am inclined to believe him, unless someone else has been told something else that negates that and that I can point to once the FCC finally posts.
  7. To illustrate...let's say you booked a 7 day cruise with a fare of $1000....you select the drink package, which goes ahead and charges you 1 $140 pp and you decided to prepay your daily gratuities $15/day, for an additional $105.00. The total amount you have paid is $1,245.00. HOWEVER, according to my TA, that $1,245.00 has to be applied to the fare of a new cruise and can't be applied for either the drink gratuities or the future daily gratuities. Thus, if your next cruise is that same theoretical price ($1000), you now have to come OOP for that additional $245.00, and they will want you t
  8. I agree....but according to my TA, he was saying because I prepaid my gratuities (not to mention the charge for drink and dining packages) if I book a new cruise, I can apply my FCC to the fare only....select new perks, you will have to pay OOP for the 20% drinks gratuities for that new cruise....same with the dining package. That is the part that I am a bit steamed about
  9. I was speaking with my TA and with how to deal with my upcoming FCC; according to him, NCL is going to take our prepaid gratuities and shore excursions and apply them for a FCC. HOWEVER, when you go to book your next cruise, they are NOT going to allow the FCC to apply to anything but the future cruise fare, and that everyone would have to come out of pocket for that cruise's gratuities and excursions. Now, before I allow my blood pressure to rise, (1) has anyone else heard this to be true, (2) can it be confirmed with NCL and (3) if by some remote chance it is, how/why should they be able t
  10. Personally I prefer their Jewel class ships to anything else they have in their fleet; they seem so focused on piling on add-ons they can charge for, they are totally missing the concept of just having a decent lido deck with a decent sized atrium. Given the current long-term planning seemingly employed by FDR, they will sell all the Jewel-class ships to build a ones that have no pool but offer 1000 Vibe passes and an Indy-car track 😛
  11. As soon as NCL had sent out their "Peace of Mind" memo a week ago before yesterday, I looked into cancelling our Bermuda cruise out of Boston and leave on a more local cruise out of Miami. On that night, the Breakaway had a balcony cabin that they were offering on May 10 for just under $1000....the next day the cost jumped to over $1500. Just saying that it was a very NCL thing to do, and if I were you, I would make NCL sweat just a bit and lower prices before I would book again with them...after all, they will have to work and compete for new customers at some point, and let the market plac
  12. Look, if this gets people to stop touching all the bread rolls at the buffet, this will be one big win for the future of cruising. Dr Sanjay Gupta made an excellent point during an interview; for the vast majority of people walking around, the risks of COVID-19 is on par, or less, than the flu is....but for a significant population of older people, or those with certain underlying symptoms, it can be very serious and very deadly. The good practices we adopt now and going forward will hopefully protect those around us who can't fight for themselves...and if we stop and start thinking of other
  13. I assume by "improving" the law, you mean extending basic workplace violations (by American standards) that have become "standard" practices on virtually all cruise ships (excepting the Pride of America, which somehow manages to stay afloat)...ones that treat workers on these ships like 2nd class citizens. Look, I am guilty of enjoying the lower fares as much as the next guy, but "improving" that law means gutting it...and possibly impacting cargo ships throughout this country. I, for one, would be in favor of seeking to improve crew conditions...after all, it is those conditions that led to
  14. Didn't take into account customs...good and valid point. Just don't want to see either Public Health or Labor laws violated for the sake of a vacation
  15. No, not Victoria...if I had meant Victoria I would have said Victoria. I'm saying a small island that is uninhabited (I'm sure there are a few between Seattle and Alaska) that you can run a tender to, say you did it, and then leave. Yep, a technicality to be sure, but whose going to object at this point. Again, it makes way too much sense, so it won't happen, but don't overturn century-old labor protections just to preserve vacations for a couple months.
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