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  1. We just booked 4 days prior to embarkation, no problem choosing the date on the calendar. Sometimes the site is wonky, maybe try again🤔
  2. Thank you. We have only been in a suite one other time and apparently never used the benefits.😳
  3. There is a concierge? How do I find them? Phone or in person?
  4. We are in a suite on the Sky in November. I noticed that one of the benefits is a complimentary meal at Sabatini or Crown. We missed this last time we were in a suite on another ship because we didn’t know about the benefits. How does booking work for this? Can you reserve online? Looks like I would have to pay 🤔🤔🤔. Or do I just reserve once on board? It’s only good on embarkation day and I wasn’t sure if they run out of space. Thanks for any help. We are excited to experience the new ship.
  5. Thanks for this thread. I was actually just about to post the same question. If I book a new cruise with FCD, then I discover a TA has a large on board credit(Costco Travel), could I transfer it to TA and get the on board credit? Guess I should ask TA. But I thought I’d check to see if anyone knew the answer. I originally started with a Princess Travel planner who said she would check with her supervisors on whether they could also match that OBC. But I doubt it.
  6. We board the Royal on Sat, I will let you know...unless someone has already been in that stateroom and knows the answer.
  7. Thanks everyone! This is so helpful😍
  8. Thank you for your awesome post! We will be boarding the Royal on March 23. We will also be on the forward Marina deck. We might get the same cabin steward. From the looks of the above photo, the balconies look huge. We have been on the Regal when they rolled out the medallions. The internet speed was super fast. We couldn’t pay with the medallions but they were used primarily for room access. I’m so glad to hear that the service has been great. We sailed Royal 2 years ago in Europe and that’s what got us hooked on the Royal class ships.
  9. Hello fellow cruisers! I am not too familiar with how the internet packages work. On our upcoming cruise, there is a pre-purchase special of the medallion net ($59). I’m assuming it’s unlimited since no time limit is listed. We already get 150 free minutes with our loyalty program. If one of us were to purchase the $59 package, would the 150 minutes just not be used or can we roll it to the other person in the room? We had the medallion net on a recent Regal cruise and really enjoyed the high speed. Since they were transitioning to OM, they gave all the passengers free internet. Thanks for your help!
  10. Hi Crossfitmama, this resort looks cool. How did you get there from the ship? Did you take a cab?
  11. They provided us with a nice grey lanyard. Attached to it was the encased medallion with your names printed on it. It also came with a cruise card inserted in a plastic case. The medallion was only used for room access.
  12. Yes! I was able to handle this amount of food. In fact, I was not a fan of the tuna so they made me another non fish option.
  13. Have fun! Are you on the last New England or the route to the Caribbran?
  14. Our MDR server happen to mention the dinner. Then he brought someone over to tell us about it. It’s not as popular as the Chef Table but it’s just as nice and at a fraction of the cost. They held 2-3 that week. It cost $40 a person and our 12 person room did not fill.
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