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  1. We are thinking of taking the Horizon to Bermuda in late August. We have been on Galaxy and loved it - Is Horizon fairly similar? Also, I think I heard somewhere that Celebrity will be getting rid of Horizon soon afterwards -- Does anyone think that is a reason to avoid Horizon -- on the assumption that it will be rundown, and the staff won't care as much about service? TIA
  2. tikilogan

    Cabin 7187 on Constellation

    We were just assigned our "Guarantee" cabin for the 1/8 Constellation sailing. This is supposed to be a CC cabin as of this month. Will this be ok?
  3. tikilogan

    Celebrity Credit Card Now Available

    I think we need to read the fine print on these -- it says that the celebrity points expire after 180 days. I think this means that it might be hard to use them?
  4. tikilogan

    Groups on the constellation

    And here's another group: http://www.nd.edu/~univclub/newsletter.html
  5. tikilogan

    Groups on the constellation

    OK all -- I have scoured the Internet to find out about these possible groups. Here is what I have found so far: http://www.stbenedicttheabbot.com/Bulletin/013-0808.pdf who are these people?
  6. tikilogan

    Groups on the constellation

    Well it doesn't look like the spaces have opened up on this cruise even now that the final payment is due -- so I think it really does seem like we are contending with some BIG groups. We are confirmed (have an email and on the website) for late seating, but I'm worried thye may try to bump us when we get on board? Is there any way to find out for certain who these people are?
  7. tikilogan

    cc room service bresakfast menu

    Is the room service different in CC? I am booked for a CC cabin in January and in the past I have always gone to the buffet -- but if there are good things offered in the cabin I might just stay put (or eat in both places)!
  8. tikilogan

    Groups on the constellation

    I believe that today is the deadline to make final payment -- so maybe things will clear up for you. Has anyone asked celebrity (maybe using the captains club number) about the possibility of these groups? It would seem that if they flatly deny that there are any then we could complain once we get on board (of course, they probably would say that they can;t tell us anyting because of security concerns or something like that).
  9. tikilogan

    Groups on the constellation

    I am booked on this cruise as well and am interested in finding out what the groups will be. We initially were told there was no room in the late seating, but we kept asking and were finally moved to the late seating per our request.
  10. tikilogan

    Celebrity expands Concierge Class

    Just keep in mind that a lot of this is hype and basically baloney. We are booked CC for an upcoming cruise and did not get priority dining times (had to basically offer our first born to Travelocity to get them to fight for us).
  11. We booked a concierge class cabin on Constellation for the January 8th, 2005 sailing and were given a "guaranteed stateroom". Just looked and we have been assigned cabin 8059, which according to the deck plan on the website is just a "Premium Ocean View with Veranda." Is that still a CC cabin? Are they transforming those cabins into CC before the trip? Should I call Travelocity (never a pleasant experience) to complain? TIA for any info.
  12. The BF and I are going. Any other folks scheduled for this trip?
  13. tikilogan

    US Airways warns of winter shutdown

    Now I am getting nervous! We are booked on the January 8th Constellation sailing in and out of Puerto Rico. We booked throug Travelocity, and the air portion is by US Airways. Will they still be up and running in January? What happens if they go under before then?