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  1. Like everyone else I want to thank you so much for taking the time to share your family vacation pictures and cruise review with us. I think it was completely honest and balanced and we often don't get that kind of appraisal on Cruise Critic, unfortunately. We will be sailing on the Sunrise in January and really appreciate your thoughts. Do you know if your son and his band will be on the Sunrise in January?

  2. We are booked on the Jan 20, 2020 5 day which was Half Moon Cay and Havana, Cuba. No notice from Carnival yet, but went into my Cruise Manager this morning and it is now showing this cruise as a 5 day Eastern Caribbean to Grand Turk and Amber Cove. No Cuba and no HMC. If this is what they offer with no compensation at all, I would cancel but we have already booked non refundable air fare. I don't understand the arbitrary December 2019 cut off for compensation, especially for a completely different itinerary.  If this is really true we will absolutely be looking at other options, probably other than Carnival.

  3. I can guarantee there were 300 sold on the Triumph 3/22 sailing. We sat & counted all the chairs roped off in that section reserved only for FTTF. Many employees made us make sure our bags were directly in front of us & nobody allowed to put on seat next to you etc. They kept emphasizing they had to reserve that many chairs in that section because they had 300 FTTF this time.


    So how many chairs did you count? If they sold 300 FTTF cabins that would be at least 600-800 persons. That would mean 25% of the people on the Triumph had FTTF. Sorry but i doubt that. If it was 300 people/chairs that would make more sense.

  4. We are skipping 2018. :(

    But, we have our next 3 booked. Just have to wait 356 days!


    5day Valor Jan 2018

    5day Dream Oct 2018 Our sons first cruise!

    5day Dream Jan 2019


    Once fall of 2019 opens up we will book our first on the Vista. I really don't like 5 days, but it is hard on my parents to watch my son for 8 days, so 5 it is!

    We want to do a short one for my son' first cruise just in case. If all goes well, we want to do the Vista with him next. He will love the thrill theater.


    Sooooo, only thing to do now is sit on my hands and stalk cruise critic!:p

    Check your calendar. This is 2018.LOL


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