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  1. Yes. Elite, Elite Plus and Zenith only receive Diamond status. Diamond, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle only receive Elite.
  2. Points are not transferable between lines, They do offer status match according to your Celebrity status.
  3. On Allure now. Disembarkation delayed. Ship still full of people at 10:45.
  4. So much for another rule Royal is too gutless and greedy to enforce.
  5. Thanks. Steps would be a problem, I will be dragging a large suitcase and possibly a carryon.
  6. I wouldn’t think the LA would be the deciding official on that issue, Crown and Anchor would make that determination. Since the inception of the Crown and Anchor Society I’m sure that Royal has kept computerized records of the manifests for each sailing. Claiming cruises before then have always required pictures or some other substantive proof that you actually sailed on that cruise.
  7. Thanks, hopefully that will be the terminal where the Vision will be berthed.
  8. I will be sailing on the Vision out of New Orleans in January. Considering booking the night before the cruise in the Hilton Riverside Hotel. What is the approximate distance from the Hilton Riverside to the terminal?
  9. Just completed my online check in for the Allure 9/9/18 sailing. Shows Pinnacle club on my set sail pass, but earliest arrival time offered was 1:00 p.m. That would certainly negate Pinnacle early boarding. Plan to arrive between 11:00 and 11:30, don’t anticipate that will be a problem.
  10. Wow aren’t you the magnanimous, understanding soul. I suggest the next time you are seated at a table with or near a dog you request your meal be served in the dog’s dish and you sit on the floor to eat with the dog.
  11. Glad you enjoyed your cruise, the Oasis is a great ship. You also learned a valuable lesson about cruise critic, take what is said here with a grain of salt. It seems to be human nature to be more willing to post negative comments rather than positive. Thanks for your feedback.
  12. I think you were exposed to the difference between being on a ship that usually has just a few Pinnacles onboard versus one that has quite a few on board most cruises. I also think that you were a victim of not being on the Suites lounge concierge’s list. The Suites concierges on the Oasis are fantastic. They bend over backwards to make their guests have the best cruise possible. They just did not know you were there. Between Suites guests and Pinnacles they are usually very busy. Just stop at their desk on embarkation day and introduce yourselves. Your Barefoot Beach wristbands should be in the envelope from the concierges in your cabin on day one. If not, stop by their desk and request you be put on their list for disembarkation day and get your wristbands. Enjoy the experience of being a Pinnacle, you earned it.
  13. JS only has access to Coastal Kitchen on a space available basis for dinner. No access for breakfast or lunch.
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