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  1. We got off in Rome June 4, I believe they started disembarkation about 6:30. We got off just before 9, there was quite a line for Taxi's, but they offer a free shuttle to the gates of the port, like a 3 minute drive. That's also where you can get a quick bus to the Train station.

  2. Wow! We got nada for our bed bugs.



    We weren't offered any compensation, just an apology and assurance they would keep an eye out for more. However, our steward told us they told her it came from the bathroom, so she should make sure to clean there and she reiterated that it did not originate IN our room, but came in with the mail

  3. OP......Really glad you nabbed that bug. We're boarding the Royal June 25.


    I know it's off the topic, but if you get an extra few minutes, can you post a few movies which are showing on the ship?


    Thank very much.




    Sure! Do you mean on the TV or MUTS?

    I know The Martian and The Man from UNCLE were on MUTS

  4. Thank god you had the picture.


    Without it, you would have been subjected to full cheerleader

    wrath here.


    I've been a member for awhile, I came prepared with proof!


    No more unwelcome visitors today, thank goodness! I'm glad we don't have crickets or bees on the ship!


    I Googled palmetto bugs, it's a common name for a variety of roaches in the US. Yuck..

  5. Seems very appropriate to be delivered with the notice from Princess Fine Arts. I have often thought that the company that runs the Art operation has a lot in common with a bunch of roaches.


    Ha! My husband said he thought maybe they were mad at us for not paying for them to frame to large print we won!


    The woman from the passenger services desk just stopped by and said they are going to keep watch for any more, and maybe spray for something. It didn't come from our room, so I'm not sure what good spraying will do, but I appreciate the follow up and that she spoke to the room stewards so they can keep an eye out.

  6. My husband and I are on the Royal, and had an extremely unwelcome visitor this afternoon. My husband brought in an invitation from the little mail slot for the art auction, and a huge COCKROACH fell out. Huge. We called the front desk and they sent a nice woman up who was very apologetic and clearly as disturbed as we were, she said we will be hearing from them about it.


    If this were a hotel we would have checked out and found a new place to stay, but we aren't going to leave halfway through a cruise we have been waiting for months to go on.


    Has this, or anything like it, happened to any of you?


    I'm trying to post a picture, but photobucket is struggling with the ship's wifi I think..

  7. We like to go as low as possible, especially with a balcony, it's closer to the water. Also we like the activities on the lower decks better than Lido, so it works better to be lower so we can take the stairs down one or two levels for most of the things we are interested in.

  8. For the train to Florence, you'd have to depart from Termini. And Termini is one of the less pleasant areas of Rome to stay in (IMO). A taxi to/from the station is generally less than 10 euro IF you are staying in the Centro Storico, so to me it's not really worth it. (However, if budget is an issue, hotel prices are more modest around Termini...)


    If you stay in the Centro Storico, specifically the very central area from Trevi Fountain to Piazza Navona, you can walk to most of the sites. I have several favorite hotels in the area. From them, I walk just about anywhere with exception of the Vatican. That includes the Colosseum/Forum, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps area, Capitoline Museum, Ara Pacis, Castel Sant'Angelo, Largo Argentina, the Jewish Ghetto and the old Forum Boarium (where the "Mouth of Truth" is located, along with two beautiful Roman temples....)


    The Vatican you can reach by taxi, by bus or by metro (but be warned that Metro stops are very few and far between in the Centro Storico, for obvious reasons -- every time they start digging for a new line, they find extensive ruins).


    Personally, there is no where else in Rome I can recommend more than this area. I'd look specifically for hotels around the Pantheon or Piazza Navona, as these are very pleasant areas in the evenings to stroll and have plenty of good restaurants nearby.



    Edited to add: Actually, it's not that you couldn't walk to the Vatican from the Centro Storico. It's about a 45 minute walk or so. It's just that when I'm going to the Vatican, I'm usually planning on a long day there on my feet, so I'd rather just take a taxi and save my stamina for the museum!

    I'm not the Op, but I found your information very helpful as we are going there very soon also.


    The real reason I wanted to comment is because I just wanted to say how much I envy that you were able to see Palmyra before it was... Altered. Beautiful picture.

  9. This is what it says under my reserved excursions on the website.


    "Pay Before You Sail, Or Pay Later Onboard

    You have the option to pay for shore excursions in advance of your cruise. If you wait, we will add the charges to your onboard account which is settled at the end of the cruise."

  10. 'The company offered travel and lodging assistance to the couple and arrangements were made for them to reunite with the ship upon her return to New York on April 24


    Did anyone else catch this part of the article? Only based on my knowledge of the Princess procedure for missing the ship, this makes me wonder if it really wasn't her fault. I don't think we should judge this woman (or any other people who miss the ship) unless we know the ENTIRE story.

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