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  1. Dont normally sail NCL so looking for info on bringing wine onboard. Can I bring as many bottles as i like? Do I declare the wine once i arrive at the cruise terminal, i think i read it cannot be in your checked luggage I would like to have the wine I bring served in the dining room but since NCL is freestyle is that possible, if so, how does that work?
  2. Just wantt to say you should get in line early for your tender ticket..We didn't realize we had to wait ion line....by the time we got downstairs the line was sooooooooo long..we were the 19th tender and would have been late for our excursion but we lucked out
  3. Hello. Sure. It was alex boat rental. You can find them on tripadvisor..all great reviews. I think the price was 750 euro if you paid cash ...we had three couples splitting the bill so it wasnt too bad ..:cool::cool:
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