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  1. I would use the stroller at checkin. Our embarkation took over an hour and our room wasn’t ready. My daughter also doesn’t like to be in a carrier that long unless she is napping. you don’t need to bring a food maker. There will be plenty of soft steamed veggies or other appropriate food that can be served. You can also work with the dining room manager and they can have additional steamed veggies prepared and mashed/puréed for you. the ship that I was on had a kids play room for under 3yo. It had a push walker toy that my daughter used occasionally. Personally I would not
  2. Thanks for the replies. Glad to hear that our experience was not normal. Every time a server called down, they said the food was never ready. We had even asked if we could pick up the food from the dining room ourselves at a set time every night arranged in advance so we didn’t have to wait. The special diet person was a very nice person but it just seemed very disorganized/ lack of communication and a lot to do for just one person to manage.
  3. We got off the gem with my 16mon. They had daily activities for guppies that were 30 mins long. It was okay, I probably wouldn’t have gone if it was something that I had to pay for. Mostly painting, coloring, playing with different toys, bubbles and music. the guppies room is open 9-9 with toys so we were in there a lot to play and run around. Not sure if the Pearl has the spinnaker lounge, but my daughter spent a lot of time running around there on port days since it was empty a lot. She also enjoyed the bliss lounge when it wasn’t being set up for art auction. as others mentioned,
  4. My 16 mon daughter has a peanut allergy which I declared at booking and checkin. There was a letter in our stateroom to call the special diet number. I had previously read that it was recommended to stop by the dining room to talk to the manager if there were special diets. My husband went and they said to call the number. The person answered and said that he would meet us in the dining room the first night, we let him know what time we were going to be there. The first night he never showed up. Luckily I had packed food for my daughter otherwise she would have had nothing to eat. The next day
  5. Got off the Gem on Friday. This is our first time on NCL so I’m not sure what’s normal. Checkin took longer since they had a second person checking passports. We brought wipes to clean our room since we have a toddler who puts everything in her mouth. I think more people were conscious about sanitizing their hands. I only noticed one person coughing throughout the trip.
  6. I booked an inside cabin and after regretting it, I wanted to purchase an upgrade directly. However balcony rooms were going to cost me an additional $1200 which was outside of my budget. About a week out, the prices for ocean view were within reason but they would not let me upgrade because the fare for the first 2 passengers were less than what I had paid even though overall I would be paying more since I would have to give up the Free 3rd passenger promo. Anyways, I had an upgrade bid in that I kept lowering to match the cruise prices but decided to up it to what we were originally willing
  7. I sail in 2 weeks to the Caribbean but I have noticed price drops. I have thought about cancelling our trip too mostly in fear that somehow we would get put on a 14 day quarantine after the trip. I’m sure I’m not the only one. I do have the cancel for any reason insurance. I plan to call tomorrow to see if I can get an upgrade since prices have dropped and pay only a small difference.
  8. We went on a cruise for our baby moon. I was 19 weeks. It was a Canadian cruise and pretty chilly, so no issues with being in the sun all day. We mostly just walked around the port cities and no crazy excursions. I tried to limit buffet food just because of germs, we stuck with the restaurants for dinner and lunch was usually at places where they serve you or dish out the food for you. No alcohol of course, avoided the smoking areas. I usually get a massage but skipped that. It was very tired overall during my pregnancy, so I was in bed by 8 after dinner.
  9. glad to hear you had great food and service at the main dining rooms. We will be sailing the gem in February and it will be our first NCL cruise, we typically cruise on HAL.
  10. We have been to Corinto on another cruise line and did the same. Walked over to the “town”, spent 10 minutes at the craft stalls and then headed back. Not too much and spent the day onboard the ship.
  11. I was a plaintiff in a civil lawsuit against a contractor. Our contract was lawyer fees only. Our lawyer did not get any other payment. When we won the lawsuit, we had to get a different lawyer for the actual collections since it was a different state. That lawyer’s contract was 1/3 of what is recovered, minus difference in fees. If we had dropped the case in the collections, my lawyer would still have been paid in fees which was just court fees (paperwork). We did not pay him a per hour fee.
  12. First time doing the bidding process but we have an inside and did not bid on an ocean view because we didn’t think it was that much of an upgrade with the risk of a room location that we dislike. We would prefer the balcony over an ocean view and would stay in an inside if we got an ocean view
  13. I was in my late 20s when we started cruising. So most definitely always the youngest in the group. My husband is more the chatterbox than me, but it’s easy to get the standard introductions done and if you’re not vibing with the crowd you can leave. One of them we had pre-arranged shore excursions with some folks from the m&g so we met them at the event.
  14. Thanks for the heads up! I will try to edit my original post! My cruise is still 2 months out so it looks like I just have to be patient as it seems like upgrades are given out closer to sailing date.
  15. do you know how much is the difference with the upgrade compared to the going price for a balcony? We bid $110 per person from inside to balcony. It would be about $300 difference for the current balcony price. I’m trying to decide if I should bid a little more.
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