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  1. It is not aft facing but It is considered an aft cabin, not mid ship aft quarter. In any case, the cabin is below the stacks.
  2. a consideration. This is an aft stateroom below the ship's stacks, if the balcony door is open (and especially when the stateroom passageway door opens creating an inward sucking draft) and the ship's stacks or a nearby ship's stacks are blown, the wind is just right, that soot from the stacks could come right down to the balcony area below the ship's stacks.. From my US Navy experiences and now living on the main waterway for Puget Sound, WA shipping- you can see huge amount of smoke and particles put out by the ships. They are not supposed to "blow their stacks" within a certain distance of the cities, but.... you should see the layer of brown pollution on certain days when the wind and atmospheric pressure presents just the right conditions.
  3. Here's the site for Alilaguna. very scenic ride from the airport to the cruise terminal. https://www.alilaguna.it/en/lines/linea-blu
  4. There used to be a way to see all cabins that were open for the stateroom class, but it has not been working since about May 2019. The function button is still present- "View All" - clicking on that button would change the 7 rooms listed, and by continued clicking you could work through the entire availability for that stateroom class. Now you have to call an agent. The stateroom number "suite search" is also not working.
  5. A "Bing" search came up with this private tour listed on Viator: https://www.viator.com/tours/Santorini/Santorini-Sailing-Cruise-to-Red-Beach-and-Akrotini/d959-17549P2
  6. Is this the excursion of interest? If so it appears to be a small boat based on the warning "you will get wet." Yes, included in the free excursions, but most likely limited number of participants. Should have a wait list on board the ship with destination services should someone cancel due to weather, etc. Santorini By Private Boat (JTR-009) Port: Santorini Tour Length: Half-Day (Approximately 5 hours) Tour Price Your World Unlimited Tour Description Cruises Visiting This Port Your outing begins as you tender from your ship to the pier and then transfer to Vlihada for the start of your private cruise. On board, you will find an expert captain and crew, along with beer, soft drinks and appetizers. Enjoying sea breezes and beautiful views, you will sail past Red Beach, White Beach, the rock formations of Akrotiri and the lighthouse. Coming into view next will be the volcanic islands formed around 1570 BC. You will disembark on the island of Nea Kameni, where you will have the opportunity to relax on the beach or walk up to the island's crater and visit the natural hot springs. The waters are mineral-rich, which make them an unusual green and yellow. Your tour concludes at Fira Villafe, close to the Metropolis Church. Here you will make your way to the cable car which takes you down to the pier where your ships awaits. Please note: It is recommended that guests wear a hat and sunscreen. Guests who wish to swim in the hot springs should wear a swimsuit and cover-up, too. It is also recommended that guests wear flat, comfortable shoes. As you will get wet on this excursion, any electronic devices (such as MP3 players, cell phones, cameras, etc.), as well as any valuable items must be stored in a sealable, waterproof dry bag or left on board the ship. Any damage occurring to these items is the responsibility of the guests. Guests who participate in any water activities do so at their own risk and responsibility. The order of sights visited may vary. You may encounter lines waiting to enter the cable car station.
  7. Same for me. Stopped working back in May. Prior to May the room search worked fine, either for the "View All" program or individual room number search.
  8. When you say "next October" do you mean October 2020? If so, is that the October 4 sail date which is actually Athens to Lisbon. Or is it the October 16 departure, which is actually Lisbon to Rome? If you really would like more sea days, try the next cruise, a TA Rome to Miami, 16 days at a lower fare than the 12 day Lisbon to Rome, departing Rome on October 28. Plenty of sea days, 7, to experience the ship.
  9. We were on both Riviera and Nautica in June. Wife cannot have either wheat or corn products. The Oceania staff went of their way to guide her through the menu- provided each evening and turned in the next morning. She did have the GF rolls made by Oceania and thought most were good, but that a seeded roll was excellent- but they didn't have that item every day. Many times GF products have corn instead of the wheat which is not good for her, but when rice is used for the flower base, it is a very touchy operation, rolls made with rice flour can turn tuff very quickly- baked correctly and served warm they are very good. More products are being developed for these sensitivities, like cauliflower crust pizza- which can be very good.
  10. you can take the shelf out to store wine upright as we did on Riviera and Nautica in June. The white and rose wine was cooled down to serving temperature. There is always a bucket of ice for soft drinks and water if you want them colder.
  11. Updates were done in April. There's a post from May with some photos,main change was Baristas enlargement and computer area decreased. Other was normal 3 year refurbishing.
  12. My cruises in June it was vacate rooms by 8AM off the ship by 9 AM.
  13. Did you look at the around the world cruise thread? I believe that the refit was covered in a series of photos at the beginning of that cruise - 6 months ago.
  14. Just came off Riviera 10 days along Spain and Nautica 8 days around Ireland. Never had a problem with basic internet and email activity during both cruises. I used my tablet every day and many times each day. Just the basic free included access.
  15. A very nice exchange of salutes on the ship's horns between Riviera and Insignia just now as we passed by on the Riviera leaving Cadiz port.
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