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  1. I believe the OP is more interested in the Eastern Med ports, especially 3 days in Israel than the AMS to Venice. WorkstoCruise: Yes we were on the Sept. 20, 20 cruise we rebooked 3 months ago to the Nautica, Sept. 5- 19, 2021, Athens to Rome. As stated above, the only other Oceania Eastern Med cruise with 3 days in Israel on the Riviera in 2021 is the July cruise but we felt the ports and timing of the Sept Nautica cruise was better. That Nautica cruise is on "wait list" for all B and above categories. We will be looking at the 2022 schedule when it comes out to see
  2. The last time I used Oceania air, flights could be requested around the 270 day point if the carrier/Oceania contracts were set. Paid the $175 per person to select the airlines, flights and dates both out and back - no additional fees on the specific airline I selected (Delta) but there could be added fees depending on a number of factors. I was told the tickets would normally be purchased by Oceania 30-45 days out from departure. But you can request the the tickets be purchased once final payment has been made- which I did to upgrade to Delta Premium Economy. Once the tickets are purchase
  3. Recommend you read this information from the Oceania site: https://oceaniacruises.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/360001108894-Air
  4. If you are speaking of the June 3, 2021 where both ships are in Southampton, it could be not as simple as walking from one ship down the pier to another. the Southampton port operation is huge and could require taxi transport from one dock to another. Each time we have either come into or departed from this port on Oceania ships, it has been a different dock. http://www.southamptonvts.co.uk/Live_Information/Shipping_Movements_and_Cruise_Ship_Schedule/Cruise_Ship_Schedule/ http://www.southamptonvts.co.uk/admin/content/files/PDF_Downloads/Southampton Map 2014.pdf
  5. If you would like to take more excursions than you 8 (4 per person) free with the O'life package, then you can still purchase a package to get the discount price for unlimited or sign up for the minimum number of excursions to get the 25% off. your 4 free excursions count within the minimum required for the 25% discount for your world.
  6. Yes, fairly regularly over at least the past 2 years.
  7. That works ok if the cruise you want is not booking out more than a year in advance as these 2 cruises were and are....
  8. On board Riviera June 2019 we booked a cruise for Sept. 2020. Last month I changed that booking to Sept. 2021, just moved the reduced deposit of $250PP over to the new cruise. Both 2020 cruise and 2021 cruise were 14 days so the O'life choices were the same for both cruises. Same general cruising area- eastern Med. but Oceania was not offering the Premium Economy upgrade for 2021 as they had for 2020 --- but we had our own air booking that I'm still waiting on a flight change process- BA is currently only working their easy flight change program through July 31, 2020.
  9. follow the instructions provided in post No 3 and you will be able to see what the price Oceania puts on airfare for any cruise listed.
  10. No calculation required if you look at your invoice, page 2, the dates are spelled out for you.
  11. Yes, if you cancel prior to your final payment date as stated on your invoice. Or if you booked while on board a prior cruise you can move your down payment to another cruise- some time limits may apply- and may be limited to one change for that.booking.
  12. Your TA must be paying the admin fee?? Your April 1 date is at least within the $250 admin charge bracket. Check your invoice from Oceania, Page 2, gives the "Guest Cancellation Schedule" for your class of stateroom. Your exact dates for each time frame and charges are given. Mine for a veranda schedule is: 121 days or more prior to departure - charges are 0% of full fare. 120-91 days prior to departure- charges are $250 per person. 90 -76 days prior to departure- charges are 25% of full fair. ETC.
  13. copied from my initial invoice for a Sept 2020, Rome to Athens sailing. I have until 22 May for full refund of the downpayment, 23 May to 21 June, $250 PP admin, etc. and yes, I am watching the situation very closely especially since I made my own air arrangements. And yes, the 48 hour cancelation for a FFC applies after the FP is made, but I believe the reduction of credit after FP of 25% increments each 15 days up until no credit at the 30 day prior to cruise still applies as well.
  14. If cancel now, should get the deposit back through the credit card on file, less the $250 admin cost. This is based on Oceania contract agreements- no admin cost, all money back up to 121 days until sailing day, 120 to 91 days within sailing a $250 admin charge. Check the original invoiced for the full cancelation schedule. Should get any amounts paid for Oceania excursions as a credit to your card.
  15. Paul and Lyn, I believe last Fall there was an offer of all 3 Olife benefits on a couple of the South American itineraries and a couple of Trans Atlantic Itineraries. I can't remember if it was via email or US mailer, but did receive the offer. Thought it was very unusual, but it was real. Discussed the possibility of taking advantage of the offer with my wife, but the timing did not work out. Usually Olife benefits do not transfer- the terms listed for the new cruise apply. Herb
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