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  1. I’m not surprised - we have the Sky booked for Feb 2021 but don’t think it will happen, which is why I said possibly maybe hopefully kinda a little optimistic about Feb 2022! 🤪....
  2. I thinks it’s a bit naive to think this will magically be gone Jan. 1 - the whole winter to me is a long shot. I’m thinking it’s going to be a vaccine and/or effective medical therapies that will give cruisers the confidence to sail, not a date. I’m (very) cautiously optimistic about Feb 2022 as a safe bet to book. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. Ken I’m thiiiiiiis close to pulling the plug on this sailing. Yes it would be nice to get double deposits returned - but by the time that happens it may be slim pickings to book Feb of 2022. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. Yes, you can - just be aware and watchful of changes in airline schedules especially if booked far in advance. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. Well said. Hardly sounds relaxing does it!? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. I think you’re referring to a FC DEPOSIT that you purchased onboard a cruise. Not a FC CREDIT. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. Interesting...... Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. Test Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. That is correct - no library which is a shame to me as an avid reader. In the Internet cafe there is a table in the back with a daily sudoku puzzle, a few books to exchange and some board games. as an aside - I don’t recall if this is true of the other ships, but on the Sky, Vines has a long disciples table that was usually occupied by folks playing card games.
  10. Yes, and I would make the case that the already “iffy” containers needing to be handled and opened by guests makes it even more of a red flag in the sanitation department. I will bring my own sugar packets on our next cruise!
  11. Yes, that’s our pattern too - though we sometimes eat breakfast in the MDR. The salads for lunch are still tasty but if like you mentioned you want a little bit of this and a little bit of that etc it’s a challenge or requires multiple trips.
  12. Oddly the signage says 1’ and 6 or 9” (can’t recall) at the “shallow” end but is the same depth all the way across - if the sign is correct that’s 3’3”
  13. Hi Jenny - hope you are well! Still doing Hawaii at Christmas? We really liked many things about the Sky but overall I would say the Regal is my favorite ship. 😊
  14. I agree with you 100% - unfortunately my husband didn’t want to potentially create a “deck fight” lol. I kept saying hogging the chairs was more rude than moving the articles....
  15. Hi Kay! Good to hear from you - hope all is well. You should definitely give the Sky a chance - we are actually booked next Feb. 28 on a 10 day S. CARIBBEAN with Ken and Darlene. I sure hope our cruising paths cross at some point!
  16. Sorry, my play on Captain Tuvo’s signature “bye bye” didn’t translate well. There was no announcement about the pub lunch - just a conspicuous lack of it - we have friends who looked for it daily. We have always arrived early for shows - but never a full hour ahead in order to get decent seats for 2 people to sit together. As I mentioned my guess is that these are newer shows so the demand is higher. A passenger I spoke with said the theatre was smaller than the prior royal class of ships - I can’t speak to that.
  17. It kind of grew on us - we both like jazz which helps, and enjoyed watching some of the couples dancing. It seemed to gain more folks each night AND it was a great place to monitor how full the theatre was:)
  18. Hi all, We recently sailed on the Sky Princess (2/8-15) and I wanted to share some of my personal thoughts on the ship and overall experience. This was our 12th Princess cruise, and 17th overall. Most of our days on Princess have been on her sister ships the Regal and Royal. This was also our first Medallion cruise. All said, we had an enjoyable time and are still Princess enthusiasts. We did purchase a few FCD's which speaks for itself. The ship is obviously new and as others have reported, beautiful with the mix of warm tones and the pop of blue seen in many rev
  19. Some really good ideas on here. I also would be a fan of free laundry tokens for Elite, bringing back BOGO Happy Hour, and a big fan of letting us prebook Sanctuary, spa services or specialty dining with OBC. Not sure if anyone has already put this on the collective “wish list” but I would like them to bring back pre-cruise emails with info about your cruise (entertainment etc). And since this is a wish list - my personal favorite would be to have a way to set up your mini bar before you set foot inside your cabin! To me switching it out is a hassle. Seems
  20. Thanks everyone for the replies and info. This cruise (on the Royal) should have the OM up and running. Hopefully that will help with the switching of the mini bar. Going to go with coffee cards - my issue is that DH usually makes a beeline to the IC for a cup the minute we board. It would irritate me to have to pay for individual cups if the switch isn’t made pronto. I do realize that room service prepares the setups in advance, but I do think it’s a great idea to be able to set up the simpler switches (bottle of wine, coffee card) in advance through the personalized or upon check in an
  21. Thanks for the replies....I do recall having to be pretty aggressive about getting it switched for anything! Somethings haven’t changed. ☹️
  22. I usually switch out my minibar for a bottle of wine, but thinking of trying something different for our cruise in October. Can someone refresh my memory as to what my options are and confirm you can still get a coffee card? If this info is on the Princess site I’m missing it. And I know there have been many changes happening. Thanks!!
  23. Interesting, I don’t recall seeing it on our travel summary but we did get it. Maybe I printed it off too early. Thanks for the reply and have a great time!
  24. Hello, resurrecting this thread to see if anyone can tell me what the current status of the loyalty credit is? We got our first one last November and hoping to see it this October, but figured I’d see if it’s still standing amidst cutbacks. Thanks!
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