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  1. So THAT is why I can never find it!!! Thanks!
  2. Where do you find the prices for the refundable deposits??? Barb
  3. YEAH!!!!! I know Texans could fill either one!! Thanks for the quick response!! Barb
  4. What ship will be in Galveston? We were told on a past cruise that there might be an Oasis class...... Barb
  5. Can you still use your D+ balcony discount if you are prime?
  6. And you can subtract your balcony discount from the total??? Barb
  7. Where is the list for the cruises? Is there a place online or do I need to call? I just found out I am prime, and want to book something in February (for my birthday). Thanks Barb
  8. Question....so the first dates are July 2016 through Dec. 2017. I made prime during that time period, but didn't know about it until this week......So I get the free interior THIS year (2018)? Or will I be able to get it next year prior to March 31st? Sorry....I just can't quite get this all figured out yet. Barb
  9. Thank you all for your information. Walking will be a priority on the next cruise. I am developing a list of songs on my iPod...…… Barb
  10. What about Mitch Merucci? Anyone have opinions about him? Barb
  11. Can anyone tell me how many times I need to walk around the track in order to walk a mile? I've just lost 20 pounds and I plan to keep it off!!! Thanks! Barb
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