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  1. The Emerald was almost ready on our Tahiti cruise this February (Fast Internet, New TV monitors and the Cruise Card unlocked the door by Tapping on the Medallion pad) so there is very little they need to do to turn the system on.
  2. It's actually more like a failsafe drain in case the one around the shower footprint gets clogged with hair. Hint: The shower drain can get clogged, happened to us in February on the Emerald Tahiti cruise.
  3. I don't have an answer to your second question but on the first I would be very skeptical that French Polynesia and Samoa will be ready by next March (definitely not this November). My DW and I were on the Emerald 28 Day this February and were lucky enough to make FP but not Samoa. Very shortly after FP was shut down as a protection measure since people in the South Pacific are very susceptible to diseases. My guess is that is will take a widely distributed effective vaccine before reopening. The only thing that might change this would be some type of ship wide negative COVID tests before arrival in Samoa and then again before FP but even one Positive would result in denying entry which sounds too risky to me. Sad because this is our very favorite cruise (6 times so far)
  4. I know there is a Virtual Regal TA thread https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2746501-live-virtual-transatlantic-on-the-regal/ right now but looking at Bridge Cams and AIS Vessel tracking she is actually on the way now currently ENE of Bermuda! Additionally, Crown is a St Maarten now and Island is also bound there. Anyone on this all knowing board have any details?
  5. I just noticed on the Princess web cams and MarineTraffic AIS that Sapphire and Majestic are also destined for the Philippines, interestingly the Sapphire shows destination Manila vice Subic Bay. They are close together above Brunei so they should get there long before Royal and the Carnival and HAL ships.
  6. Looks like Royal Princess is taking crew members back to the Philippines. It docked in San Pedro today and looking at the AIS Marine Traffic site it looks like Star, Grand and the Eurodam all looped thru the Harbor and transferred crew members. Does anyone have more details or news?
  7. Which is why I didn't post pictures!
  8. Search the internet for Princess Handicap Staterooms and you will find several pictures/videos. We are currently in a Handicap Balcony on the Emerald which is 50% larger than a regular balcony with tons of room to move around everything. (We are not mobility impaired just assigned as our Reserved Balcony).
  9. Per Princess website Island Princess is a MedallionNet ship which means it has the fast internet but not all the other Medallion features.
  10. Royal Princess should also be in San Pedro on Feb 1st so it may be an interesting day!
  11. My exact thought! If you check Jeanne's blog you will find several entries where G has done this event, mostly successfully😁
  12. 6219 in the Emerald Princess since at least Nov 2017.
  13. Here is a picture of the Terrace Pool on the Emerald. Two steps up and then three or four down.
  14. Do you like Morning or Afternoon sun on your sea days (there are a lot of them)? From LA to Hawaii (4 sea days) the sun slowly moves from Port to Starboard (basically it rises behind the ship and sets in front). From Hawaii to Samoa to Tahiti (6 sea days) it rises on the Port side and sets on the Starboard. From Tahiti to LA (8 sea days) the sun rises on the Starboard side and sets on the Port side. We like afternoon sun because of sunsets but if you like to rest in the afternoon after a hard morning cruising then you might want the opposite or as stated in a previous post make sure you get a covered balcony. This is based on 5 previous cruises. In reality you can't go wrong with either side.
  15. Since PescadoAmarillo is to modest to toot her own horn, I suggest that all you lucky cruisers worrying about communicating go over to her Blog ( Yellow Fish cruises ) especially on the two seasons of cruising the South Pacific for all her knowledge and hints about Cellphone/Data Services and where to try and find WiFi services (some consumption of Hinano Beers may be required 😋). As an aside to Jeanne, I wonder how many of your Blog readers are somewhat disappointed that you aren't going to be able to keep us in suspense until the last moment for where you are going to be cruising in 2020 😉 no matter we all really love reading it everyday you cruise! Best of luck and smooth seas to everyone on these Itineraries.
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