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  1. 6219 in the Emerald Princess since at least Nov 2017.
  2. Here is a picture of the Terrace Pool on the Emerald. Two steps up and then three or four down.
  3. Do you like Morning or Afternoon sun on your sea days (there are a lot of them)? From LA to Hawaii (4 sea days) the sun slowly moves from Port to Starboard (basically it rises behind the ship and sets in front). From Hawaii to Samoa to Tahiti (6 sea days) it rises on the Port side and sets on the Starboard. From Tahiti to LA (8 sea days) the sun rises on the Starboard side and sets on the Port side. We like afternoon sun because of sunsets but if you like to rest in the afternoon after a hard morning cruising then you might want the opposite or as stated in a previous post make sure you get a covered balcony. This is based on 5 previous cruises. In reality you can't go wrong with either side.
  4. Since PescadoAmarillo is to modest to toot her own horn, I suggest that all you lucky cruisers worrying about communicating go over to her Blog ( Yellow Fish cruises ) especially on the two seasons of cruising the South Pacific for all her knowledge and hints about Cellphone/Data Services and where to try and find WiFi services (some consumption of Hinano Beers may be required πŸ˜‹). As an aside to Jeanne, I wonder how many of your Blog readers are somewhat disappointed that you aren't going to be able to keep us in suspense until the last moment for where you are going to be cruising in 2020 πŸ˜‰ no matter we all really love reading it everyday you cruise! Best of luck and smooth seas to everyone on these Itineraries.
  5. No need to Google. Go to Pescado Amarillo's Blog https://pescadoamarillo.blogspot.com/ (Main Page) and click on the Eleuthera links or Princes Cays links on the right hand side. There are a ton of pictures and even a video of the area between Princess Cays and Lighthouse Beach.
  6. One more try, all the pools on the 7 Princess ships that we have ever sailed on have Heated Pools! You only need to feel the temperature of the water coming from the supply holes to feel the heat. On the Emerald Hawaii cruise last month the pool temperatures were around 78-80 degrees somewhat brisk but not cold. We spent hours at a time in the pools without any problems.
  7. On the Princess Grand Glass ships the Neptune and Calypso pools are the same size. I believe you are thinking about the Island and Coral Lotus Pools which are indeed very small. Also, to the best of my knowledge all Princess Pools are Heated (although there seems to be no rhyme nor reason as to what temperature), this is based on sailing on the Island, Sapphire, Golden, Ruby, Crown and Emerald Princess ships.
  8. I don't know the exact dimensions but at least 40' long minimum. Attached is a picture from the outside pool which includes the MUTS (Movies Under The Stars). The covered pool is exactly the same.
  9. We've done Kauai 11 times on Princess and never gone along the Napali coastπŸ˜₯. I may have read on CC that if Kauai is missed due to weather/wind that the Captain may cruise along the coast as a scenic Sea Day. As to the Port/Starboard question we like Port side when leaving Hilo as you get to see the Big Island for several hours (assuming it is not the last port). If the ship will be in Honolulu on a Friday then you may get to see the Waikiki fireworks from your cabin. Unfortunately i don't think there is anyway to know which way the ship will dock (bow or stern to). One downside in Honolulu is that if you wind up facing away from Waikiki you will get to breathe in the fumes from the fuel barge until late afternoon.
  10. Actually the next cruise is Mar 30th this year on the Star.
  11. There is only one docking location in Kauai at the Nawiliwili port just below Lihue. There are numerous Rental Car companies with free shuttles from the port to their locations (I believe most of them are at the Lihue Apt about a 10-15 minute drive away). There is a small shopping center about a 5 minute walk from the port that rents some cute specialty vehicles and maybe some regular cars that we saw about 10 days ago on our Emerald Princess cruise. Just be sure to leave enough time in your plans to get the car back to the rental location with enough time to get back to the port (I would recommend at least 1 hr if you return it to the airport).
  12. Just off the Emerald last week our Chair was there but the 3-legged stool was gone and not missed (we always put it in the closet).
  13. Current price on the Emerald last week was $5.50 per Mocktail plus 15% gratuity charge. Our favorite is the Sunshine Daiquiri that is made with Mango juice, Strawberry syrup and our preference just a dash of Lemon/Lime mix then "well blended" with ice.
  14. Just off yesterday, the first two sea days it was very slow but useable, the last two going and first two leaving it was almost completely unusable, the last two going to Ensenada was back to slow but useable. As always this is subject to change. They had unlimited Internet for about $10/day that would have been a waste. Fortunately our Free Minutes more than lasted us especially since it appeared that they were somehow using a "slow clock" so that when we were on for 15 minutes they only deducted around 5.
  15. Here are a few pictures from Emerald Princess Deck 16 Aft on our way to Hawaii.
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