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  1. They hand out party favors, hats, and noisemakers at dinner in all venues. We have always eaten at a specialty restaurant for New Years Eve, so cannot comment on special dinner in GDR. At aprox 11 or so, they bring out the small band on deck, and you can dance and “party” (kinda low key) until midnight. They hand out complimentary champagne (at least they did last year), at midnight, and slowly wind down. I think most went to bed fairly soon after midnight. Not a wild party scene, just nice. Some said the next day, that there were snack items around the pool also (we didn’t see them, but weren’t looking either).
  2. To compare perks, prices, itineraries, suites and lines, you should get a good TA. Any good TA will build you a simple spreadsheet with info.
  3. see the T&C’s: DAYS PRIOR TO CRUISE SAIL DATE - CANCELLATION AMOUNT 91-120 Days Prior - $250 per person administrative fee++ 76-90 Days Prior - 25% of Fare 61-75 Days Prior - 50% of Fare 31-60 Days Prior - 75% of Fare 0-30 Days Prior - 100% of Fare Cruises of more than 15 days except 180-Day Voyages: DAYS PRIOR TO CRUISE SAIL DATE - CANCELLATION AMOUNT 151-180 Days Prior - $250 per person administrative fee++ 121-150 Days Prior - 25% of Fare 91-120 Days Prior - 50% of Fare 61-90 Days Prior - 75% of Fare 0-60 Days Prior - 100% of Fare 180-Day Voyages DAYS PRIOR TO CRUISE SAIL DATE - CANCELLATION AMOUNT Deposit-181 Days Prior - $500 per person 151-180 Days Prior - 25% of Fare 121-150 Days Prior - 50% of Fare 91-120 Days Prior - 75% of Fare 0-90 Days Prior - 100% of Fare For Owner's, Vista and Oceania Suites, the cancellation amounts are as listed above with two exceptions: For cruises of less than 15 days, the administrative fee from 91 to 120 days prior to sailing is 10% of the Fare; and for cruises 15 days or longer, the administrative fee from 151 to 180 days prior to sailing is 10% of the Fare. ++The Administrative Fee may be converted to a Future Cruise Credit redeemable on bookings made up to 12 months after cancellation date and for travel within 2 years of date of issue.
  4. I think your spellcheck is correcting your typing! It’s Regent. As in Regent Seven Seas.
  5. Our TA (luxury TA), keeps a watch for us, we tell her times of the year we want to cruise, she gives us options of itinerary, lines and suites, (as well as the rebates, and OBC). I think it’s certain itineraries (September in Alaska, or May in Alaska, different times in Orient, or Europe, etc). So,deals can be found, but you need to have either a sharp eye for comparison, a bit more leeway on times and places, or a great TA to help. For us, it’s no longer the itinerary, its the experience of getting out and enjoying life while we are able to.
  6. +1 . Actually Regent and Crystal have been offering great deals, which make them the same price as Oceania. That’s how we first switched to luxury, and they IMHO, provide an upscale total pkg.
  7. There is a reason Luxury cruises cost more. The adage is, “you get what you pay for” comes to mind. There are classes of cruiselines, ie., mass market (NCL, RCCL, CARN...etc), premium (Celebrity, Hal), premium plus (or luxury lite ..Azamara, Viking Ocean, Oceania), and luxury classes..(Regent, Crystal, Seabourn, Silversea, etc). It makes sense that when you are on a luxury line, your meals are also better than the Mass Mkt lines. As the majority of the posters on CC are mass mkt cruisers, OP probably needs to clarify. This is high subjective. For us, we progressed from mass mkt, to premium, to premium plus, and now lux, and find that Seabourn to us has the best food for a non charter cruise, but YMMV.
  8. we never wanted to say “ I wish I ..Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda..” we lived for our vacations, and went everywhere and did our safari’s, glaciers, exploring and traveling the world early in life. So glad we did, as life is so unpredictable, you never know when or if a situation should occur that renders you limited to travel, no matter what the age. It sure made us realize how lucky we were! So instead of wallowing about what we can’t do, we celebrate in what we did do!
  9. Try looking at exploration cruises. They are for the adventurous, and we found them to be exciting! You can get up close and personal (ie, Galapagos, Antarctica, etc). We used to take this type of cruise (uncruise), years ago when we were bored! There is a CC forum you might find more information on: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/55-eco-amp-expedition-cruising/
  10. I am heartbroken, and told our good friend who is GF, and will be on the Marina again next month. She has always filled out the forms the night before (what is available), and turned them in and received exactly what she checked off. I told her your experience with not having your selections available, and she was devastated, and may end up bringing things so she can eat snacks etc. Last cruise we were on, (last Fall), the Chef brought out not only the cookies and pastries she selected, but also other options for the table to try.
  11. I thought we were the only ones that found her to be a bit over zealous. We had her on one cruise last year and actually did comment at the end of the cruise review, that we found her annoyingly verbose, like an infomercial. It tended to jolt you out of a peaceful mood, into a bolt upright shock! Sad to say it Just seems more and more, O moving towards the mass mkt hawking of products and services onboard. Sad.
  12. Regent is also the same. Big conversation on the Regent board last week about it. Don’t like it, say it in your end of cruise review!
  13. Yes, on Oceania, depending on the itinerary (Caribbean more relaxed), attire goes from the bare minimum suggested, to suits/ties and dressy dresses. Some also depends on time of year (Holidays more dressy). Unfortunately some regulars on the Oceania board like bare minimum and advertise it very vocally. We migrated to other lines eventually as the food and clientele just went downward in our opinion. Pss, we like Sailor!!
  14. Actually people still wear gowns and suits on cruises. High end luxury cruises still have formal optional, where aprox 60% + dress. Seabourn, Silversea and others. We renewed our vows last year, and I wore: (see pic). Folks dress how they feel comfortable, I think we needn’t be so judgey how others choose to dress on their vacation. Women bullying other women is so wrong. If you enjoy dressing, go for it. No one should feel bullied because of one poster and their unfiltered opinion.
  15. Hi Rick, we would love to help you, but need information first. 1) which cruise line? 2) Which Ports? 3) what type of accessible, wheelchair, scooter, etc? 4) Do you want private tours, or cruiseline tours, and if private, how much is your budget? 5). What type of tours, ie, bus runs, or whale watching, etc? most cruise lines have accessible tours listed, and you can also call their special needs number to find out which ones for your cruise are appropriate. .
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