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  1. I agree with Lyn, have their TA (hopefully they are high volume) discuss with Oceania. I understand your frustration, and this subject has been raised before on CC but those of us on CC can’t do much more than sympathize. It’s a different time out there, and their TA should be fighting for them. Good luck.
  2. And, searching, I find that on page 880 -883 of the service dog thread, your concerns were answered very specifically. Still the same as last November, and the process is still the same. I would go back and reread the suggestions made last November for what you need to do.
  3. There is no certification. Just a thought, I googled “training your own service dog”, and came up with 15-20 good articles on it. Instead of going to a cruise related forum to see how to train your dog, I would go to a local trainer, or google the ins and outs of training your own dog. Less stress and more rewarding.
  4. Do you mean you are looking for the rollcall on CC? Here it is: https://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcalls/marina-january-28-2021/
  5. You are booked on what Oceania calls a “Grand Voyage”. Other cruise lines call it a back to back. Your deposit is not based on the cost of your cabin or suite, see below... Per the Oceania Terms and Conditions: Deposit & Payment Policy The per person, per cruise deposit required to secure your reservation is 20% of the applicable cruise fare for Owner's, Vista and Oceania Suites and $750 for all other suite/stateroom categories; for Grand Voyages the per person deposit is $1,500. Bookings made more than 120 days from sailing are required to deposit 20% of the applicable
  6. I stand corrected. Yours has no mention of payment in full. Hmmmmm. I do agree that you should discuss this thoroughly with your TA, and have them pushback to Oceania. Even my Regent cancelation notice (just checked it also, different month scheduled), says paid in full. Dispute with CC company.
  7. I am a bit confused? Please copy/paste the wording from your email note from your TA. We also received email information from our TA with the following: NOTE KEYWORDs are “Paid in full” For our upcoming cruise: (we canceled): From our Oceania email: NO-PENALTY CANCELLATIONS Once paid in full, cancel for any reason up to 48 hours prior to departure and receive a Future Cruise Credit equal to 100% of the cruise fare paid. Valid for all existing reservations for scheduled voyages departing through September 30, 2020. Update – Now valid for all new reservati
  8. I was just reading the same thing! OMG! How sad for those folks, but hey at least they have good food and beverage (per the article)!
  9. I googled Carnival Liberty Door Width, and found this: https://www.carnival.com/about-carnival/special-needs/wheelchair-users.aspx you will need a handicapped cabin for that scooter it looks like. It’s too wide for the 21” maximum.
  10. You do understand that there are fewer than half a dozen children on most cruises on Oceania, right? Take a look at Other Premium plus and Luxury lines for what Oceania’s competition really is. It is not the mass mkt lines! I would imagine Oceania knows their target market pretty good.
  11. I know you’ve thought of this, but here’s my take...We’ve had everything from a Camry to a Prius, and everything small in between pick us up ordering an Uber X. Do you have any friends with a Prius? Try the wheelchair in it, see if it fits, try a Ford Escape, or another small car..not sure anyone can tell you exactly yes or no, as there are 15 or so styles of cars that are acceptable for Uber X rides (per search on Uber X in google). Dodge Charger Toyota Prius Dodge Charger Toyota Prius
  12. As I am very familiar with Paws With a Cause, and volunteer for Southeastern Guide Dogs, I can assure you, he didn’t pay $25k for the dog. I am sure he meant $25, for the fee. There is no charge for dogs through either of these charities. If he used an online funding, I feel for the folks that donated, as they were duped. Also, dogs are trained for inside and outside, so I believe he received a fake dog from another vendor.
  13. The last time we were on Riviera (Christmas 2018), all loungers around pool were “Saved” via purse, blanket, books, hats, etc by 9 AM. Table overflowing with stuff by 11 AM, people having pissing contests and one yelling fight with a bit of puffing up their chests. We got up and left. Good thing for larger balconies in our case. We never went back to deck during sea days.
  14. Ya’ll do realize that this poster is mentioning site medrxiv which is NOT peer reviewed and as such is a breeding ground for “unsubstantiated” claims. This is not a credible source in the US In the AMA’s eyes, and does in fact cause the mob effect for fear mongering. Pls, all, make your own decisions on fact, your physicians recommendations, based on your situation, not some anonymous poster on an open forum.
  15. You may wish to create a new thread concerning your POC and questions you have concerning the batteries and Princess (I feel it is probably across the board, as all cruise lines approve and allow POC’s and batteries for them onboard), and place it on the disability board listed here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/114-disabled-cruise-travel/ as this is an unrelated topic to this 2016 thread, and it would get more visibility and answers.
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