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  1. The app worked well with our Android phones but not too well with the ipad. Its not perfect and does need some reworking but we could see excursions (our bookings showed which was unfortunate as one was as a surprise ). Our biggest gripe was that it showed the wrong time and location for events. Its a start but perhaps Celebrity will heed the comments from customers?
  2. Took about 30 mins -we stroll and do look about. I like heat so was not a problem but where possible choose the shady side of street Connie is fine, staff are friendly, drinks plentiful, food never ending. We find that 4-6 hour tours are usually long enough. If I have one adverse comment on the tour from Cantania its that the guide at front of bus kept talking! A Latin thing maybe?
  3. To make it perfect....send some to get the the goodies....have a plate of pastries from Al bacio in the fridge.
  4. Curious isn't it? We were always approached by drinks waiters when in Connies buffet - but they did sometimes take a while to return the cards. Perhaps they need handheld devices so they can swipe them?
  5. Celebrity are offering Premium Water package Drinks Packages. However as our drinks package was included in the price of the cruise we just obtained bottles at the bars - fridge was full.
  6. We recently returned from a Celebrity cruise out of Venice. We did not have to sign any document for my two 20 year old to get a drink (neither did we when they were 18 or 19 and sailing from the UK). As the 20year olds did not have a drinks package (didn't want one) then 20% was added to the drink cost.
  7. I assume that the drinking water on a ship is of a better quality than available at some of the stops and so quite acceptable. I too have seen people fill at the water stations. If you have a drinks package just ask for a bottle of water when you pass or use a bar - soon have a fridge full.
  8. Perhaps the mini bar should only be stocked when its requested....seems a lot of people ,on arrival,ask for it to be emptied. We often find the contents in a bag and under the bed.
  9. VALLETTA Malta: It has been a long time since I last visited Malta and did look forward to the stop. We booked a 3 cities tour that included a harbour boat trip. We enjoyed it but did become aware that not all realised that the 3 cities all roll into one and as far as streets go they all seem similar. The boat trip was good especially as it was extremely hot, we covered all parts of the harbour. We visited St John’s Co-Cathedral, the church of for the Knights of St. John and admired not only the architecture but also paintings by Caravaggio. Each chapter of the Knights has its own chapel and the audio guide will explain about them. Tonight, show was a magician/illusionist Matthew McGurk -we had seen the show on a previous cruise and it is well done. Great timing. MDR again but I do not remember what I had other than it was good. CATANIA, Sicily - Alejandro (Cruise Director) indicated that at Catania if you do not have an excursion you would get off the ship and then quickly back on again – not the prettiest place I must admit. We took an all-day excursion – first stop the smoking Mt Etna. Much broom was in flower which added to interest to the journey with the contrast between the black/grey lava rock and the vegetation. From Mt Etna we descended to Taormina – one of Sicily’s’ tourist towns and it was quite an attractive place -had a good lunch on the main street and still had time to stroll around. When it was dark the ship passed Stromboli island and the volcano was active , the island was some distance away but we had binoculars and the explosions, lava bombs and lava flow could be seen. From the Oohs and Ahhs of other passengers they enjoyed the performance as did we. NAPLES -We have been in Naples before and so have visited Pompei etc. This visit we used the HoHo bus. There are two routes – Red and Blue but the ticket covers both. Blue route takes you along the coast and back while the red route goes through the town. Both are interesting and its worth sitting upstairs in the front to watch the local driving! We visited a local market but could not get served -perhaps we should have taken a lead from the locals -a livelier approach may have helped ? Vesuvius is visible from Naples and so we saw 3 volcanos with different levels of activity on this cruise. CIVITAVECCHIA : The end of the cruise and disembarkation was a painless. A taxi was waiting to take us to Rome Airport and the flight home. The ship, The food. Constellation is a 17-year-old ship that has had a refurbishment and is due another in 2020, however the ship is well kept although if you looked for it (as with many cruise ships) you could see a little wear and tear. As usual cleaning and other maintenance (e.g. painting) is an on-going everyday task. Staterooms/Cabins seem to be a bit smaller and some of the facilities may not be to the same as expected on S class but they are still good. We used Tuscan and the MDR and were pleased with the quality of food and service despite the MDR being busy at times. The buffet is also of an acceptable standard and has an all-day pizza station and a pasta station. The buffet served fish and chips – a little bit of fish and much batter and the chips were far to crispy - it seems to us that the cooks need to spend a bit of time at a British Chip shop. There is always food available. Breakfast was taken in the Ocean View buffet and there was plenty of choice. (no hash browns but ‘roast potatoes tho!). At one station, if you wanted, a cook produced eggs benedict. I am not a fan of dressing up and prefer Evening Chic that seemed little different from any other night -only saw 2 guys in tux and one matronly lady in full evening attire (long dress, jewellery, stole. We saw jeans, tees but no baseball caps or shorts in the MDR. The attire people wear seems to make no difference to the quality of food or the pleasant time. Entertainment – Plenty of music on board. But we felt the shows lacked sparkle – I have wondered where people from talent shows go and perhaps now I know! The Cruise Director Alejandro was fun and approachable. At the back of the ship, on the deck 12 Terrace, is a big screen and we did watch a couple of films there – shade is at a premium here and not everyone likes to sit in sun. We suffered none of the attempts to upgrade drinks package (we had classic) or any other deal and ignored art auctions and other sales pitches Overall the staff seemed happy and relaxed and friendly and had time for a smile even when busy. The other passengers were a mix of all age groups and nationalities. I did see a few fail to sanitise their hands on entry to the restaurants (at times a member of staff gets you) and one gentleman who seemed to think it OK to cough onto the glass that is over the buffet other than that all seemed OK. In the region there are for us more interesting ports of call than some of those early in the cruise and I do think that Koper, Zadar Rijeka and Catania encourage the booking of excursions. We nearly caught the local bus to Šibenik when at Zadar -its quite cheap a 1.5-hour journey and there are plenty of buses and it’s a pretty little town. The Celebrity App. A useful tool but we did find that it was at times inaccurate especially when it came to activities when the wrong location was specified. Would we cruise on Constellation again – a definite yes from us.
  10. DUBROVNIK - A return visit. The cruise will charge you about $12 for a round trip on a shuttle. As there were 4 of us, we took a taxi -I think it was 15€ and much quicker. The local bus is even cheaper and is less than 2€ / person. When we passed through the Pile gate, we went to the tourist office and as Dubrovnik was used as Kings Landing booked a GOT walking tour that was enjoyable and hosted by a knowledgeable and pleasant guide, who took us to scenes and showed pictures of how it looked in the programme after CGI, perhaps it’s a must for those who followed GOT? After that we walked the walls and visited the town. Tonight’s show was Duo Touch of Shine – the usual acrobatic and aerial act, it was OK. KOTOR: A return visit. Tenders were used to get from boat to town and we alighted near the old town walls. We spent a few hours roaming the narrow streets of this town of the middle ages. We were amused by some street theatre where a youth group played tennis with imaginary rackets and balls. Tonight the production team were presenting a show(Soundtrack) in the theatre – we saw a little and then skipped it. At Sea – whiled away the hours –although it was glorious weather I did think that an afternoon show in the theatre could have been presented. but perhaps Celebrity knows best.
  11. On the day of the cruise embarkation onto Celebrity Constellation was easy and stress free. We opted to go to the Aqua Spa café for a light lunch and having boarded after 12 noon had only a little time to wait until the stateroom/cabin was ready at 13:30. The stateroom/cabin was not quite as good as that available on an S class ship but still adequate, clean and in good condition. The sliding door to the veranda/balcony was heavy but did not present a problem – I think I preferred it so. Sail away from Venice was, as always, a pleasant experience (especially from the bar at the stern). It was our wedding anniversary and so we enjoyed dinner in Tuscan. Ports of Call KOPER- We have been to Koper before and know how small it is so as a surprise to one of my daughters we had invested in an excursion to the Lipizzaner horses, and a very good experience it was. At the stud farm there was about 37 of the brown foals with their mares as well as adult stallions in the stables, the guide was informative. On return we spent an hour or so in Koper before returning to the ship. We attended the show in the theatre –‘Rock City’ staged by the production staff – did little for us and my daughters who usually enjoy the shows reserved judgement. ZADAR : Shuttle bus terminated at the Sea Organ and then we walked around for a while – a pleasant enough city – As it was Sunday there was a service in the main church and I was allowed in but ladies, although appropriately dressed (no shorts or bare shoulders), were denied entry, we have no idea why. We visited the small monastery cloister of St Francis Church and an old church building (St Donata?) and then returned to the Sea Organ and sat on the steps enjoying the sounds and watching the world go by. Tonight’s show was ‘The Other Guys’ a Frankie Valli tribute act and very enjoyable. Dinner was in the MDR - the steak was melt in your mouth. RIJEKA – We did our own thing, visiting a church and then walked up 550 steps towards the castle (not for the faint hearted!), however the castle has a restaurant and fine views over the city. Later we strolled around the town. Wathched a film at back of the boat and dinner in buffet as there was nothing that appealed to one of our party in the MDR.
  12. First part: There were 4 of us from the UK , me, my wife and two daughters (who chose the cruise) and me; we have visited some of the ports on previous occasions. We decided to spend a few pre-cruise days in Venice and had an early flight from London. We now tend to spend little time at the popular tourist areas. If the weather is too hot for you or you find the areas to busy try a waterbus to one of the islands and enjoy the journeys breeze as we did. We dined in the Accademia area – good prices and good food and plenty of locals/students would fill a square in the evenings
  13. Just off the Connie and our DD tried both the sofa bed and the pull down bed -preferred the bed that drops from the ceiling. It did leave room in front of the mirror/sliding balcony door. When the sofa bed was used we put the cabin chair onto the balcony and left it there
  14. Please delete this post
  15. Our guide on a recent Celebrity excursion informed us that tipping both guide and driver was traditional. I do like to break traditions!
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