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  1. Considering a cruise in July with a group to Bermuda. About half the folks going are not fans of the heat or beaches. What's the weather like in July? Hot and humid? Warm and breezy? Pleasant or unpleasant? Are there plenty of non-beach places to visit? Unfortunately we have to travel in July and are wanting to do a cruise from an East Coast port this year. Thanks!
  2. No it will be a RCI ship. But thank you!
  3. We are booking a Canda/New England cruise from Cape Liberty and can choose a balcony cabin on either the port or starboard side. Which side would afford better views of NYC and the Statue of Liberty?
  4. We are booking a Canda/New England cruise with stops at Bar Harbor (tendered), St John and Halifax, leaving from Cape Liberty. We can choose a cabin on either the port or starboard side - for this itinerary does it matter? Does one side give better views? How about sailing in and out from Cape Liberty, is there a preference to see NYC from either side? Thanks!
  5. Thank you. I am seeing availability mostly on Deck 9 for balcony cabins, but it seems there are no promenade interior rooms on this deck, is that correct?
  6. The July 20th sailing on Adventure of the Seas. Looking for 2 cabins with 2 persons connecting and 2 cabins for 1 person each all in a row. Putting all 4 of us (2 parents, 2 kids) in one balcony cabin mid-ship seems to not really be an option on the website. Only availability is way far aft and my kids have a tendency to get seasick, so we want mid-ship. Other option is 3 balconies in a row and an inside across the hall, but kids are on the young side to sleep alone so we would need to split up parents and kids, not ideal.
  7. We are looking at booking our first RCI cruise this summer and were hoping to get 4 balcony cabins in a row, with 2 connecting. When I look at the RCI website the most we can get is 3 in a row and no connecting. Does RCI put all their availability on their website? Or would I be better off calling and/or looking through a travel agent?
  8. So the people who are supposed to be on the next cruise and can't get to Galveston by Monday because of the hurricane are SOL then? Can't imagine too many hotels in Galveston are taking reservations right now. We were cruising on Disney during Hurricane Matthew last year and had travel insurance. I spent quite a bit of time of the phone with them. And bottom line is, the insurance won't necessarily cover the cost of the cruise if it isn't canceled. Perhaps trip interruption coverage will apply? Thankfully for us it didn't come into play because we were able to change our flights with no penalty since the airline waived its fees, but basically we didn't know when we were going to dock or if we would make our original flight, it would have been cutting it very close if everything went according to plan. The trip insurance company told me if the flight was not canceled (it wasn't) and if they decided that there was a "reasonable amount of time" (but wouldn't give me a number, 3 hours? 4 hours?) for us to make it after the ship docked they wouldn't cover the cost of changing the flights. It was very stressful and not what I was expecting, I thought the insurance was there for peace of mind but it was not. Thankfully Southwest let us change our flight without penalty, Alamo let us do the same with the car and Disney allowed guests to stay an extra night on the ship since no one was really sure what situation we were going to be getting into once we got off the boat. And no, Disney did not charge gratuities for those extra days on the ship. We tipped extra anyways, not the crew's fault. In the end all the trip ins ended up covering was two meals on our departure day (which if the hurricane hadn't happened we'd have paid for those ourselves) and a couple of extra days of airport parking. I would absolutely buy trip insurance again for a cruise, but it's not always going to solve every problem and even if we didn't have it, we would have been just fine.
  9. We sailed the dream at the beginning of the month, infamous Hurricane Matthew cruise, and your pictures made me so homesick!!! Hope to sail her again in 2018.
  10. Honestly a lot of it is going to depend on how much homework your children's teachers give. We have taken our kids out yearly since K and it really fluctuated wildly, some teachers are happy to give work ahead of time and others prefer to wait until the student returns. This year my 5th grade daughter had a fair amount to do and she still managed to bang most of it out in a hour one afternoon and the rest in bits and pieces when we were otherwise hanging around the cabin - before dinner or bed or before breakfast. Usually I try to get as much done as possible on the flight out, but we had a late flight this time so she mostly slept. 1st grader had no work.
  11. We rented a car, drove ourselves to Mendenhall and then to the whale watch dock for Juneau tours. Had a great whale watch and then back to the ship. We had a large party so it made more sense to do the car rental than the combo tour.
  12. Yes I will of course not force them. I am sad that the 6 year old is so against it, but I am also fine with her sitting out as I know she would ruin it for me completely if she did not enjoy it. She can sit out with DH who really has no interest either. I'm hoping to convince my 10 year old to do it though, she is on the fence - ok with feeding them, but not swimming with them. I think she would enjoy it if she could get past feeling scared. I do have the excursion booked and we sail in about 5 weeks. Just wondering how this experience went for others with kids.
  13. We're on the Dream in October and I had been looking forward to doing the stingray adventure with my kids - 6 & 10. I have fed and swam with stingrays years ago on Grand Cayman and it was amazing. I showed some youtube videos to my kids and they are very hesitant. My 6 year old is adamantly saying no. My 10 year old just wants to feed them, but not swim with them. I don't want to waste time and money on this if they are not interested. Hoping to convince the 10 year old it is worth it. Any tips, advice, or past experiences? If you did this with your kids did they enjoy it?
  14. We did whale watching and the Deadliest Catch tour and had zero issues with being sick. My kids get seasick very easily and were totally fine on this trip though they did take dramamine several times on the cruise ship itself.
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