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  1. I’ve cruised before, however, never with MSC. I am planning for a future cruise and have noticed their prices are much less than the other big cruise lines? The large ships appear to be very nice. Can someone tell me a little bit about MSC? Just concerned about being setup for disappointment. Lower cost would be great, but a stressful vacation isn’t worth it. Also, looking at cruising in July out of Florida, is it going to happen? Thanks
  2. Dear fellow cruise fans, Unfortunately we failed to book trip insurance for our cruise the end of March. While we are not concerned about cancelling the trip, we are concerned with having excellent medical coverage in case something happens. I’ve seen many options online and some look like fly by night scams. Can anyone provide a reputable company as well what parameters / coverages / limits, we should require. Thanks for your help.
  3. Bry, are you saying that with the standard unlimited beverage package you can get bottled water at the bars? Tku
  4. Thank you for the great input. We do have the 3 night dining package included but are considering eating at them one or two additional days. We want to make sure we use the package for the most expensive a la carte restaurants. Can anyone tell me what the fixed priced specialty restaurants cost without the dining package?
  5. Thank you for the input. I didn’t think it was possible, but wanted to check with those that might have found a way.
  6. There are three couples in our family going on the Getaway the end of March. Currently we have selected all three rooms together. We have all received individual upgrade offers and would be interested if we could confirm the rooms would stay together. We have balcony rooms and would be interested in the spa balcony or spa mini-suite. Is there anyway to process these requests together? Thanks for your help..
  7. We are sailing on the Getaway the end of March and would like to know what the cost of the various specialty dining restaurants without the meal package. I thought some were a la carte, and others had a surcharge. I cannot find any information anywhere. Also, we sailed on the Escape 3 or 4 years ago and the pub, O’Sheehan’s had a Prime Rib night. Does anyone know if they still have that? Thanks for your help.
  8. I am hoping someone can tell me if you are allowed to upgrade the specialty dining (Add 1 or 2 meals) and increase the WIFI to unlimited? If so, please provide the upgrade charge for each if you should know. Thanks for your help..
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