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  1. TURA LURA...are you go cruising this Sunday?..If so and you book that excursion I'll see you on the bus!😁
  2. I'm on this same cruise and used to live in FL so have "been there..done that" with just about everything Pt Canaveral and Orlando...You will have plenty to do onboard...and just enjoy the peace and quiet! I was going to stay on board also but just changed my mind and booked the excursion to the Orlando eye, wax museum and aquarium...About the only 3 things I haven't done..and sounds like a relaxing day also. Happy Packing!!😁
  3. Good to know thank you...happy to know about the discount..I'm gold status
  4. This almost seems like a silly question..but..does the gift shop on the Escape carry NCL branded merchandise..e.i..t-shirts..coffee mugs etc? It would seem silly if they did not, but I read on someone's post that they were disappointed that they didn't find any? And also do they have the last day sale on t-shirts that most ships do...I work in a nursing home and 4 or 5 of my 'favorite' residents love it when they get a new t-shirt from one of us after a trip...I would like to purchase them for them but can't spend a fortune..LOL Thanks in advance for the info..
  5. Leaving on the 27th...first cruise in 7 yrs...been 9yrs since I was on an NCL ship...(SO EXCITED) I've already been told that lobster is a thing of the past except for specialty restaurants...but what about ahi tuna or escargot appetizers? Really enjoyed those in the past...miss the niceties of old style cruising! I am traveling with a large group of friends but doubt we will be doing any specialty restaurants...so any advice on memorable dishes from the main dining rooms will be appreciated. Thanks MK
  6. First off..apologies if this topic has been beaten to death..but I can't seem to find info... Does Norwegian allow you to bring power strips on board.? .I've heard recently that some lines are confiscating them at boarding...won't bother with one if I can't use it. I'm cruising soon on the Escape and would love to hear from a recent cruiser about this..Thanks...
  7. I have all the usual trinkets..magnets..coffee mugs from various ships etc..but my favorite is a Waterford Crystal replica of a Princess ship that I got on a Princess Cruise to St Thomas back in the early 2000s.
  8. We used to be able to cash checks..break large bills etc at pursers desk/guest services...probably still the same.
  9. Lots of coffee mugs from the ships but my favorite is a Waterford crystal "Princess ship" that I purchased in St Thomas many years ago...
  10. Thanks for the great replies...really appreciate all the info..glad they have free coffee in the AM..was dreading having to stumble to a DR or buffet for it! My latitudes info is still in the system according to travel agent...will check with her down the road about perks...😁
  11. Okay here goes...I have cruised about 20 times but not since 2011...and not on NCL since about 2006..so I feel like a newbie after being gone for so long. After being back on these boards for a week I am finding out that so much has changed..I feel like a newbie...I really need someone to give me some tips as if you were talking to a new cruiser...or at least explain what all has changed in these past 7 yrs...esp re: room service..not free anymore I assume?..still 24hrs?...any 24 hr free food?...do they still supply beach towels at the pool?..Can you still go and work out without attending a class and being charged a fee? Do you need cash for casino gambling or is it all on sign and sail card now? I am cruising on the Escape to Bahamas in Oct. These ??? and any other tips and tricks will be appreciated! Thank you Also...I have been a CC member since 2004 but for some reason lost all info when I moved without old computer so had to start over..love this site for all the great info!
  12. Is it still allowed to bring my own bottled water onboard..I'm only talking about a 6 or 8 pk...but would like to have my favorite flavored water in the cabin. Haven't cruised in several years and know much has changed.
  13. Dawg..thanks for clarifying...again not complaining..just want to be prepared to budget for that...still a good deal no matter what..any cruise is a good cruise😁
  14. So Dawg...then it will @20% of $140...for a 7 day...just trying to plan ahead..Thanks for the reply
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