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  1. Yay! I caught a break, checked this morning and the price has gone down to $22 a day. Called and canceled the other one and repurchased at the new price! It pays to check often
  2. Oh man, I hope I catch a break on the refreshment package. I paid $28 a day
  3. We're gonna go this one sober 😉 We finally made diamond so will limit the drinking to the diamond lounge hours
  4. Thanks Bob...it's been a while and I had no idea. We used to take a case of water and 2 6pks soda. Appreciate your help
  5. In the last 5 or 6 years we have purchased the drink package which includes bottles of water. We are taking a 5 day next and we are not purchasing the package. Does Royal still let you bring on water? Soda? Thanks!!!
  6. I haven't yet figured out how to search this thread so I'm just going to ask. We will visit the WTC Memorial and museum and then want to do some other sight seeing. On our list is the New York City Fire Museum (our son is a firefighter) and then go to St. Patrick's Cathedral and Empire State Building. How do we get from the Fire Museum, which is close to the WTC museum, to the Empire State bldg then on to St. Patrick's Cathedral? Thanks in advance!
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