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  1. My email had the refund option right at the bottom in the fine print. Check your email again to see if it is there? I am currently communicating with them over the 25% penalty they claim they are entitled to even though this cancellation is unilateral. It is all rather frustrating at this time.
  2. Sorry - I wasn’t clear. We didn’t cancel the booking; we moved it wholesale to the 2021 cruise. In any case, apparently they are not returning the 25% whether in cash or in FCC - my TA says the current paperwork position is that the 25% is forfeited...! I guess one can only say stay tuned?
  3. Yes I checked - we cancelled on 17/18 April so just half a week before you did. Our cruise was scheduled to leave from Venice on 7 June and Italy at that time (and also Venice) was bearing the brunt of the European wave. Our government had closed borders, half our flights to and fro had been cancelled so we didn’t really have a choice one way or other. Anyhow, our TA in the US has written in so will update when we hear anything.
  4. No - it was not the case of a FCC. Crystal had been silent on the June 2020 cruises and we were entering the 50% cancellation penalty period. Our TA contacted them as it was uncertain if we could even fly out. They transferred the booking wholesale to the April 2021 cruise (refunded us the difference in cost between the two cruises) but said the penalty of 25% would apply if we were to cancel as we were within that window when we moved the cruise. Hope this clarifies.
  5. thanks. You will not believe it. They are telling my TA the penalty applies. My TA just sent them an email and copied me on it. We had a cruise booked on Serenity for June 2020. Due to Covid, we shifted the booking to this April 2021 river cruise in April 2020, a week before Crystal officially cancelled the cruise. This was inside the 25% penalty period and we were informed the penalty carries over if we were to cancel our 2021 booking. How they think they are still entitled now to 25% of my payment when they have cancelled the cruise is beyond us!
  6. We just received an email today cancelling our April 2021 river cruise onboard Crystal Bach. I cannot say I am not happy as I do not think it is feasible for us to fly to Europe for a holiday. We tried cancelling earlier this month but Crystal would have imposed a 25% penalty on us so we had to wait it out. Right now, our TA is seeking confirmation from them that with the cancellation of the cruise, this 25% penalty will be refunded to us and will not be forfeited...!
  7. As far as Italian ports are concerned, especially if they are ports of embarkation / disembarkation, I am really hoping they release further information sooner rather than later. We have mandatory quarantine measures for travellers coming back from Northern Italy at the moment and I'm crossing my fingers that Crystal will be decisive on this front one way or other. The thing with this Venice cruise is that the port of embarkation is the only time we will be in Italy - the rest of the itinerary is in Croatia / Greece etc and the cruise disembarks in Athens. If they chang
  8. I am very concerned about this situation - we are booked on Crystal Serenity's June 7th cruise out of Venice but my TA has been unable to get any information from Crystal other than what is on their website and I am wondering whether there is any point contacting them directly. Crystal released an updated advisory yesterday expanding boarding denial to passengers who have travelled to or transited in any part of Italy that is under lockdown. Venice is technically not under lockdown but is smack in Northern Italy. I wonder what Crystal intends to do for this cruise (even though it is still q
  9. Thanks for the photos, Corinna. Hope you are enjoying the cruise and its ports thus far!
  10. I agree with what you have heard. Sunil was our genie on Ovation. We did not hear much from him pre-cruise (but this was also due to Royal not being sure whether the Royal Suite Class programme would apply on our sailing which was out of Singapore and not China and he told us he was all set for vacation until a couple of weeks out!) but onboard he was amazing. My kids loved him. We bumped into him again when we were on Symphony (we had a different genie) and he was still always going around trying to give his guests the best possible cruise experience. I'm sure you will have a wonderful t
  11. Great photos Corinna. Enjoy your day at port today. Is it a full sailing? Also, does Coastal Kitchen have a good variety of cuisines or is it primarily Asian (given that the cruises are marketed as a culturally enriching experience)?
  12. Sounds wonderful. Am glad RCL has its act together onboard its ship if not its shoreside operations and communications. Have a great cruise - are you on the 5N Spice of SE Asia cruise?
  13. Have a wonderful cruise today, Corinna! Please do update if the Grand Suites have complimentary internet and other Sky class perks. We received the email from our genie this morning so Star Class is in place together with complimentary specialty dining (although not sure if we still have to pay for iFly and 270) so it will be interesting to see what perks are included for the Grand Suites.
  14. We took one on Deck 10! We have done Deck 8 GLs on other Quantum class ships so I hope we won't be too disappointed! To everyone else interested, I have just received the welcome e-mail from our genie so I think we can confirm that Star Class is available on the Quantum departing out of Singapore.
  15. Thank you! Would you be able to report on whether the Royal Suite Class system is in effect for Jr Suites and above please? I hope you have a wonderful time on the Quantum!
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