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  1. Hi Maggie, When I was there (November 2018) you could walk as far to the "left" as the last area that clearly looks like beach chairs. Past that point they had it closed off as they are working on turning that "lagoon" area into a private spot for Haven guests (per rumors that I heard). I would recommend going as far "left" as you can though...the further you go from the tender spot, the quieter it gets! If that's what you are looking for anyway 🙂
  2. Hi! Thanks for sharing! I have been back for awhile...and I don't think there is a map out there of GSC! The one you posted is outdated; a lot has changed. It was pretty easy to get around, but it would be nice if they had a map somewhere with some type of layout. I ended up with a google satellite image. I just like to make sure I don't miss anything while visiting. Thanks!
  3. Hi tbo, When we first got there and I saw all the buses, I definitely rolled my eyes...and then when we first got into the park it was really busy! But, honestly, it wasn't too bad on the falls. Of course, it's not like you have the place to yourself, and your group has to stay together, but I was able to get several photos without people in them. There are a few areas where it jams up when there is only one way to go and the footing is a little iffy. I would say if you are on the fence about it, it may be best to pass. There are a few spots where you can exit the falls and get onto the boardwalk if you feel like you go in to deep (no pun intended, ha!) but it's not worth it if you are going to stress the entire time! I think there were a handful of people in our group that would have chosen a different tour if they had really known what this one entailed! The gardens were lovely! I think there is another popular garden spot as well. It's kind of a tough port...getting around isn't super easy or safe if you aren't in a tour or group, but like you said, almost all the tours include the falls! Good luck and happy cruising!
  4. Hi! I did go on the tour and I had a great time!! I do think there is some important info to share though. First stop was Dunn's River Falls. AMAZING! but!! The majority of people in my group were ill prepared for this. You will literally be climbing over rocks going up a waterfall. You need good footwear. I had tevas, highly recommend. They do make a stop to buy water shoes if you need them. Also, you will get drenched at least from the waist down depending on your height. A bathing suit and shorts for ladies is perfect. I also brought a dry change of clothes. If you don't want to hike the falls, you can walk along a boardwalk next to them which offers nice views. It takes about an hour to get to the top. Then we drove through Fern Gully. This was pointless...a quick trip up a curvy road into jungle vegetation. I mean, it was fine, but not really worth mentioning. Although the drive there provided a nice look into how the locals live. Next stop was Konoko Gardens. They were lovely. We had a great tour guide who told us lots of interesting facts about the local plants and animals. There is also the obligatory stop for souvenirs on the way back. An other thing worth noting... We met at the theater at 825am and didn't get back to the ship until almost 3pm. It was advertised as a 3.5hr excursion. I always bring snacks, so I was fine, but there were some hungry people on our way back! I recommend bringing something prepackaged, like granola bars, that you can bring off the ship. Also bring plenty of water. The extra time was great, we were never rushed, but that was a BIG difference. Regarding price, I think it costs around $20-25 per person to get into DRF and Konoko (each) so $89 for the excursion wasn't too bad. We rode in a comfortable van that sat about 14-16. Hope that helps!! Happy to answer any other questions! Have a great cruise!!!
  5. I think I must have been right ahead or right behind Capt. BJ as I was out the week of Thanksgiving. The day I was there there were SIX ships in port totally 14,400 passengers!!! 😳 I saw this ahead of time and made sure to be on one of the first tenders out. I got to Eden Rock around 930 maybe and there were only two snorkelers there at the time. They didn't have any issue with me going out by myself, but they did ask about my snorkeling experience. I thought the property was clean...no trash or anything like that. The restroom was clean as well. Locker rental was $5 for the day. I had a nice time snorkeling and was surprised that more people didn't show up. At the busiest, there were maybe 8 people there. It was lovely. Lots to see. I didn't make it down to Sunset, but plan to on my next cruise! Thanks to everyone that shared useful tips and info!
  6. Back from the cruise! I was on the Nov 17th sailing...sailed over Thanksgiving. I would give the excursion 4 stars...but with a few caveats. I REALLY enjoyed Dunn's River Falls. However! I don't think the descriptions are accurate in terms of difficulty. I am in my mid-30s, and quite fit. This isn't for everyone. We had several people in our group that planned to do this and were totally unprepared: An elderly couple that had difficult walking uphill; a couple with really little kids; and someone with a recent injury. You can still go to the falls, and enjoy the site, but I think it's important to understand that distinction ahead of time. The stop at "Fern Gully" was totally pointless...we drove a little way up a hill into lush forest. It was lovely, but not really worth it for such a short distance. Also, a few people were starting to get motion sick from the curvy road, so maybe good that it was short! The stop at the gardens was very enjoyable and our guide there was great. Then the obligatory stop for shopping where we were instructed we could only go into one specific store... I guess our guide knew them! Then they tried to take us to another stop but we were all exhausted. I think the tour guide had planned to get lunch here and was a little irritated that we just wanted to go back. The problem is...the tour met at 825 and we weren't back to the ship until almost 3. No lunch or snack included. I had brought plenty of water and some snacks with me, but I was the only one that had done that. It also said the duration was 3 1/2 hours. So...knowing all of those things, I think it's a good tour. But definitely know a bit beforehand!
  7. Hi! The excursion is through Norwegian...which I don't typically do, but I had the shore excursion credits! Anyway, it's called "Best of Ocho Rios" and the start time is 845. I believe it was priced around $89, which I thought was a little high, but when I looked up the entrance fees to Dunn's River Falls and Konoko Park, they were around $20ea (if my memory serves me right), so it didn't seem too bad. Anyway, the tour stops at Dunn's River Falls and Konoko Falls and Park. Sounds like there is a guided "mini-tour" at Konoko. There is also a drive through Fern Gully and of course the obligatory shopping stop. It seemed to have pretty good reviews... we'll see!
  8. Anyone have a map of Great Stirrup Cay? I am one of those people that likes to try to plan ahead on finding a good seat (shade) and knowing how far that will be from things I will be doing that day (snorkeling, with my own gear at underwater sculpture garden), paddleboarding, and of course eating Any info is useful. Thanks!
  9. Hi! Thanks for the offer! However, I am sailing in a couple weeks, over Thanksgiving. Perhaps I shall run into some others as friendly as you 🙂
  10. Always! Very important tip and I wish others paid more attention to it! Thank you also for all of the other info. Not a bad idea to stop at Eden Rock and make a judgement call from there. 🙂
  11. Hi All, I am travelling solo (female, mid-30s, active, have travelled solo a lot) and will be stopping in Ocho Rios. I have booked a half day tour that stops at the usual places (DRF, Konoko Park, Fern Gully) but thought I would check in and see if there was anything SAFE to do within walking distance of the port after the tour. In particular, I would love a great spot for lunch. Not much of a shopper. I have heard a lot about Ocho Rios and safety concerns...always hard what to believe. Any feedback is welcome. Thanks as always!
  12. Hi Capt, First, I am happy to see that you responded to my post---I enjoy reading your very thoughtful contributions to the message boards on here! That said...yes, I had thought about the major flaw in my plan..being a solo traveler. I think I may see if I can find someone to join while on board. Cayman is towards the end of our cruise, so maybe I will have a friend by then! Sunset sounds like it would be more my style (less crowds) and safe even without a locker. I don't bring valuables ashore, (still wouldn't want someone to walk off with my small backpack though) but it's good to know that it's a safe enough place to leave something like that on shore while in the water. Thank you for the feedback!
  13. Hi All, I am going to be in Cayman in a couple of weeks and am still debating where to snorkel...please help! As the title says, I am a single female in my mid-30s, active and have prior snorkeling experience. I am a good swimmer and not afraid of open water, but am somewhat hesitant around boats (since they may not see me!) I am trying to decide between Sunset House and Eden Rock. Any help is appreciated. Stuff like...how easy is it to get to each place (sounds like either is easy); are there restrooms available; are there lockers available (travelling solo); food available; water conditions (I know this can vary greatly); how crowded...etc. etc. And I know a lot of this is subjective, I am just trying to get a decent side by side comparison. Thank you all very much for your help!
  14. Hi! Has anyone out there done the "Best of Ocho Rios" tour with NCL? It stops at Dunn's River Falls, Konoko Falls and Park, and a drive through Fern Gully. I don't usually take the ship tours, but this is my first time sailing with NCL and I have a shore excursion credit. Thought I might make use of it if possible. I am an active female, mid-30s, travelling solo. And the solo part is also making me think and organized excursion might be best in this port. I have heard mixed things about Ocho Rios and while I am very comfortable travelling solo, I do want to be safe and smart. Sorry, that was a bit of a tangent, but thought some background might help. Thanks much!
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