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  1. Hopefully their Business Class is back to pre-Covid standards by next May. My girlfriend is a nurse so it's her responsibility to ensure we have all the required medical areas covered for the trip. I am sure a lot will change in the next 9 months. Thanks for providing an update! I greatly appreciate it!
  2. Thanks for the info. Sounds like there really is no point in getting there too soon before the ticket counter opens.
  3. Everything you say makes sense. As far as the immigration passport control line everyone keeps talking about, I am assuming this takes place after you have checked your bags at the ticket counter? So if I have to wait for the ticket counter to open, it doesn't really matter how early I get there as long as I am there prior to the ticket counter opening?
  4. Can totally understand how having printouts can work better in the current environment of COVID. Not sure things will have changed by next April but time will tell. I tend to always print a lot of things out and I definitely would for any required paperwork. However, I have been very accustomed to using boarding passes on my phone. I tend to just add them to my Wallet on my iPhone and set them to show from the lock screen so I don't have to go digging for them. I'll still probably need to reach out to Turkish Air as I can't seem to find a way to associate this trip with the account I created o
  5. What time of day is that? And is the line for immigration passport control after check-in at the ticketing counter for the airline? If so, based on what everyone is saying, there's a good chance the ticket counter for Turkish Air won't open until about 5AM anyways. Would the lines for immigration passport control really be that busy that time of the morning on a Sunday? I completely understand your reasoning for staying at the Hilton Airport but we fully intend to stay put at the Albergo del Senato the night before 🙂
  6. If you get an opportunity after you check in to let me know if their is a boarding pass on your phone, I would really appreciate it. Though I am sure you'll be getting ready for your trip so completely understand if you cant. I may have to reach out to Turkish Air as I created an account on their app but I can't seem to properly get this flight associated with my account. I can view the booking by entering the confirmation number and and my last name so I was able to choose my seats. My girlfriend was able to to the same. However, the interface of the app is a bit different than a lot of the o
  7. I am in cruisemom's camp 🙂 I am not a huge fan of changing hotels. We are staying in one of the Penthouse suites at Albergo del Senato so we want to get as much out of our stay as we can though I completely see your point about how staying at the airport can definitely simplify getting to the plane in the morning. I am definitely in your camp. Definitely want to enjoy our room as much as possible at the Albergo del Senato. Getting up 3 hours earlier isn't going to be fun but getting up at 3 or getting up at 6... is it really that big of a difference when you need to get u
  8. Yes this is Turkish Air. After I saw that a Business Class flight out of Rome to Houston was pretty reasonable compared to other United family flights, my girlfriend began looking at videos of their Business Class and the Business Class Lounge in Istanbul. We have never been on Business Class on an International Flight so we wanted to give it a try 🙂 We have sent an email to our hotel to see about a transfer service (we will be going through our hotel for transfer from port to hotel when we first arrive) which I am sure they can offer. Otherwise, we'll let them know when we arrive
  9. I tried searching this forum for answers to my questions but nothing really seemed to apply since most posts about flights out of Rome typically related on those coming from Civitavecchia. After reading a great number of posts in this forum I am sure you'll will have plenty of good information. We are planning on staying 6 nights post cruise at the Albergo del Senato. Currently our flight out of Rome is scheduled for 10AM on Sunday, May 15, 2022. It flies from Rome to Chicago so based on what I have read here, we should be at the airport 3 hours prior to the flight and it appears t
  10. Just be mindful of a few things related to cruising out of Galveston. Depending on time of year, conditions around the port can get very foggy causing delays on ships returning to port. It's very rare but it can happen. It usually happens most in late winter/early spring so not likely to be an issue for you. Neither airport in Houston is particularly close to Galveston. Hobby is the closest (approx 45 minutes) but the only airline that really flies in and out of there is Southwest. Bush International is further out (approx 1h 15m) but all the major carriers fly into there. T
  11. High level it means this... You book a reservation that costs $1,000. You need to cancel. You are still charged the $1,000 but are given a credit of $1,200 for a future booking. Read the fine print as you may be required to use that credit within 12 months.
  12. Please read my other post where I even stated that my statement was sarcasm. I do not want to see ships full of unvaccinated people, not wearing masks, freely spreading COVID around. Completely understand that as long as this virus continues to spread, the chance for further mutations is quite possible.
  13. But that is still business in politics which you said they should not do. Does it matter if it is publicly or privately? As a fellow Texan and someone who has read a great number of your posts, I would venture to say if NCL's stance had been completely opposite and they mandating that masks could not be worn on board and the unvaccinated were more than welcome, your opinion on this matter would be completely different. Perhaps I am assuming too much here but I am quite clear how a lot of people in Texas felt about being required to wear a mask during the past 18 months. M
  14. Yep, already answered. Thank you though. I wasn't trying to be combative. I was asking an honest question.
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