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  1. But it's no longer on topic and detracts from the core of this thread. Please try not to be so argumentative and try to be respectful of those of us monitoring this thread for updates on the deployment schedules.
  2. Can we please keep on topic about the deployment schedules and leave discussions about what ships use lifeboat tenders and which don't for another thread? I would really prefer not to receive so many false positives in my notifications.
  3. Wow, guess we are really not going to do the repo to Dubai now. Hopefully sometime in the future they'll add this back as this itinerary really intrigued us.
  4. We were looking to a Suez Canal cruise in Nov 2021 but based on what some have said, they don't believe there will be one. I guess only time will tell when Europe phase 2 is released the week of December 9th. We are really interested in the Rome to Dubai itinerary and are hopeful that we didn't miss our chance.
  5. I keep seeing people talking about ships being "amped". What does that mean?
  6. That was my thought too. I liked when they used to have this style of graph on their website. Shame they decided to do away with it.
  7. Would that ship then move immediately onto someplace else once arriving in Dubai? I would suspect it would be too hot in Dubai for it to stay there at that time of year?
  8. I guess I misread your post about press in Dubai saying Jewel would return with new cabins to mean that when it returned in the 2021 season it would be in Dubai again. Really hope they do have a similar Suez sailing again in 2021. We were really looking forward to that.
  9. Is that to say that it is expected that Jewel will be making another Suez trip from Rome to Dubai in late 2021?
  10. If she ever stops being linked through your son due to having the same address, her points will revert to her actual points of 14.
  11. Glad to hear you were able to go out to dinner growing up. Not all of us had that luxury. Eating out for me as a child was at McDonalds or a greasy spoon. Hardly the type of places that one would dress up. As far as manners go, my mother did instill them in me. Always quoting Emily Post. How to hold my fork and knife. Keep my elbows off the table. Chew with my mouth shut. But rather than accusing me of being raised in a jungle (though my mother asked me on many occasions if I was born in a barn), perhaps you should consider that not everyone had the same means as you did growing up. These statements of your's only reaffirm the complete lack of empathy you have towards others. I also don't believe you know what a troll really is. If I was really a troll, I would have come here, stirred things up, and then just walked away.
  12. Actually, you didn't answer the question. You still haven't. More importantly, you have also missed the point. The point being that, in most cases, one party does the majority of the research while the other party goes along for the ride. It's great that you and your partner discuss these matters with such intricate detail, but not all people are you. So, for my first cruise I did absolutely no research. It wasn't until my second cruise where I found Cruise Critic and research heavily each of the ports we were visiting. Honestly, I sometimes prefer going on a vacation being "blissfully ignorant". There's a certain level of peace and calm in it. You called, on several occasions, my excuse "lame ass". Not exactly something I would consider to be polite and courteous. You also said that you didn't believe that I knew nothing of the cruise other than it left out of San Juan. That's akin to calling me a liar. I also didn't call you any names. I said I "believe you are narrow minded". It's a belief I hold based on your responses. I have explained myself in regards to my first cruise and your responses have been nothing but judgmental. Others in this thread have called you out on this conduct and you respond to them as if they are the ones in the wrong. So now, I will call you a name: narcissist.
  13. Thank you very much! I was racking my brain trying to figure that out. 🙂
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