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  1. Did you have any cruises booked that were set to sail prior to October 31? When I called this morning to process the refund for my cancelled cruise, the automated message even spoke of the 125% FCC for sailings that were set to sail prior to October 31 and were cancelled. Not really a big deal. With all the uncertainty in the world right now, I'll be happy to take my deposit back, put it into my vacation fund, and continue to build that find until things stabilize and we come across a cruise we want to take.
  2. Wasn't RCCL offering people like 125% FFC when they were cancelling cruises earlier in the year?
  3. Received our letter about an hour ago that our Adventure TA to Copenhagen has officially been cancelled. They are only offering $100 OBC for Interior/Oceanview and $200 OBC for Balcony/Suite if we transfer to another ship by October 31, 2020. Not really a big incentive, in my opinion, to transfer the reservation.
  4. I decided to check to see if it was something to do with Mobile vs Desktop site differences. However, the April 26 cruise is appearing on both sites as of this time. 2 hours ago it was not on the site. So who knows what's going on with it. I guess we'll know when an official press release comes out and we receive this letter Royal speaks of.
  5. Thank you for clarifying! I really hope the TA takes place as it's currently planned. We are so looking forward to this itinerary.
  6. You're seeing that in Royal's site? Or another site? I don't see this April 26 Adventure cruise when I just checked their site.
  7. Yeah that is strange. I'll be really disappointed if they pull this itinerary. We had originally wanted to do Rome to Dubia but they cancelled all of those sailings. We did a Barcelona TA last year so we really don't want to do another Barcelona TA again as the next cruise. We'll wait to see what happens to this sailing as there is still no official press release on the site.
  8. I am not getting the reservation locked message on the cruise planner. However, the cruise we are booked on, Adventure TA Galveston to Copenhagen, no longer appears when trying to book a new reservation.
  9. Where are you getting your information? My girlfriend is a nurse and I have heard every day, for the last 2 weeks, how Houston and/or Texas has hit another record in reported cases. About how ICU capacity of local hospitals keeps getting lower and lower due to more admits. And it's like this in many parts of the country. The current trends do not support your comments. And while Corona viruses has been around for a long time, COVID-19 is a novel Corona virus which means it's a strain we have never seen before. Please stop comparing this to the flu as one is very clearly far more deadly than the other.
  10. More than likely they will file bankruptcy and restructure debts in hopes of emerging and conducting business once the greatest risks of the pandemic are behind this.
  11. All details here: https://www.rclinvestor.com/faqs/shareholder-benefit/
  12. I understand with a gty you don't get to choose but I wasn't sure if there was something specific about that category.
  13. Thanks for all your insight. So what is the significance of the ZI category that would justify a much lower price?
  14. Too bad you have to be an agent to see that screen. One would think that the prices it pulls are from the same database.
  15. Interesting. If I am reading that correctly, there are more than 10 cabins available at the $545 pricepoint
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