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  1. We are on the April 11 Magic cruise. This is less than 30 days out. Do not know how they can go against what was just said by the president! I am missing something? When I log into Carnival it says my trip is in 28days....
  2. We will be on the Magic this year during Easter while in half moon cay. From past experience does anyone know if they will have mass on the ship? We are taking our in laws for the first time on a cruise. They never miss church on Saturday or sundays. Thanks in advance if anyone knows.
  3. We just got our cabana. very excited. But curious to those that have had one. Our time slot says 9:30. But when I go back and look at the cabanas they now have time slots for 9:00 am. Does this matter?
  4. Thank you! I appreciate it. I just don't see my kids using it as much.
  5. For anyone who has rented a cabana before, I are they very strict about only 4 people using it throughout the day? We have 4 adults and 3 children. The children will probably rarely use it and they are also 7-10 yrs old. Seems a little steep to charge $49 per person over the 4 person limit. We are not trying to take advantage of the situation just curious about the process.
  6. I think you will be surprised. We were with him on the magic in Feb and he was awesome. We have been with Pack 2x, Schwartz, Loddi and MarQ and MarQ is by far and away our 1b behind Mike Pack our 1a. The other two were not even close.
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