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  1. Ha Ha!! That’s hilarious. That has happened to us before......but we kept our mouth shut!!!
  2. Thanks for that great answer. Not sure if we will do this or not. We’ll have to think about it. We will be so busy during the day, that getting to this might be hard.
  3. Hey! Doing a great job!!! Can’t wait for you to get to the ports. I have a question for you. How strenuous of a walk was the Red Light tour? My husband is a diabetic and has a hard time walking for very far. I just wonder if that would be too much for him. He is also very slow!!!
  4. Hey! Haven’t been on CC much lately. I hang out mostly on Facebook! We were on Jewel in February for Diego’s last cruise. The end of an era! The reviews got a little too much for me. I’m getting old, I guess!
  5. Hey There!! Been a while! Loving your review and reading with interest. We are doing this same cruise in a couple of weeks!!! Can’t wait to see what you did!
  6. Great, Bill! Glad you came back!! We’ll definitely meet up then!! Looking forward to it!
  7. Ha ha ha!!! I still take plenty of those pictures. We even cruised to Canada back in June and the funniest picture was when we sat on one of those rocky “beaches” near St. John and made pictures of our tennis shoes in front of the water! Good to hear from you!!
  8. Hi Joe! Would love to cruise on Harmony. And yes....we do love the intimacy of the “smaller” ships, but we are really warming up to the big girls! Especially now that we are Pinnacle and the Suite Lounge and Coastal Kitchen are there for us. We spent two great weeks on the Oasis during Hurricane Irma. Fabulous time!! We will definitely be returning to all those ships when we can!
  9. Wow! Hello Everybody! Someone messaged me about this so I thought I would check it out!! Nice to be remembered. Yes.....I have not been hanging out on Cruise Critic that much lately. Those reviews just about did me in with all the trouble it was to post pictures on here, so I am mostly hanging out on FB. We have been cruising a lot, especially the last couple of years trying to get to those 700 points!! Which we did last year. We had our Pinnacle celebration on our favorite ship.....Jewel of the Seas. We have been enjoying our Pinnacle status!! We don’t have as many cruises booked for the coming year as I would like, but we are in the process of moving and renovating a house! That has consumed us and is taking all of our cruise money!! We are sailing on the Jewel at the end of January for a couple of weeks to say goodbye to our very favorite Diego Tripaldi who is retiring at the end of February. We have a British Isles cruise booked for July that I hope we are going to be able to make. And then we are on the LA to New Orleans leg of the Vision’s Panama Canal trip. We will probably book something in between there sometime, but that will likely be last minute. I have a lot of folks message me all the time about beaches, etc. It’s always fun to hear from everyone. We are still experimenting with lots of new beaches here and there and still visit our old familiar places. I am always looking for new places to go in every port. Well....thanks for thinking of me!! I’ll keep checking back.
  10. Hey there! Just got off the Jewel this morning. Had a ball! We were thinking this three night might get a little wild. Will be interested to see how things go!! Sergei was in the DL, but that may change for the TA. Diego will be back in the CL for the crossing. Y'all have fun!
  11. It is quite easy to take the bus to either Nice or Monte Carlo. Once you exit the tender area....walk across the street and to the left. You will see a walkway that goes up a steep hill.....there was a sign there that said Bus to Nice Bus to Monaco. Walk up that hil and you will eventually find a little square where the buses stop. Just hop on whichever bus you want.....to Nice or to Monaco. Really easy.
  12. Yes.....I always carry big rubber bands with me and I use the rubber band method. Works like a charm. Although the hairdryers are small and not very powerful.....they work just fine for me. iI like to sit on the balcony after a shower and air dry my hair just a little before i put product in it and blow dry. Works well for me and I don't have to hold down the button. I always leave the rubber band on the hairdryer in hopes that the next person will see it and understand what it is for. That's how I found out about it!
  13. Bummer on that $40!!! We'll use our BOGO on the first night, but that is getting too high.....in my opinion. Hope this Chops is good. Chops on Jewel is THE best!
  14. Hey!!!!! Long time no"see"!! Yeah.....I don't even know how we found that one. Just lucked into it. Then we thought....well, since we're already down there....let's just jump on the Jewel and see all our friends there!!! Just did 5 cruises on her recently. Hanging out mostly on Facebook groups now. Good to hear from you!!
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