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  1. Ha Ha!! That’s hilarious. That has happened to us before......but we kept our mouth shut!!!
  2. Thanks for that great answer. Not sure if we will do this or not. We’ll have to think about it. We will be so busy during the day, that getting to this might be hard.
  3. Hey! Doing a great job!!! Can’t wait for you to get to the ports. I have a question for you. How strenuous of a walk was the Red Light tour? My husband is a diabetic and has a hard time walking for very far. I just wonder if that would be too much for him. He is also very slow!!!
  4. Hey! Haven’t been on CC much lately. I hang out mostly on Facebook! We were on Jewel in February for Diego’s last cruise. The end of an era! The reviews got a little too much for me. I’m getting old, I guess!
  5. Hey There!! Been a while! Loving your review and reading with interest. We are doing this same cruise in a couple of weeks!!! Can’t wait to see what you did!
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