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  1. I just got this same email and I am also very confused. Why did we get this? I plan on using the cash refund link that opens up on May 7th. I set up the trip for my family of 4 (hubby 2 kids) under one reservation on my account. Paid $5552.84. The NCL email says ""A future cruise credit in the amount of USD 2,288.91 has been issued to your account. To reflect our appreciation for your business, we will also provide you a BONUS credit of 25% in the amount of USD 572.23.
  2. We are booked for May 24 on the Bliss. I called NCL to request a refund on our pre-paid gratuities (as others have suggested in anticipation of a cancellation). Not expecting an answer, I asked the rep the likelihood of our sailing given the closure of Port Victoria. The rep said that upper management is looking into possible literary changes for our sailing.
  3. Oh darn! I suspected that might be the case. I've watched a number of videos of the ship and it seems like they are always playing soccer!? We are baseball fans. I could never get hubby on a ship if they weren't playing the World Series. Thanks for the replies!
  4. I'm crossing my fingers that port side balcony rooms on the bliss have the bed closest to the balcony and couch closest to the bathroom as I think this will work best for our family. Specifically we were assigned stateroom 11262. Does anyone know the layout of this cabin? TIA!
  5. Thank you for such a wonderful and detailed review! Did you notice if they were playing in baseball games on the tv's?
  6. This is great info, thanks! My husband is semi-addicted to an online game called Hearthstone. Would be able to play this on the ship through the unlimited package? Also, can you stream YouTube Videos?
  7. I plan on signing my hubby up for the poker tournament during our Alaska sailing on the Bliss, but I think he'd also enjoy a regular poker game. Do they have Texas Hold Em games on the bliss or just tournaments? TIA!
  8. We are considering booking an excursion through NCL for the Ketchikan zipline bear creek. The NCL excursion page says that it leaves at 8:30am and is a 3.5 hour excursion putting us at Noon. The literary says that we will be in port 7am-1:15pm. I feel comfortable with the timing if we book through NCL (is that a safe assumption?). That won’t leave us any time to explore Ketchikan. We will regret that? We were initially planning on puttering around the town. We have a 9 year old and 12 year old, so I think they’d prefer the zipline, but want to be sure we aren’t
  9. Hello! I was planning on going to Maragritavile for the breakfast buffet on early port days, but it looks like the American Dinner has replaced it. Does the American Dinner have a breakfast buffet? TIA!
  10. The online system won't let me book 5:30 dining with a 7:30 show. Is this a glitch or their policy?
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