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  1. We're doing a B2B on some ship out of NOLA with this "Sailabration" being on one of the legs. Meh. we'll see.....
  2. nothing says "fine dining" like a 64 oz "bubba mug" on your table. I'm guessing they'd allow one to bring any kind of mug into the steakhouse too.
  3. FB works fine on the Social plan. AFA pictures loading, yes it is a bit slow, but it worked fine (e.g. a post with a dozen pictures would take 15 minutes to upload).
  4. We did a B2B2B and received six of these. Left them all in the cabin. As one may guess, I'm not too big on possessions.... AFA a realistic, universally liked gift, I'd suggest a voucher for a single drink (I'm a shareholder too).
  5. We were here overnight a few months ago. The ship docks in the industrial port area, so no touristy junk (or amenities). The first night around eight we got off and walked around finding a convenience store about a mile away. We stood out on the street and drank several beers before heading back to the ship. Didn't know any Spanish, but they took our $ and was able to bum some cigarettes too. Rained most of the time and were soaked by the time we got back. Still a fun night. The next day we took a taxi to the old town and walked around. As others have said lotta vendors pestering you. Later we found a bar off an alley and had several local beers. The bartender's brother took us back to the ship later for $10.
  6. Not that hard, my spouse & I have been doing carry-on's only for the last dozen cruises or so. Last cruise was a five days in Tampa followed by a 13 day cruise to LA. Tomorrow we fly to PR prior to a Southern Caribbean leaving on Sunday, again carry-on only. One piece of luggage forces one to prioritize. I heartily recommend it.
  7. We did a couple of Journeys Cruises and they're pretty much like any other cruise except longer. The only one that sticks out in my mind is the one we took from Hawaii to Vancouver as part of the Legend(?) re-positioning from Australia. Apparently they had a lot of Australian beers left over and were handing them out for free at the "captains celebration", the returning cruiser's party and the D/P party. I recall taking 6/7 beers to our cabin one night.... ALSO, they had some guest lecturer aboard that talked about photography and astronomy(?). I went to one of them and it's more-or-less on the 6th grade level, I was not impressed......
  8. Nobody really cares what one wears on Carnival for formal night. It's pretty much anything is allowed other than shorts and "wife-beater" T-shirts. That being said, wearing a formal military uniform would be fine...
  9. AFA Belize, we go outside the gate take a water taxi to Cay Calker, wander around get some seafood and a few drinks, then head back to the ship a few hours before departure. Always fun. As to those who say "they are adventurous, but won't go outside the gate a Belize"; No you're not.
  10. I agree. Door decorations are an exercise in vanity (look at me!) and nothing else...
  11. I especially like the irony of suggestions to put your booze in a Yeti cup in your cabin, then carry it around. On one hand the cup is used to signal "Look at me! I can afford an overpriced, impractical cup", but it is used to ferry booze from the cabin to poolside to avoid high priced drinks there.... Oh sure, people will rationalize their decision (they don't have MY booze, I don't want to walk to a bar, etc, etc), but I find the whole "Yeti cup thing" comical, curious, and strange...
  12. Whats this have to do with Carnival? Shouldn't this be in the Florida ports board?
  13. I did the behind the fun tour once, it's OK, but I won't repeat it. Then again, I did a stint in the Navy and sorta know how ships work...
  14. Glad we went when we did. I think we were on the fourth or fifth Carnival cruise there. Had a great time and fun memories...
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