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  1. Mike, The originator of the thread stated they Wanted to dine at 6 PM. If you’re wondering why people suggested that they make a reservation the reason is because they wanted a specific dining time and didn’t want to just show up and wait for a table to be available.
  2. Have u gone on line or called? My time diners are able to make reservations. We just got off the Brilliance and had MTD. We went online when we booked and make reservations for each night. I might add we dined at 6:30 and there were several 2 top tables available. We were able to have a leisurely dinner and still make all the fun evening shows and events.
  3. Per the deck plan, on deck 6, I see the Jakarta Lounge, Singapore Sling, and The Colony Club. There isn’t any info about these on the website (that I can find). I take it they serve alcohol. There is a list of lounges/bars, but none of these 3 are listed. Can anyone clue me in? Are they private areas? Thanks everyone!
  4. Ok. I’ll look under the order history if I can find it. Just frustrated at this point. I checked with RCCL and they said they have my dinner reservations but they gave no idea why there is nothing showing up on my cruise planner. And they really didn’t offer to look into it. Is this typical behavior?
  5. if I have chose my time dining and made reservations for each night, should my nightly reservation appear in my cruise planner? Also, if a beverage package has been purchased, should this be there also? Both are missing and I’m not sure if it’s something I should be concerned about. Thank You!
  6. I’m wondering how all the seasoned cruisers plan out their day to day ship activities. I’ve not had Any luck trying to get a cruise compass In order to know what activities are going on what days. For example say I am wondering when formal night is so I can decide if I want to do special dining that night. Or say I’m doing my time dining but want to know what time the trivia starts that night. How do you season cruisers do this without having a dated day itinerary prior to boarding the ship? Thanks for your help.
  7. i am interested in seeing a Cruise Compass so I can plan our my time dinner reservations and other activities. Brilliance, 5 nights out of Tampa. Stopping in Grand Caymen and Cozumel. If anyone has one from June 2018 going forward, I would truly appreciate it. Thank You!
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