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  1. We are on Oasis next week and really enjoying your review - thanks for doing this! Our cabin will be a few doors down from yours so we are happy to read you are enjoying this location. Then I find out that Mario is on board - my sister & I met him last year on Adventure OTS at the Top Tier event. We did see him a few other times but didn’t bother him. Thanks for bringing us along!
  2. I have never been to a spa on a ship. Has anyone ever seen chair massage being offered? On Oasis soon...
  3. We are on Oasis with G3. Think it's the Aqua Theater as well?
  4. Congratulations!!! I'll be on her end of January. Also THE BEST piano man will be on Oasis the end of January too! His name is Keith Retson-Spalding (from Canada) I saw him on Adventure last year & had so much fun!
  5. He told us RC didn’t renew his contract so he is going to Carnival for a while. I believe he goes to 18 & then he is done. We were part of 10! His FB page has info on it. I cruised with my sister & we were there every night, except Wednesday because Keith was off. We enjoyed hearing Kesha as well. Great time! We laughed, meowed, danced, and asked about Alice! Lol! A great entertainer who kept the party in full speed! We found him the 1st night as we were walking through & that was it!
  6. We went early to get a seat close by. Had so much fun with him. RC is crazy to let me go!
  7. It was evening midweek (?) and definitely the last night. The "washy, washy" girl Keisha, greeting you at Windjammer at night sings with Keith at night - just 1 or 2 songs. She is very good!
  8. Sailed on AOS 2/2-2/9. Had a great time! Be sure to check out Keith Retson-Spalding in the Schooner Bar from 9:15 till whenever! HE IS AMAZING and Canadian ;) Also, theMongolian Stir Fry in the Windjammer is wonderful! Have a great time. I am following along just to relive it! Lol! She's a beautiful ship with a great crew :)
  9. I read on his FB page he was leaving RC April 1st. (His name is Keith Retson-Spalding) He told us RC didn’t renew him so he was going to Carnival. Big mistake for RC! Standing room only every night. People were on the stairs trying to see! We had sooo much fun with him! Sorry you will miss him 😞
  10. He was on a back to back on Adventure. He spoke in the Top Tier event & mentioned he prefers the smaller ships. He likes to see the ocean. I agree with him! The mega ships are cool but I prefer the smaller ships. I like the lower outside decks and being able to see the ocean from most venues. He said he is on land 2 weeks a year & hates it! He was in the Windjammer the last night (having the Mongolian stir-fry, which was excellent) and the waiter there said Mario knows everyone. He was surprised I knew it was Mario. He said Mario is a real nice guy. It was fun meeting him.
  11. I was also on this cruise and had a wonderful time! Traveled with my sister & spent most evenings in the Schooner Bar with Keith, the piano guy. SO FUNNY! He is on Adventure till April & then going to Carnival. Big mistake for RC not to keep him. The bar was packed every night. He played from 9:15/9:30 until 1:00 anyway with no breaks! Super Mario was on board too. He has been cruising for 19 years & cruises 50 weeks a year! We also went to Maho but left after the Delta plane landed. Much better ride back to the ship. Glad we did it, but probably won’t go again if there are many ships in port. It was very crowded. Here’s us with Mario!
  12. 7 days on Adventure in Feb 2019. When i booked in June, $45 pp. Shortly after went to $48. Early Sept $45. Purchased! Today it's $50 with a banner stating 20% off ONBOARD prices. What a sale!!! :confused: I will keep watching it but $45 is probably the best price I'll see!
  13. Did your flight get changed again? We received an email that it is changed yet again to 4:00pm! Guess they can't make up their mind. Hopefully it changes back again!
  14. We are on Adventure in Feb 2019. Deluxe has been $48pp. Just dropped to $45! Sold! Of course it was the one pkg that didn't have a "sale" banner on it. :confused: Will keep watching it!
  15. I got that same email! Hope it stays this way, although i was looking forward to the excursion. Lol!
  16. If you are stopping in Cozumel, check out Nachi Cocom Beach Break. It's not an excursion - you book it at home. You will have to take a cab ($20 each way) there. I believe it's $50 pp & includes drinks & 4 course meal which they will serve you right on the beach! Quiet beach - so relaxing! Check it out online. If our ship stops in Cozumel, that's where we'll be!
  17. We are actually flying down on Jet Blue but the return flight was too expensive & I found the original Delta return much cheaper. Oh well, now I'm spending more on excursion!
  18. They do have earlier flights but they connect in NY & are 7-8 hours long versus 3 hours if we wait till 4. I would rather spend more time in FL :)
  19. We are actually in Ft Lauderdale for 2 days prior. Thank you for that information! Possibly pre-cruise.
  20. I checked into the boat cruise & there were lots of great reviews. How was the bus tour? This would be the easiest thing to do & then have a late lunch at the airport.
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