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  1. I also got the same invitation. Also, unable to do either. Short notice for this. We’re pinnacle, but DH didn’t get invite.
  2. We were always able to have the balconies open even in a non-connecting room. Gave us access to each other’s room through the balcony.
  3. I booked two cabins and applied the $2400 to just one of them, but we’re both pinnacle.
  4. Cancelled my cruise planner purchases two weeks ago and received refunds yesterday - 13 days later. It was all my $18.00 beverage packages for the rest of the year. Now waiting for refunds for two September cruises that were cancelled. (Took over 4 months to get refund from February!)
  5. I can’t see them bringing Oasis up for one and a half months. I’m booked on second to last sailing - not counting on it happening!
  6. Hi Lorraine, I’m still waiting for my refund for the February 7, Anthem cruise that we decided to skip. Was just easier to go home than sit in a hotel for another day or two. I’ve called several times and was told the request for refund wasn’t made until April 15. So now we’re going on 4 months since we cancelled and still waiting. We did get our cruise planner refunds pretty quickly but not the cruise fare. And now my Canada/New England cruise in September has been cancelled, which was a b2b with a Bermuda cruise. Waiting patiently - what choice do I have! Susan
  7. I got this email for two of my future cruises. Pertains only to my husband’s cabins, which apparently are being changed from two person to three person cabins. For December 7,2020 and January 26,2021.
  8. Getting to the port between 10-10:30 is a great idea. Boarding usually starts by 10:45 am.
  9. We had expedited boarding last month for our Anthem cruise. There was a separate line and as you walk through you look at the facial recognition and the check in person said “welcome Susan” before I reached her because she could see my information on her iPad. She took my passport to scan, although I had already scanned it, and we were done. Walked through the separate security line, right there, and continued on to sit in our area to wait for boarding, which started at 10:45 am. Uploaded a photo when I checked in using the app. Very easy to do on my iPhone.
  10. I can’t answer your question but I will comment that after my total knee replacement I would not have wanted or been able to climb into a tub Fortunately my bathroom at home has a walk-in shower. At two months I was still going to physical therapy 3 times a week and had to elevate my leg often. I hope he has a speedy recovery!
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