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  1. Sorry about the Seattle reference on the "Worst" thread. I did not mean you in any way, shape, or form. It was an obscure reference to someone else who purported to be from the area. No offense meant. I spent quite a bit of time in the area (mostly work-related activity in Port Angeles, Sequim, and Anacortes), and thoroughly enjoyed it over the years.
  2. There was a very interesting comparison done September 2020 in Cruise Blog. Personally, we had over 10 Carnival cruises, and when we went on an MSC cruise in 2018, we nver went back to Carnival. To us, the food was better overall. We thought MSC entertainment was more enjoyable, although it is more musical/theatrical. You may miss the piano bar and standup, but we didn't. They have a variety of musicians in the various venues like carnival, but MSC has classical violinists and pianists as well as the usual combos and small bands. I do occasionally miss Guy's and the Blue Iguana Cantina for lunch, though, I must admit. To avoid the kids running around that you talked about, MSC has better adults only space, and not as much jockeying for lounges like in the Serenity areas on Carnival. Here is the link to the article: https://cruise.blog/2020/09/compare-msc-vs-carnival-cruise-line
  3. JAGR

    New to MSC

    Consider yourself blessed for not having the experience, unless you are partial to high priced weak drinks, noise, and wearing balloon hats! Have a great cruise. With your upbeat attitude, you will be fine on MSC!
  4. In the title, the OP said "Seashore."
  5. True, but any time we've taken an excursion, we were advised on what time to show up in the TSL (the time was always on the notes we were left in the room). If you have a time to congregate, I trust most people can calculate how much time they have to eat. That was my only point
  6. If they were in a "hurry," they could have gone to the One Deck or the regular buffet.
  7. Safe travels. Enjoy the cruise. She's a beautiful ship.
  8. When did I say I was shaming? I talked about my practice as mine, not the standard in any way. Cold weather for us in Central Ohio today, BTW! Welcome to Fall in Franklin County
  9. Good for you! You are getting closer to interpreting what I wrote! I did say that additional tipping is common on U.S. cruises. I am also saying that tipping beyond the base service charge is more common in America as we are a tip-based country. MSC is European-based, and as such officially advises people not to tip. That being said, if you ask MSC crew members why they seek out working ships that are US port based, they will tell you that the tipping is the big incentive. Again, if you read just MSC threads on tipping, especially in YC, tipping beyond the base is a given, and is more typical than not. I know it's not scientific enough for you, but it is common. Also again, I only mentioned my typical practice on my MSC cruises. YAMMV, of that I am certain!
  10. Don't you imply you know how to read! I never said what I did was typical. I said that on cruises out of the US, 'tipping' as a practice, and then I explained my personal practice. I did not say my action was typical, I only described my practice. That was in response to the OP's request, and was an appropriate answer to his inquiry. I don't need a survey to know what is a common in cruises out of U.S ports. Look up tipping on cruises in Google. Read the threads here on CC regarding tipping. I explained my practice. You explained your practice (In and odd way, implying you don't feel a need to tip beyond the service charge, and then saying you may give the odd bit of coin out for exceptional service). The OP has gotten the information he was seeking.
  11. Two things that come to mind are pillows and One Deck seating. Oftentimes, we have not been offered a pillow choice on embarkation, but since DW and I have set preferences, we will ask the butler about the pillow menu and make our choices (the menu options vary at times, but usually has a very good variety). On pool deck seating, when we first go up on deck, we are usually greeted by one of the pool attendants/life guards, and they offer to set up chaises with towels. DW or I will then tell the attendant that we like the location (or perhaps would want a different one), tell them what time we will usually be on deck, and any days we will be off the ship. Without fail on the last two cruises, our seating has been set up when we come on deck. Honestly, it is never too crowded on the deck, so you wouldn't have to establish this preference, but we like to have our "home" space!
  12. For MSC on cruises from the U.S. (where tipping beyond the service charge is a typical practice), I can only speak of Yacht Club, but we have always gone to the concierge and asked for small envelopes and stationary. They will happily give you how ever many you want. I assume that Guest Services has envelopes that they will give out as well. We usually right personalized notes to our butler, junior butler, YC waiter and assistant (we usually request the same server for the cruise), pool attendants/life guards (who provide extraordinary service!), as well as dining room manager and concierge (depending on services performed). We then will give the envelopes to the recipients along with our personal thanks. This was before COVID, but it is our intention to continue this way in the future.
  13. If you are talking about March, we have the room showing as well (the HC Inside on Deck 16). The worry of the OP was that they were cancelled, and they were YC on their booking. I can understand if they were guaranteed that would be one thing. The cancellation is problematic, in my mind.
  14. Having had a relative hospitalized as a result of a fire on the Star Princess in late March, 2006, I'm not tolerant at all! It may be inconvenient to walk to a smoking permitted area, but so be it.
  15. This got me checking my reservation. We had YC B2B for Feb. 26 and March 5. Thankfully, the reservation is still there.
  16. A recent reviewer said he got ice cream and was not charged. Doesn't mean it is free or was a mistake, but with MSC, it depends on teh server, the day, how you ask, and, of course, the position of the stars! This is the review.
  17. I would think since it is a three night cruise, most likely any special night would be the middle night. That would allow for luggage problems on night one, and having to pack and leave bags out on night three. It is so much easier on the seven night sailings when you usually have the two sea days.
  18. I meant it was not one of the eight two-bedroom Grand Suites
  19. Not the best picture, but you can get the gist.
  20. Interesting! The MSC site and CruiseDeckPlans.com show it as a YC Deluxe Suite with one Queen or two Single beds in an open room layout.
  21. JAGR


    I think you meant not from Denmark, but I wouldn't be too hard on Ditmar. They did say they tip on US based cruises.
  22. Hope all goes well for you in October. In my view, March is decades away in MSC time system. I suspect (okay, merely hoping!) that someone in the front office realizes it is a poor decision to disenfranchise it's YC customers! To paraphrase our mutual friend Dave, let's hope positive steps are taken by the right hand, and the left hand stays out of it!
  23. Not to mention the adults clubs! Hope they have plenty of Hendrick's in those clubs!😄
  24. I think the OP was referring to the Ocean Cay Restaurant on the ship, not the YC restaurant on Ocean Cay.
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