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  1. I think honestly till there is a Vaccine for Covid how could cruising be comfortable for the average middle age or older couples? They are posting all these cruise dates and here we are coming up on 7/1 /20 and not a single cruise ship is planning to set sail? Moving forward how will they open dinning ,buffets come off? Might be gone fore ever. How do you go to the theater for shows? How do you play in the casino? What will ports be like? And do you where a mask on board for 7, 10 days. Is it really ever going to be the same in the near future? 12 months? Do you pay the st
  2. Question? Do you think more customers are canceling then booking future cruises. We had $500 on Apex for 7 day January 2021. My wife and I just have a funny feeling that the Cruise industry might be changing for ever after the dust clears. January 21 is not that far out. So Today I called and canceled our trip and the Celebrity rep was kind of rude and non empathic, she just said $100 each cancellation fee , and we a 12 month $300 future cruise credit, when I asked her to just leave it, she said it was to late and she just canceled the reservation and could not bring it back , if she
  3. Hi, Apex 11274 , We have booked that same SV 11274 for January 2021 , Would you mind posting some pictures of your Balcony of 11274 and some Cabin pictures . Have been on about 8 cruises in the last 10 years and always said would like to try a SunSet . They look so cool when in ports . Please post a Review on the Cabin and the Apex when you return. Thanks and Have fun!!
  4. My wife and I are booked for the Princess Sky January 18 2020 , It is about 63 days out and I have done the pre - Check in on the Princess Web site under Checking in with our booking Number, Contact info, Passport info ect. It then says to download the Medallion App for I-phone or Android, I proceeded to download the app to my Galaxy 8 plus and it did load. However it will not take my Booking conformation number to pair the info? What else should i be doing to pair the cruise to my app on the phone. Or , Are we to far out from the Cruise to have the app up running ? Please advise som
  5. Mitch From Chicago right behind you on the Sky Jan 18 , Robin and I are coming over from Celebrity to just try something new? We figure how can you go wrong on a Brand New Cruise ship that has to be beautiful, fresh and relaxing . The Vacation is meant for people to just get away and enjoy the weather, Food, Shows, Meeting people that are relaxing as well. Reading all the negative post are from people who just like to complain about the little stupid things. Like the food that is included in the curise is basically better then my daily diet ( Brown Bag Lunch , Quick Breakfast, Same Dinner C
  6. What Cabin did you grab with a larger Balcony ? Going in January ,have mini Suite but want to try and up grade to a Mini Suite for the larger deck ? There are some on both sides.
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